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5 Quick Ways to Automate eBook Delivery Using PayPal, VoguePay & Selar

A digital product is simply a product or tool that can be created once, and sold many times. It is delivered digitally to your customers, and has infinite inventory. Most times, its usually an eBook, music, videos, photos or anything at all.
In this guide, we will be discussing on how you can automate ebook delivery after payment, send them the download link few seconds the payment was successful. 

On some occasions, you might have purchased a product from a certain website, and just after paying for the product, the product is already in your email address to access.

Those days are gone when you’ll tell your buyers/visitors to send payments to certain bank account, send a proof to a certain mail and until you confirm, you send out the product or file, don’t you think it’s stressful and unprofessional?

Technology is getting advanced every single day, it’s advisable to adapt.

In this century where technology has made things so easy, you’re still stressing people.

However, you should think of selling your products or PDF files in autopilot.

In this case, you setup everything, relax and watch it accept payments for you and also
send the PDF or product file or download link to the buyers just as soon as they make payments without you doing nothing.

Today, I’ll be walking you through on the different ways to sell digital products online, setup automatic file download link after payment using PayPal, VoguePay and selar.
It’s as simple as ABC, and I’ll be dropping the step by step guide on how to go about it.

Here’s a list of what we’ll be discussing, you can click through them to jump to the spot..

  2. PayPal Payment Button
  3. VoguePay Payment Button
  4. VoguePay Payment Link
  5. VoguePay WordPress Woocommerce

    At the end of this guide, you should be able to automate your business, accept payments internationally, automate ebook delivery and look professional.

Setup Automatic eBook Delivery Using provides Africans with the necessary tools to sell digital and physical products/services, and collect payments online easily. It’s for Africans and currently offering services for people in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. If you’re not from any of these countries, there are other options like Paypal and VoguePay.

Signup On

Enter your bank details

After signing up, you’ll be taken to a page to enter your bank details.
automatic file download

Welcome to your dashboard

automate ebook delivery

Now, all you have to do is click on “Add a Product” and you’ll a page like the one below.
Since you intend selling downloadable products, you can click on “Digital Products“.automatic file download

After clicking on “Digital Products“, you’ll be taken to your setup page where you will upload your downloadable file, set fees and lot’s more.

digital downloads with paypal

You’ll have the following :
1. The product name
2. The product price
3. Select who pays for the transaction (4% + N50)
4. Write the product description.
5. Upload the correct downloadable file
6. Select the category it falls in.
7. Upload a featured image for your product.

After that, you should see a successful message, now your product is ready. You’ll see a link to your product page in your dashboard. Any payments received, will automatically be sent to your local bank account in few days.

Automate File Download After Payment Using PayPal

PayPal remains a popular choice for bloggers because its secure, quick and easy to use. Over 144 million people already have an account and if they don’t, it’s quick to set up. So when you’re looking to sell a digital product, offering PayPal as a payment option makes perfect sense and can increase your sales by 25%.

If PayPal supports your country, then you can go ahead and create a paypal account.

If PayPal doesn’t support your country, its dangerous to create an account, they’ll limit and disable your PayPal account, because they have all software to detect unwanted countries using your IP address.

However, there is always a solution. If your country is among the restricted countries, then we can create a verified PayPal account for you to sell your digital products. With this PayPal account, you can be able to send and receive, all limits will be lifted upon account setup and creation.

Contact us and we’ll setup a verified and working PayPal account for you for N10,800 ($30).

Bloggers with little or no technical skills who want selling a product from a blog often choose to use the distinctive PayPal button (notice the new design that is available).

New And Old PayPal Buttons

PayPal is a solid secure system and easy to implement. The customer having purchased your eBook is sent to a blog page with a link to download the file or eBook.

Let’s walk through the setup process to see how easy it is.

Step-by-step installation guide

  1. Sign into PayPal and go to to “Profile
    automatic file download in paypal
  2. Select “My Selling Tools
    automate ebook delivery using paypal
  3. Click “Website Preferences
    automatic digital file download using paypal
  4. Turn on “Auto Return for Website Payments”. In the “Return URL” below, enter a URL which buyers will be sent to immediately they finish payment. In this page, you can write a few things and drop the download link of what you’re selling.
    automatic ebook download on paypal
  5. Turn off “PayPal Account Optional
    sell pdf filed online using paypal
  6. Save and click on your profile at the top menu, then select “Business Setup
    automate download after paypal payment
  7. Select “On Your Website” and continue.
    sell digital downloads
  8. Choose the “First Option
    paypal send pdf file after payment
  9. Choose “Option B
    automate download after payment
  10. Select “Create Payment Buttons
    sell an ebook with paypal
  11. Fill in “Step 1
    provide download link after accepting paypal payment
  12. Scroll down to “Step 3 : Customize Advanced Features”
    sell digital products free
  13. Tick the “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout” and enter the URL of your product page, which buyers will be sent to immediately they finish payment. In this page, you can write a few things and drop the download link of what you’re selling.
    automate ebook delivery
  14. Save/create your button
    automate ebook delivery
  15. Copy and paste the code into your WordPress sales page.
    automate file download

Save your page, and now you should have a fully functional PayPal button. For further instructions on setting up your WordPress sales page, contact us.

