Build a No-Nonsense Blog

10 Ways to Build a No-Nonsense Blog

There are ways to build a no-nonsense blog, that adds value to readers, more especially blogs that acts as a source of income to you.

Today, you’ll learn the 10 ways to build a no-nonsense blog,

These 10 ways are handpicked to suit your choice, and we also covered the content strategy and promotion strategy.

I know how hard it is to build a no-nonsense blog, and especially a blog people can recommend to others.

This article will give you a new beginning.

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Content Strategy :

1. Find out what people want and give it to them :

Do you know what people want?

There are many things people are looking for, but they don’t always seem to find it or find a satisfactory answer.

Many people want to know the true way to build a successful blog and not all these stories in the internet that doesn’t add value.

You can use Google trends to know exactly what people are looking for, then you can solve the solution or write about it on your blog.

2. Use forums to find out 5 common problems in your niche :

Can you ever believe there is something you’re lacking on your blog?
If yes,have you been able to figure out what it is?
Forums are good places to read the latest on any topic or niche.

Your blog may lack good design,good navigation or even good writing skills.

By visiting forums,you may know where to get started,and realize more common problems in your niche.

3. Note down the bullet points for the different areas you need to cover :

When coming up with an article or blog post for your blog, you should probably note down bullet points for the different areas you need to

It helps to actually know exactly what you’re doing,and it also helps to cover the topic in details.

Whenever,you’re about writing a post,try to perform these step.

It helps to go a lot further discussing more about the topic.

4. Create 2 or more pieces of contents solving those problems :

After writing down your bullet points on the different areas you need to cover,
You should try creating 2 or more pieces of contents solving those problems,
So as to make it more detailed or a continuation of the previous because of how long it is.
Creating 2 or more pieces of contents helps the readers to choose the easiest method or the one they can easily do themselves without making
unneccessary mistakes.

5. Use Google to find an example of what others has created :

Sometimes,we learn from what others has written,and we as well grab ideas while writing our own topics.

Using Google to find an example of what others has created,

It gives you an impression or ideas of how your own should look like.
It also makes you to do better than what they has already done.

6. Make sure yours is the best piece of content on that topic :

After reading examples of what others has already done,while writing yours,be sure to make yours the best out from the already existence ones.

When writing your own topic, add what they’re too lazy to add and then your content will rock.

Promotion Strategy :

 7. Find where your target audience lives :

It’s somewhat critical to find out about the location of your target audience,
But if you make out time for research,it really worth it.

Finding your target audience shouldn’t really be something
hard,because I believe 30% of your target audience is everywhere.

It’s left for you to make out time and gather them to be in one place,Which is your BLOG!

8. Setup Google alerts for your relevant Key phrases :

You can setup Google alerts for your relevant key phrases.
Whenever someone searches on that key phrase,you’ll be alerted.

9. Use Content to engage people by solving their problems :

There are some contents that makes users to engage in your site.
For example : When you have written a blog post sharing a particular problem,many will engage by asking you questions via the comment box if they felt confused on any aspect.

10. Get involved with the community period ! :

Visit forums,search for related questions on your niche,solve the problem in your blog by writing about it.
Share the link on forums
,Tada! their problems were solved.

Some will choose to visit your blog to learn more tutorials! 

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

6 Replies to “10 Ways to Build a No-Nonsense Blog

  1. Lovely post you’ve got there! Though am a pro-blogger by profession. But you failed to add “Keywords” to your list. Keywords play one of the most vital role in building a successful blog. You just have to understand your niche to its fullest. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

    1. You should go for the non-competitive keywords if your blog is just starting and haven’t possessed a high ranking in google.

      There are few non-competitive keywords that receive a little traffic too, and after some time, you might see yourself targeting high keywords.

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