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Beeketing Review 2020: Boost Your Store Conversions by 35%

Beeketing is the best marketing and automation tool that practically help to boost your store conversions by turning website visitors into paying customers.

The beeketing app builds a platform of smart marketing apps to follow your visitors right when they step on your store and gradually drive down to the conversion funnel, then turn them into loyal customers for you.

Beeketing apps are made to increase your conversions and online sales automatically.

Beeketing also provide solutions for online shop keepers, regardless of their size and type.

It is a marketing platform for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Lightspeed, Bigcommerce.

I know you must have been running all kinds of adverts trying to send visitors to your store, but not a large percentage of them ends up purchasing, better still none of them makes a purchase.

If you’re going into Dropshipping business or setup your own store where you sell your own products or anything ecommerce, then you should try out beeketing.

Beeketing doesn’t allow your visitors or traffic go-to waste. With their marketing tools, they have numerous marketing tools which you can integrate to your store & you’ll surely notice your store conversions has increased a bit.

Meanwhile, let’s talk go more in-depth in our beeketing review, pricing & your expectations when you use them.

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Beeketing Review : Marketing Automation App

Beeketing apps both has free and paid apps and they’re all super awesome.

Example of a beeketing app in action on a Shopify website is:

Beeketing apps works perfectly on the following:

  • Shopify.
  • BigCommerce.
  • Magneto.
  • Prestashop.
  • WooCommerce.
  • FastSpring.
  • LightSpeed.
  • WordPress.

Beeketing Paid Apps.

Beeketing offers 6 free apps as well and they also offer 4 paid apps, their paid apps are incredible and awesome and exactly what you may need to automate your store sales.

With the paid and free apps, you can increase the checkout rate to 3.5X market average.

These paid apps all have a 7 days trial, so you can try it out before paying.

Let’s quickly see the list of the paid apps on beeketing.

beeketing review

1. Mailbot App (from $29/month)

With the Mailbot app, you turn your visitors into revenue with personalised follow-up emails. You grow sales by 30% automatically & save 85% of your time.

With the help of beeketing mailbot app, it has generated over $16 Million and counting in revenue for eCommerce websites over the world.

Apparently, your eCommerce store can also grow using the app.

It’s a powerful marketing automation.

Mailbot helps you gain back the lost sales as well as turning your visitors into revenue with personalised emails:

• Boost conversion rate: Follow-up customers with personalised & automated emails based on their behaviours in order to motivate them to make purchase.

• Increase customer loyalty: Send recommended products, hottest items of the week, reward coupons to customers.

• Increase retention rates: Make slipping-away customers come back and buy again.

2. Boost Sales (from $30/month)

With the boost sales paid app, you start earning more with Upsell & Cross-sell. The same up-selling techniques Amazon use to boost their store sales.

With the help of beeketing boost sales app, it has generated over $50 Million and counting in revenue for eCommerce websites over the world.

This shows, this app is important and the most used, so you should consider getting it.

I often buy things at and I often add products to cart from their up-sell automation. So, using beeketing boost sales app, you don’t only activate up-sells, but visitors are shown related products which they might like and they will end up adding one or more to cart.

beeketing review

Targeted Upsell (explained)

Upsell empowers you to suggest customers higher-end alternatives or relevant products so you can easily increase average order value from all orders.

When visitors add an item to cart, a popup will appear to upsell them a list of better options that they might be interested in.

If enabled by you, Boost Sales will use Beeketing AI to automatically pick up the most appropriate products to recommend based on customer’s shopping behaviour, and increase sales for you.

Probably, you sell more at checkout!

3. Checkout Boost (from $27/month)

With Checkout Boost app, you increase checkouts and prevent cart abandonment.

Incentivise customers with irresistible offers can boost your checkout rate by 25%+. And it works like MAGIC!

I’m one of them, haha! 🙂

I mostly buy a product online when I’m been offered a discount or any irresistible offer.

With the help of Checkout Boost app, it has generated over $39 Million and counting in revenue for eCommerce websites over the world.

Some Checkout Boost App Features..

Boost the checkout rate and gain social referall traffic

Motivate your customers to finish checkout by showing them an offer in exchange for a social share on Facebook or Twitter about their order with you. The reward could be a discount code, a free shipping coupon, or a free gift.

Posts and tweets shared by your customers on their social profiles will bring social referral traffic to your brand. More shares mean more new customers and more sales!

Turn abandoned carts into sales with Exit-intent offers

Do you know that 68% of online shoppers abandon their carts right before checkout? Entice leaving customers with powerful exit-intent offers that convince them to stay and complete checkout.

Checkout Boost tracks every visitor’s mouse movement and displays offers right before they leave your store, to help you turn leaving customers into buyers.

Create urgency with Countdown offer

Create Countdown offers that urge customers to get your gifts right away before time runs out. Remind customers that the clock is ticking, give them a sense of urgency, and prompt their spontaneous buying behaviour.

4. Personalized Recommendations (from $17/month)

It is a targeted recommendations to convert visitors into paying customers.

You upsell and cross-sell the right products to the right customers
at the right time, with targeted personalization powered by Beeketing AI.

With the help of personalized recommendations beeketing app, it has generated over $23 Million and counting in revenue for eCommerce websites over the world.

Boosts your sales up to 25% by automatically recommending the right products that your customers want to buy

Assuming they’re buying a product which has a bundle or works with, you can recommend it too and have the chances of increasing your sales.

With Beeketing AI embeded, Personalized Recommendation is the virtual salesman of your online store: get to know what customers need and suggest the right products accordingly that they can’t resist to buy, boost the average order value, and help you to achieve your ultimate goal of maximum sales growth.

