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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Account

Do you have difficulties finishing up the signup process of the amazon affiliate program as well as creating or setting up the account?

The amazon affiliate program signup is a quite simple one but you may likely to stop when you reach the phone verification stage, however it’s an easy problem and can be fixed in just a snap of a finger.

You may likely to get the error “We are unable to make a call to your number, please try another number“, and that’s quite disheartening.

Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs around to make money online from, it has millions of products and pays over 10% of the product purchased through your link.

Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria

In this post, I will show you the easy process of how to register for amazon affiliate program in Nigeria without any problems in 2019 (2020) and you can start promoting your favourite products and make money money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Watch the video tutorial below and find out how I created mine in 10 minutes!

Amazon Payment Methods

Amazon pays out it’s commissions in 3 ways, and that includes, Direct deposit ($10 min), Amazon Gift Cards ($10 min) and Check Payment ($100 min). If you have a Payoneer account, you should be able to accept payments via direct deposits using your routing number and account number., it’s easy to signup, Payoneer account is absolutely free.

Getting started is easy, from the video, you will see where to get your links and how to search for any item you want to promote, you will be able to get banners as well.

Amazon Affiliate Program Cons

Well, after getting your amazon affiliate account ready, it’s evident you know what’s in for you as well. You can check out Amazon’s Terms and Policies to have a better idea. If after 6 months, you don’t generate any commissions, your amazon affiliate account will be terminated.

If you have any more questions concerning this guide, be free to drop it.

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  1. Good day,
    My question is, if I choose direct deposit, how do I link that to my payoneer account.
    Thank you.

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