How To Become Famous Blogging

How to become famous blogging is not so easy, but its fun if you’d try it out.

Many bloggers have always wanted to know this and today,you’re going to know how to do just that.

First, you’ll have to know that becoming famous is quite different from becoming successful with your blogging career.
You may not be famous, but you’re already earning good income from your blog.

Becoming famous would actually take you a little bit time,some famous bloggers today,spent years before getting where they’re today,but don’t panic, yours won’t take that long because we’re going to come up with a strategy.

Before we commence, make sure you own a good blog and what you blog about should be good,accurate and most importanlty always written by you.


1) Take a notebook and write down the topics you’re passionate about :

You’ll find it easier to become popular from a blog you’re much interested in, a blog that you can write on it atleast twice a week.

Some of the examples you can enjoy writing are the things you enjoy doing, your occupation, or some mind blowing knowledge you have.

2) Write original content :

Always come up with your own topics for each post and write the articles yourself intead of tweaking or copying someone else’s work.
Readers will always come to your blog if they enjoy your writing style and your choice of topics, not to read rehashed content they can easily find elsewhere.

Also make your blog posts to be engaging, interactive and accurate and don’t forget to make complex topics understandable.

3) Be visible :

Actually, have seen some couple of bloggers who often blog anymously, and I hoped they aint looking forward to becoming famous.
But if you want to become famous blogging, you have to be visible to your visitors always.

Don’t hide your real identity, let them know at least the author of the blog. Let your visitors be able to say ‘ Yeah, I know Jasmine, She’s the founder of .

4) Write Guest Posts :

Write as many guest posts you can on many blogs you know,write guest posts on popular blogs. At least each blog post you write as guest post,20% of the person visitor will click on your blog link and at least 5% could become your visitor.

Always make guest posts your weapon.
While trying this out,its possible your blog will be known,but you won’t be known,this is also what to do in other to avoid it :

  • Always write a personal experience :

Always make this a habit but don’t repeat it too often. You should always write a blog post,but let it be you’re talking about yourself,which at least will inspire them a lot.

You can write a blog post about when you started blogging, and the mistake you don’t want them to face.
You can also tell them,what inspired you to choose your niche or start blogging suddenly and so on.

With that,you’re gradually letting them know you a little bit and that’s a good step to take always.

5) Update Frequently :

Updating your blog with at least 3 blog posts a week is awesome and shouldn’t be bad. You shouldn’t let your visitors wait for so long just to hear from you.

I believe,even if you’re short of words and can’t come up with a genuine blog contents,you can atleast come up with 3 blog posts in a week. It can be a tutorial which can make it pretty real good and easier.

Update your blog with killer blog contents often,and you’re 2 steps away from achieving your goals of becoming famous with your blog.

Let’s go over to the next step, which is the primary aspect of it.


1) Use Keywords for each blog post :

Becoming famous with your blog,also requires visitors, and you need to include keywords in each of your post if you need traffic that will convert to leads for you.

Choosing relevant keywords that people search for frequently will increase the visibility of your blog, attract more readers,and show them advertisements they are likely to click.

You can use the Google keyword research tool to get an estimate on how much Google is been paid for by advertisers.

2) Place your keywords in important places :

Place them in your blog tittle, the large ‘headers’ introducing a new section,the first few sentences of your post and in links.

3) Share your articles to social media and blog directories :

Get traffic to your site with frequent updates on twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Find blogging communities that match your readership and post links to relevant articles on their comments or forums.

This helps in getting visitors in your site which will make you famous by sharing and telling people how good your blog is.

4) Market your blog through paid advertisements if necessary :

If you’re serious about becoming famous with your blog and gaining audience, you can create your own advertisements for Facebook,pay to add your blog to stumble upon, or become an advertiser on Google AdSense or another ad service.

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