Examples of the recommendations includes:

beeketing review

Bought this also bought

Personalized Recommendation automatically suggests items that best compliment a specific product being viewed by customers at the bottom of each product page.

Best sellers of the store

This feature hits your customers with most desirable products of your store right in the homepage.

Recently viewed & featured recommendations

Highly personalized for each unique customer, recently viewed & featured recommendations are automatically suggested at the footer of homepage, collection page and others.

Cart recommendation

Cart recommendation suggests the most relevant additional products that a customer will possibly want based on their cart.

Smart Upsell Popup

When customers add an item from the recommendation widgets, Smart Upsell Popup will appear to suggest more items they are likely to buy.

Handpicked products by you

This widget lets store owners freely choose which products to show. Have a set of products that you want customers to buy together? This is definitely for you!

Free Beeketing Apps

Beeketing offers 6 free apps and they are all super awesome and you should probably check it out.

1. Quick Facebook Chat

You deliver exceptional customer support using the quick Facebook chat to boost sales in no time.

Resolve all customers’ questions anywhere, thanks to an on-site live chat widget.

Turn conversations into conversions with personalized support

Quick Facebook Chat lets you provide engaging, authentic support easily and seamlessly, all meant to build trust and open the opportunities for future sales. Since you can access the chat history anytime, you have the ability to continue the conversations even after customers have left your store.

As of a result, you can easily reply to customers and quickly address their concerns. This thoughtful support will for sure lead to a higher conversion rate.

Grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list

As soon as the customers send you messages through the Messenger widget on your store, you are eligible to subscribe them to your Facebook messenger subscriber list and then re-engage with them later.

Stop the delay in customer support and boost customer satisfaction

Quick Facebook Chat allows your customers to send you the messages directly via a Messenger live chat widget on your site. Both parties can follow up with the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook Messenger accounts.

2. Better Coupon Box

Build pop-ups that convert visitors into customers.

Turn visitors into subscribers, social fans, and increase sales with coupon pop-ups.

Convert 85% of visitors into potential customers

Every visitor costs you dollars to acquire. Turn them into potential customers by offering a coupon in exchange for their emails or social follows with our beautiful pop-ups.

Capture abandoning visitors with exit-intent pop-ups

By tracking every visitor’s mouse movement to detect the moment they are about to abandon your online store, Better Coupon Box helps you show exit-intent pop-ups right before they leave to offer an enticing coupon and convince them to make a purchase.

Design pop-ups that blend into your store’s look & feel

beeketing review

They have prepared for you 10+ highly customizable templates to bring the best experience to your customers. You can also design your own pop-up template that matches your store’s theme, using our flexible CSS custom editor.

3. Sales Pop

beeketing review

#1 Recent sales notifications for eCommerce.

It enables you to boost sales and build brand trust with social proof.

Create social proof with recent Sales Notifications

Sales Pop syncs with your store’s data to turn recent orders into sales notifications to promote purchase activities on your storefront.

Leveraging the power of social proof, Sales Pop convinces visitors to start buying from your brand with confidence and trust.

Prevent cart abandonment with Checkout Notifications

Checkout notifications tell your customers how many people have completed checking out in the last 24 hours and numbers of items left in stock.

By convincing customers that their items are selling out fast, Sales Pop by Beeketing urges customers to complete checkout quickly.

Increase average order value with Upsell Notifications

When customers view a specific products, Sales Pop will show upsell notifications to suggest frequently bought together items that customers might be interested in.

By showing a quick preview of suggested products, Sales Pop by Beeketing motivates your customers to buy instantly in just 1 click!

4. Happy Email

beeketing app

Make customers happy with personalized welcome emails.

Connect you with your customers personally, boost engagement and increase sales.

Thank-you emails from founders/ store owners

Recent statistics by Experian show that welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and 5 times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions.

Born to boost customer engagement, Happy Email helps to send a thank-you email from You to your customers automatically, 30 minutes after they make the first purchase or sign up for a new account on your store.

5. Countdown Cart

beeketing apps

Create urgency & scarcity that drive sales for eCommerce stores.

Countdown timers, stock countdown bars, and social-proof widgets in just 1 free app.

Stock Countdown

Show the limited quantity of products that are left in stock on your store to increase the perceived value of your products and encourage your customers to make instant purchases.

Countdown Timer

Create urgency that motivates hesitating customers to buy as soon as possible to catch the juicy deals before time runs out. You can display sales countdown timers on specific product pages, collection pages, and even the homepage, so customers cannot neglect the offers that are getting timed out.

Social Proof

Show, in real time, the number of visitors who have viewed or bought your products, and how many items were sold on your store. This feature highlights the popularity of your products, builds trust on your brand, and creates a positive influence on customers’ confidence to buy.

6. Mobile Converter

Boost conversions and revenueon mobile.

Maximize mobile conversions with sticky add-to-cart bar & better visual experience.

Increase mobile conversions and win more sales

Mobile internet use is increasing at a rapid rate. However, conversion rate on mobile is much lower than desktop. Improving user experience on mobile is a priority for eCommerce store owners.Created to maximize the potential of mobile commerce, 

Mobile Converter helps you optimize the shopping flow on your mobile web and convert your mobile visitors into buyers.


Getting your store to convert can be daunting, beeketing can be your saviour. There are both free and paid apps over there. There paid apps are only 4 and the others are free.

Whichever rocks your boat. Go ahead!

Beeketing Apps Starting from $20 - $30/mo
  • Beeketing Apps

Boost Your Store Conversions by 35%

Beeketing is the best marketing and automation tool that practically help to boost your store conversions by turning website visitors into paying customers.

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