Click2sell Marketplace : How To Make Money With Click2Sell In Nigeria


Click2Sell marketplace is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria for those who want to derive an income from their web use. An affiliate marketer promotes specific products on their websites in exchange for a cut of the commissions from the web traffic she generates.

Today, we will learn how to get started and make money with click2sell marketplace in Nigeria. No doubt, you can earn as much as $20-$100 commissions per sale.

While there are no successful get rich quick schemes,many people has found success doing affiliate marketing as an affiliate,thus you’ll know how to get started with click2sell marketplace.

Click2sell Marketplace – Step 1

1. Create a blog :

Click2sell marketplace

Some people who are interested in affiliate marketing often ask ‘ Can I engage in affiliate marketing without a blog?’

Its advisable to open a blog to engage in affiliate if you want to receive good results.Having a blog,makes the business more profitable and less stressful.

You can learn a detailed guide on creating a wordpress blog on wpbeginner in other to get started. Creating a blog is quiet easy and simple, but if you need a helping hand, contact me.

In other to make money with click2sell marketplace in Nigeria ,you’ll need your own personal blog on which to put links,banners and advertise your chosen products & services.

2. Choose a niche :

Click2sell marketplace
You should be able to Select a Niche,which is compatible with the topic on your blog. There are many niches available for selection,some of them includes :

Your niche doesn’t necessarily need to be an area you’re expert in. You can choose a specialized area which you’re enthusiastic or interested in learning more about.

3. Sign-up on click2sell :

Click2sell marketplace
Getting started with click2sell marketplace demands you sign up on their site.

  • Goto Click2sell
  • Click on Register.
  • Fill out all the forms and submit.
  • After completing it,click on profile and update it.

Don’t worry,click2sell accepts all countries even Nigeria etc and there method of payment method includes:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Payza
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill
  • … Etc.

4. Choose products to market :

Click2sell marketplace
Next is to choose the products and services compatible or related to your blog niche.

To get started :

i. Click on “Marketplace”

Click2sell marketplace

ii. Choose your ‘product category’

Click2sell marketplace
iii. Scroll down and click on “Promote” for the service /product you want.

Click2sell marketplace
iv. Copy Your referral link.

Click2sell marketplace

There are always two links available :
1.Your affiliate link.
2.The affiliate link to checkout page

I’ll recommend to always copy the first.

Click2sell Marketplace – Step 2

1. Include product links in your posts :

Click2sell marketplace
While writing your blog post, you can include your click2sell affiliate links in your post.

I’ve given some examples below :

i. Write a very quality article that is related on the niche product. Then while ending the article recommend them to check it out and know if its a good fit for them.

ii. Create a resource page : A resource page is where you put links of those you partnered with or affiliated with.

All you have to do is number them ,give a good heading,write a short description. For example, See SmartPassiveIncome resource page.

Thus, you can add as many resource links or affiliate links you have.

2. Attract targeted traffic :

Click2sell marketplace
In other to get enough sales and clicks on your click2sell marketplace, you should attract targeted traffic. With that, some couple of persons will surely click on your links and purchase your click2sell affiliate products.
You can promote your blog posts via paid ads like facebook,adwords etc.

3. SEO :

Click2sell marketplace
Moz defined SEO as

a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.
SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines

You can read their ‘Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization ‘ for better understanding.

Moz said, its a ‘non-paid’ and probably everyone want free stuffs.

Huge companies are outsmarting other companies with SEO yet engages in paid ads,that’s a good step anyway.

You should consider reading how Brian Dean, founder of Increased his search traffic by 110% in 14 days using one simple technique called … “skyscrapper strategy”.

And one of his students Emil “Got to #1 spot on google searches using the same skyscrapper strategy.

Click2sell marketplace is so profitable because you can earn upto $100 profit for a single sale. Think of when you sell upto 50 affiliate products on click2sell marketplace, that’s enough money to take care of yourself and your blog.

You can also take your affiliate marketing to the next level by grabbing this interesting eBook. (Facts and photos included).

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