7 Ways To Rank Higher Than Your Competitors In Search Engines

7 ways to rank higher than your competitors in Google searches

The 7 ways to rank higher than your competitors in google searches requires hardwork on your own side, and you need to be consistent and courageous while following the guides you’ll learn.

Now, come to think of it, what really made your competitors to be ahead of you? And what can you really do to go ahead of them.

I think that brings us to the discussion of today.

Let’s face it.

Rank higher than your competitor

1) Be ready :

You have to get ready for this,blogging is like a race and everyone wants to become the first runner up. There are many sites out there working towards this, am also one of them. You need to relax your mind, and ask yourself if you’re up to the task or you’re just playing around.
Also note, blogging is not for everyone, don’t be greedy because of the goodies in blogging. But let it be you’re doing what makes you happy and you’ve finally chasing your dreams as a blogger.
Having accepted this, you’re gradually coming into the blogger world filled with billions of competitors. Are you ready to take off?

Rank higher

2) Define Your Goal

Still trying to competite? Do you have a goal yet? What’s your aim? Did you wake up this morning and thought of ranking higher than your competitor?
Having a defined goal means what you want to engage in,what do you want to offer to visitors around? Will they like it?

Remember that those people you’re trying to rank higher than, they have a defined goal, they offer something prople love.
Can you offer what people will fall in love with? If yes, let’s go ahead!

Are you a writer

3) Are You A Good Writer? :

This should be 100% important and its been discussed everywhere. Bloggers always say ‘content is king’. This works like magic.

When you have a great and unique content on your blog, then you’re already creating waves.
If you continue to provide ‘Unique content’ especially what people love,then your chances of ranking higher than your competitors is 50%.

4) Have a good niche :

What do you discuss on your blog? Blog niches may rise from blogging tips , inspirational, business tips etc.

Each niche you choose, be sure to work on it and provide adequate information that that niche.

If you provide love tips on your blog, be sure to tell your visitors great ideas often. Your niche is what defines your blog,so you have to make it real.


Guess you know what backlinks mean? Backlinks are like votes to a website/blog which tells google your blog is cool and he/she Is voting for you. It also tells google how important your page is.
If there are hundreds of blogs/ website linking to you, oh dear, you’re really making it.

Be sure to know the backlinks must come from quality sites.

Always write guest posts in popular sites,so that you can link your site from there. Submit your site to directories.

Provide informations on popular forums,then provide your site link or post url. Comment on blogs with Commentluv etc Backlinks plays an important role, it really does.

6) Social media platforms :

Start getting engaged in social media platform, some of them are facebook, twitter ,linkedin, instagram , reddit.

Share your posts there too. If you want to use ads to promote your blog, then do it.

7) Be Consistent :

In your quest to rank higher than your competitors, don’t give up on it. Consistency I’d key!. You have an ambition? Chase it. You have a passion too? Go after it,

Your competitors never gave up, why should you? You still have an unfilled goal,its time to work out your ass.
You can start now and re-write your own history today!. You can’t beat the competition by copying the competition.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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