Google Will BlackList Your Blogger Blog If You Do This

As a blogger that is still making use of the blogger blog from Google. Google is in charge of your blogger blog and therefore powers your blog.

Thus, there is something you’ll do and Google will blacklist your blogger blog posts.

If you go against the Google terms which is what i’m about to tell you, Google will remove your blog post entirely from Google.

If you’re using the blogger blog powered by Google, then read carefully so that you don’t fail victim.

Just yesterday, I was surfing the internet and I came across a blogger blog and in that blog, one of the blog posts  was blacklisted by Google.

Now, how did I know it was blacklisted ?

The blogger blog has just 5 blog posts and the last published post which happens to be the 5th was blacklisted by Google.

I copied that blog post and pasted on Google search engine and I didn’t see any sign of the blog post.

But I copied the other blog posts and checked on Google and it was on Google #1 spot.

You may be wondering why the other remaining blog posts were found on Google, but the first wasn’t. I’ll tell you.

The 5th post contained numerous links to an affiliate referral site.

The blog post was talking about ‘Five2btc’ and how to make money from it. And the writer was promoting it’s referral link so as to get sign ups and down lines.

And what the writer did next will surprise you!

Any place he mentioned ‘five2btc’ ,’Sign up here’, ‘Join our team’ etc He will include that referral link to the words.

And the most surprising part of it was he linked to  his ‘five2btc’ link 10 times in the post and all were do follow.

Finally, Google has caught up with the blog post and removed it entirely from Google search and I know the writer had no idea of what he was doing. And it has affected the blogger blog and no one will see the promotion.

To all the bloggers making use of blogger blog. You’ve learnt some lessons today and how you can avoid been blacklisted by Google.

Avoid linking too much on a blogger blog whenever you’re writing a blog post. Just 3 do follow links is okay. Google will remove your blog post entirely if you don’t do it the right way.

Google is in charge of your blogger blog and can do anything that pleases them, anytime any day without your prior consent.

To avoid all these drama, Get a hosted WordPress blog at a good price and enjoy your blogging the more without some annoying rules and regulations.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

11 Replies to “Google Will BlackList Your Blogger Blog If You Do This

  1. Everybody has their own opinion. Mine is different. You can use blogger and achieve the result WordPress can also do except in few cases.
    The only advice I can give to those using blogger platform is to get a custom domain. With your own custom domain, you got no problem. Even if google deletes your blog, you have your domain. You can always migrate to WordPress (Only if you backup your content)

  2. Exactly I didn’t like blogger right from the beginning, but what do i do, there was capital then, but recently i backup my content and moved to hosted wordpress blog, i can wordpress is sure better than blogger.

    1. Yeap. Sometimes,you won’t realize a little mistake has caused a problem in your blogger blog,and you’ll keep wondering. WordPress is best for those who wants to take their blogging to another level. 😉

  3. On the Search Console, why doesn’t Google give a notice that a URL has been blacklisted?
    When I test a URL, it says “URL not on google.” If it’s because the URL is blacklisted, why doesn’t it say so in the Google search console?
    It’s not just my controversial posts that don’t appear on Google search results.

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