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AliDropship Plugin Review 2022: Pricing, Features & Benefits

Okay, probably, you’ve heard about dropshipping business & you now know how it works.

Anyone can start a dropshipping from any part of the world, if you’re in Nigeria, India, Korea, US,UK, Germany and lot’s more.

…and now, you want to kick start your dropshipping business and you’re having thoughts whether AliDropship Plugin is a good option to start your dropship business.

So, I decided to make this AliDropship review (2022 Updated), it’s detailed & interesting, so you keep up and read till the end of this post.

Let’s get started.

I use AliDropship plugin, no doubt!

I use it for my dropshipping store, this means I know more about Alidropship plugin, including the ins and outs and your expectations when you finally purchase the plugin.

In addition, AliDropship Team has offered me a Free AliDropship Licence to make this AliDropship Review – not bad! So, I’m gonna tell y’all about Aliexpress Dropshipping in a jiffy.

alidropship plugin

AliDropship, yo da best!

  1. What is AliDropship Plugin?
  2. AliDropship Review 2019.
  3. A little personal story.
  4. AliDropship Features.
  5. You love Alidropship now?
  6. AliDropship Custom Store.
  7. Conclusion.

Meanwhile, What is AliDropship Plugin?

Perhaps, for those of you who may still want to have a glimpse of what dropshipping is all about.

Alidropship plugin, so far is the best WordPress dropship plugin that helps you to import products from AliExpress to your dropship store, of course you know AliExpress is a popular ecommerce website full of many manufacturers and suppliers and they sell all kinds of cheap products.

And when you import products to your store from Aliexpress, they have a semi-fulfilment feature, this means when you receive an order/payment, you’ll re-order the same products with just one click in your dashboard.

In summary, dropshipping works like this:

You import a product of $5 to your store, and you change the price to $25. Assuming you made 15 sales, your total sales is $375, you use $5 X 15 = $75 to reorder customers products and you made $20 X 15 = $300 total profits.

NOTE: You only re-order the customer products when the customers has ordered and made payment to you.

It’s easy and simple.

One of the crisis of earning massively from dropshipping business is the inability of finding and dropshipping winning products, products that has less competitors but are are massively needed and interesting to buyers.

You can checkout Niche Scrapper, they help you and offer you winning dropshipping products, it’s the best winning product finder.

So, here comes my alidropship plugin review, and hey, grab a popcorn, calm your nerves and read ahead!

AliDropship Review: a Good Place to Start a Dropshiping Business?

When you use Alidropship plugin, you have access to their professional themes.

A Lot of people still do not know they can build a successful & very professional dropshipping website with WordPress.

Because a lot of people keep talking about Shopify, well no doubts because Shopify has done a lot of extensive promotions and they now have a good brand and they’ve become so popular.

Anyways, you can do more better with WordPress and you can spend less.

There is also another dropshiping model you can use to setup your store and start dropshipping, you can import from AliExpress called “WooDropShip“.

But, AliDropship Plugin is more affordable.

Becoming successful in dropshipping sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with platform, although platform can determine your store design.

The real deal is to import products to your store, make sure your store looks super amazing, choose a good niche (it matters alot), run targeted paid adverts or SEO and that’s it. You’d be balling!

Hey, I have a little story..

Before I started with AliDropship, I was once a Shopify user, and I paid the monthly fees, but then I was a starter and I didn’t make money for some couple of months.

My budget has almost ended, then I started looking for better alternatives, I said, there should be a better alternative for starters.

I came across AliDropship, read their reviews and viewed their demo Alidropship dashboard as well as their themes and I was satisfied.

They have almost the same classic and modern design as Shopify including their checkout interface and lot’s more.

Their themes are super professional!

Why I Loved AliDropship Plugin & AliDropship Features

When you purchase the plugin, they offer two free plugins:

  1. Alidropship plugin for wordpress only.
  2. Alidropship WOO plugin for WOOcomerce ( meaning you have to install Woocomerce in your wordpress website).

But I strongly recommend WordPress only version, don’t know why, but I love it, you can still make your choices, both plugins comes free anyways.

