How to Start Cash on Delivery Dropshipping

Cash on delivery dropshipping, also known as COD, is a method of payment for goods at the time of delivery.

This means they don’t pay in advance and start expecting their goods, rather they pay as soon as the good is delivered in the presence of the item(s).

Occasionally, this is impossible to a lot of dropshippers because you are not in control of the products because you don’t own or have them.

Cash on delivery dropshipping

The method of dropshipping has always been to setup your store, import products from AliExpress to your store and start selling.

You don’t buy or pay upfront for any product. When you receive payment for a product you can then reorder for the customer.

However, COD dropshipping is a bit different.

COD dropshipping requires you ship the products and let customers pay for it as soon as it arrives and that is referred to as payment on delivery or cash on delivery.

If you’re a dropshipper, that’s utterly impossible and untill you have a dropshipping supplier that offers cash on delivery, it’s still not possible.

However, COD dropshipping is one of the sale boosters, it increases sales by 31% and everyone will definitely want to purchase from you because they’re never going to worry about anything.

Besides, they are going to see the product they ordered before releasing their payments.

Now, how can you start cash on delivery dropshipping?

The problem is solved, and in this post you will be guided on how to start cod dropshipping in no time, no problems and no stress.

Cash on Delivery Dropshipping (COD)

Starting cash on delivery dropshipping is now easy as anything and you will be amazed by the simplicity and business model.

What is Cash on Delivery Dropshipping?

As we already mentioned, cash on delivery dropshipping means the method of payment for products at the time of delivery.

It’s popularly called “Cash” on delivery, which means collection of cash at the time of delivery, but the world has revolved with new technologies.

And people can pay with different options like Credit/debit card using POS and much more. So, you can still call it Collect on Delivery.

It’s a method of payment that is safe for the customers who are in doubts from ordering from your store.

It also increases sales of your store.

How Cash on Delivery Dropshipping Works

We already mentioned, that this is almost impossible unless you find a dropshipping supplier that offers COD dropshipping and sells your kind of products otherwise it won’t work for you.

This means, anytime you receive an order and the customer choose COD, they’re ready to ship it out and collect payments on your behalf and remit to your PayPal account, bank account or any form of payment method they offer.

If you’re into eCommerce and you don’t do dropshipping, which means you have the products at hand, you can always offer COD using any COD company in your country.

But in the case of COD dropshipping, a lot of speciality are involved.

Products are all in China and comes from china, you can’t do cod dropshipping without a supplier that offers COD dropshipping.

That takes us to what makes the impossibility possible.

Cash on Delivery Dropshipping Platform (Funnel Genie)

Cod dropshipping

Have you heard of the cash on delivery dropshipping platform called Funnel Genie?

You might or might not.

Funnel Genie is Cash on Delivery e-commerce software that helps you build a full pledge e-commerce business without having to touch or deliver any products yourself.

Just like how dropshipping works. That’s that sound so cool?

FunnelGenie is a 1-Click software that builds a complete sale funnel (included 1 page checkout, upsell, cross-sell and down-sell) so you can put your efforts in marketing it.

No need for Shopify.

They handle the everything while you focus on the promotion:

  • Sales Funnels.
  • Courier Service.
  • Products Catalogue.
  • eCommerce website.
  • Payment Payout.
  • Ads Copy.
  • Targeting & Demographic.
  • Product Sales Copy.
  • Videos Ad Copy for all products.
  • And much more.

Do you know, if you’re dropshipping on Shopify or any platform, getting all those things mentioned above will cost you a lot. Trying to put everything together, costs more.

But with Funnel Genie, it’s seems like an all in one e-commerce software done for you.

All you need now is to signup for an account, choose your product, setup your sales funnel and start running promotion for your promotion.

Features of Funnel Genie

Cash on delivery dropshipping

The features of this awesome COD dropshipping Platform is amazing.

One of them is, Funnel Genie also pays you for Customer leads and no other eCommerce software does that.

That’s something to begin with.

Every customer that drops their contact and are yet to make payment, you’re definitely going to be paid for that and that’s amazing.

Funnel Genie allows you to sell on hidden markets that are less competitive like the first tier country like US, UK and even Spanish speaking countries. You have the opportunity to explore other countries.

You can explore countries with a low Facebook ads budget and make good money from all of them.

Below are the few features of Funnel Genie:

1. Weekly Payouts

Using Funnel Genie, you’re paid weekly. You just have to create a TransferWise account (free to create) and it will be sent there. TransferWise has no restrictions, so don’t worry. You can transfer your money from TransferWise to your bank account.

You don’t need to start worrying about PayPal issues or Stripe issues or anything at all. It’s a done deal for you.

2. You don’t need a Shopify Store

No, you don’t need a Shopify store or any other software or platform. Funnel genie works on its own. Funnel Genie comes with a professional dashboard where you can see your orders, your statistics and more.

3. Sell on Untapped Market

With funnel Genie, you can sell where nobody is already selling and enjoy markets of lesser competition compared to markets like the US.

The cost per conversion is extremely low giving you a larger profit margin per sale and ROI of your entire business.

How to Start Cash on Delivery Using Funnel Genie

After knowing all the wonders Funnel Genie does, it’s time to get started.

You have the opportunity to try out funnel genie for few days using their 7 Days Free Trial.

After that, you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

To get started with Funnel Genie, go ahead to create an account and explore the features and wonderful moments that awaits you.

There are also lots of step by step training that awaits you when you create your account to help you know your way around and how to get started.

The moment you’ve created your account and logged in, you can add some hot winning products to your store and start your promotion.

No Stress, No Problems!

  1. Set it up and start promotions.
  2. You get customers who places an order,.
  3. Funnel genie pays you for the leads.
  4. Funnel genie also completes the product fulfilment.
  5. Your money is shown on your dashboard as Completed.
  6. You get paid weekly!

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