Blog Setup

We are perplexed to announce we are offering related blog services including but not Limited to SEO & Blog Setup.

We’ve helped hundreds of wannabe bloggers ,set up their blogs through our numerous services and you too can tap from it.

The interesting part of it is ” Our services are quite affordable & quality!

Blog setup
Below are descriptions of what we offer & prices :

1. SEO:

Many do have problems with SEO,and we are happy to help out anytime & any day.
We believe you know about SEO and that’s why you seek to appear on Google’s first page for your numerous blog posts & keywords.
It’s our profession,and we can guarantee first & seconds page ,immediately after 60 days of working on your site ‘ optimization.
[junkie-button url=”” style=”green” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Service Costs :N20,000/$60 [/junkie-button]

2. Blog Setup :

You want to start a blog? and you want to get started by
owning a professional blog with a professional look?
You’re at the right place.

We offer the following features:

  • Beautiful self-hosted WP blog
  • SEO Optimized X3
  • Responsive premium theme
  • 3 Original articles
  • Amazon ads live on your site.

    As you can see,those are interesting features,all in one place,and lets you have a professional blog with a professional look!

    We also offered the best features such as :

  • SEO Optimization which worth $60/N20,000 ( according to our services). 
  • Responsive premium theme which worth $49/N18,000 on theme forest.
  • 3 Original articles which worth $15/N6,000.
  • Free amazon ads account which worth a lot,we want you to start monetizing your site ASAP.

Even after mentioning the worth of our features included in our package,our services are still affordable & less cost!

[junkie-button url=”” style=”green” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Service Costs :N30,000/$100 [/junkie-button]

Do you need either SEO or Blog Setup (or you have any in mind? ) Whatsapp 08174042748 or Mail!

Note: Part payments are paid before we commence and delivery usually takes 48 hours.