Here’s why I love alidropship and their features.

1. It’s a ONE-TIME fee:

It costs just $89 for lifetime. When you purchase the alidropship plugin, it’s only once and you use it forever till the end of the world, no monthly fees or extra fees.

I’ve partnered with AliDropship to offer our readers discount, Use Coupon code “WOO25” for 25% off at checkout and buy it as $66.75 📌

2. AliDropship Free Themes:

You’ll get free professional themes to use, it’s a total of 6 themes for WordPress only version and 5 themes for the Woocommerce version and you can buy some cool Woo-commerce themes at themeforest if you want.

alidropship review

View their list of free themes here.

3. Tracking:

Customers after making an order on your dropship store can track their orders directly on your store with their assigned tracking numbers.

aliexpress dropshipping

4. Addons:

Alidropship team care about your success, and that’s why they have built some helpful free and paid addons (plugins) to add to your store, such as countdown timer, rabbit social plugin and lot’s more to boost your sales.

alidropship review addons

Checkout all AliDropship Add-on Plugins here.

5. You can import reviews (for free):

This helps to increase your store conversions and convince store visitors that your store is genuine, in addition, you can add/edit/delete reviews.

You also have the choice of importing reviews with the customers as well.

alidropship review 2019

Alidropship plugin is one of the best wordpress dropshipping plugin, it has a lot of features with free and paid professional themes to choose from.

They automate your dropshipping business till success.

One of the features I love about this plugin, is the ability to import reviews to the products on the store just like it’s on Aliexpress. This helps for clarity and shows the store is trusted.

Here’s an example:

The “74 Customer Reviews” you’re seeing right there, didn’t come from my store, HELL NO! 😄

I imported them from Aliexpress using the AliDropship plugin, thereby making my store look more legit and trustworthy.

And the Alidropship plugin allows you choose whether you want to import reviews with only 5 stars or 4.5 stars and so on.

You can also choose to import reviews with ONLY pictures i.e a customer gave a review and uploaded a picture of the product (that’s the option I went for).

Think about visiting a store, and you see a lot of reviews, you will be like, oh wow, people love this product, I should get 1 for myself, at that point, the only decision you have to make is getting the product and not whether the store is legit or store.

That is why, if you’re selling a product, service, courses etc, then social proof, reviews matters a lot in buying decision.

6. AliExpress Cashback Program:

In alidropship, they’ve built an “Aliexpress affiliate program” into it, it’s called “Cashback program” where you can make money and earn 12% back of any product purchased from your store. Something Oberlo/Shopify doesn’t offer.

That seems like an extra source of income.

dropshipping with wordpress

You Love AliDropship Plugin? Here’s What to do…

Step 1: Setup a WordPress Website – See Guide Here.

Step 2: Purchase the AliDropShip Plugin – Purchase it Here.

For a detailed guide on how to setup your website, purchase alidropship and customise your store, please read the post below:

AliDropship Custom Store??? – do you need it?

alidropship review

Alternatively, you can get an alidropship custom store. A dropshipping store specially made for you, with niche selection and up to 50 hot products imported to your store (depending on your package) with payment methods.

Your store is designed and so much more for you, the alidropship plugin is also included.

You get a domain name for free too, all you need to get from your end is WordPress Hosting.

We recommend BlueHost Hosting anyways or you can select the Alidropship hosting at checkout at $48/year.

There custom store package starts from $299.

Use CUSTOM10 for 10% Discount!

[maxbutton name=”Custom store”]


Hey, I hope you enjoyed our AliDropship review and the possibility of starting a dropshipping website with WordPress using Alidropship plugin.

For a full guide on setting up your wordpress site as well as setting up your alidropship plugin, refer to our guide here, where I explained how I set up my own store.

Please, drop your feed backs and questions in the comment box!

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AliDropship Review

Alidropship plugin, so far is the best WordPress dropship plugin that helps you to import products from AliExpress to your dropship store and we made an alidropship review in 2019 to show what the inside and outs of Alidropship plugin.

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