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How to Blog Without Laptop

How to Blog without laptop is a very easy step to take and you shouldn’t give up on blogging when you don’t have a laptop of your own.

Have you ever developed a passion and interest in blogging but you kept it pending because you have no laptop? Or you don’t have what it takes to purchase one.

I have heard many people say online ” I want to start blogging,but I don’t have a laptop to get started”.

Today,I’ll share with you on the possibilities of blogging without a laptop.


1. Get a smart/good android phone :

To blog without laptop,you must have a good/smart android phone to make it an alternative, even with a good/smart android, Its stress-free and quite enjoyable.

2. Get a good data plan :

Get your phone a suitable data plan. Why? There are some things you’ll have to download on google playstore to get you started.

Hence, you can’t download from google playstore without a data.

3. Download Google chrome/Moxilla Firefox :

Goto Google playstore and download either google chrome or moxilla firefox,but google chrome is advisable.

You can only download with only data, thus, your phone should have enough data in it, but don’t panic, it only consumes a little amount of data when downloading.

4. Start blogging :

Bravo! If you’ve completed the above steps,then you’re ready to blog without laptop.

How To get started

Open your google chrome/moxilla firefox browser and enter the login address of your blog.

If you blog via hosted wordpress , use the link ‘’ and if you’re using,then use ‘’.

Everything will be crystal clear and superb because you’re using Chrome or Firefox. Do not use Opera mini or Uc browser.

Are you the type that is not yet blogging because you don’t have a laptop? Theprofany has provided a long lasting solution for you on how to blog without laptop.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

6 Replies to “How to Blog Without Laptop

  1. Good one from you. I have been following your blog for some days now and I must say ‘you are awesome’.
    On this, I think its cool to make articles on smartphone but no publishing. I do make articles and when I have time with a PC or laptop, I edit and hit the publish button.
    Good one from you again. I believe when bloggers in this shoe sees this, they might change their mind and start instantly.

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