Automate eBook Delivery After Payments on VoguePay

VoguePay is a user friendly online  platform that allows you to send and receive payments.
We’ll also discuss how to automate file download after PayPal payments and any other methods we’ll be using. It’s always a good feeling to have the files sent automatically to the buyers just few seconds they made a successful payment by providing a download link after accepting PayPal payments.
Here’s another way to automate ebook delivery after payment using VoguePay and we’ll be showing you 3 ways to achieve that using VoguePay.

To get started with opening a verified voguepay account, you have to sign-up for an individual or business account (both offers same features until its verified).

Unverified Accounts
When your account is NOT verified, you can only accept payments via VISA Cards.

Verified Accounts
When your account becomes verified, you can now accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Verve Cards etc. That’s a complete business account.

When verifying your account, you’ll be asked to choose the currency you would love to be using – choose your currency wisely, because you won’t be able to change it in the future, unless you will open another voguepay account.

To know if your voguepay account is verified, you’ll see a “Verified logo” at the top left of your dashboard. Voguepay will also send you a mail confirming your verification.

automate ebook download using voguepay

Sign-Up on, if you’ve done that, let’s setup your ebook delivery.

Step-by-step installation guide

  1. Login into your VoguePay Dashboard and click on “Business Solutions“.
    automate ebook delivery using voguepay
  2. Click on “Create Button
    automatic file download using voguepay
  3. Select “Buy Now” from the drop down.
    ebook download after voguepay payment
  4. Enter your “Success URL“. This is where your customers will go to access the product they paid for immediately after payment is successful.
    automatic file download after payment in voguepay
  5. Click on “Generate HTML Codeautomate ebook delivery usng voguepay
  6. Copy your HTML Code and paste in your webpage or where you want it to appear.

    That’s all.

Using this method means you’ll generate a payment link, you can send it as a message to anyhow, your clients or even paste in your webpage. When customers click it, they will be taken the payment page too, and after payment the product will also be automatically sent to them.

Step-by-step installation guide

From the above steps you used to generate buy now buttons, follow the same steps until you’ve reached “Number 3“. Then continue from the below steps.

  1.  Select “Payment Link” from the drop down.
    automate ebook delivery
  2. Select the “Expiry Date” of the “Payment Link
    automatic file download after payment
  3. Enter your “Success URL” This will be the same URL you used when you created the buy now buttons, or any url/page you created where customers will automatically be sent to access your product just as soon as they complete payments.

    Setup every other things like product price, memo, the click on generate payment link.

    You’ll see a link has been generated for you, copy it and do whatever you want to do with it.

    Here’s an example link —

VoguePay On WordPress Using WooCommerce

If you wish to accept payments via VoguePay from your WordPress blog, then go ahead and install “WooCommerce” plugin from your dashboad.

After that, install “VoguePay WooCommerce Payment Processor” it was built to work together with WooCommerce.

  1. Setup your WooCommerce settings, then click on “Payment“.
  2. Click on “VoguePay Payment Processor
  3. Now, go to your VoguePay dashboard and locate your Merchant ID. It’s at the top left of your dashboard.
  4. Copy it and paste in the Merchant ID box in WooCommerce Payment settings.
  5. Activate and save your settings.

    Setting Up Your Auto Download Link

  6. On your WordPress Dashboard Click On “WooCommerce” —> “Add Product
  7. Scroll down to the bottom page where you set up product prices, and click on “Downloadable Products
  8. Locate where to paste the download link and paste the download link of what you’re selling.
  9. Continue setting up your product and publish.

Now, when customers checkout within your online store, they will be paying you via VoguePay. Relax and Feel Relieved!

Withdrawing Your Funds
You can always withdraw to your bank account, you can also set an automatic withdrawal, by going to your settings, set an amount that will automatically be withdrawn to your bank account.

Send Money to Other Banks
From your VoguePay account, you can send money to people including your friends and voguepay will deduct the money and process the transaction.

It’s fun at VoguePay!

Now you can send PDF files as soon as buyers makes payment in autopilot, without you doing nothing!

How sweet?

Signup on Voguepay and don’t forget to share this awesome article! Use the comment box below and ask your questions! 🙂 🙂

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