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How to Create a Dropshipping website with WordPress (Detailed Guide)

Today, we’re going to discuss exactly how to create a professional dropshipping website or store with WordPress. A professional droshipping website that people will doubt it’s creation is on WordPress.

In this guide, we’ll just go in details on starting dropship store with WordPress Only.

On our next post, we will discuss on starting dropship store with WooCommerce.

Dropshipping is a very professional and lucrative business. You don’t need to purchase any products or hire a warehouse to store your goods.

All you need to do is create a dropship store, import products from AliExpress to your store using a simple dropshipping plugin which blindly automates the whole business model for you. Change the product price and start making sales. Your profit will be the difference between the price of the product in AliExpress and in your store.

If you missed our previous post on dropshipping, here it is “How to Start a Dropshipping Business“.

While starting a dropshipping with WordPress, you’re free from spending much on your website, you just need to purchase a domain name and web hosting plan with SSL (required for accepting payments), and next is to start your dropshipping business.

All you have to do is follow our guide and you will know exactly how to create a dropshipping website with WordPress.

Before that, be sure to check out a professional dropshipping website setup on WordPress with the help of a powerful dropshipping wordpress plugin.

The Dropshipping Store is Pinoracle.com.

If you need an already designed dropshipping store with product import, you can show interest to purchase the store, the cost is currently set to $300.

In case you need an already made dropshipping store, contact us, price remains $300. We’ll setup and design your dropship store as well as researching on trendy products you’re likely to make sales from.

  1. Setting Up a WordPress Website with BlueHost.
  2. Download AliDropship WordPress Plugin.
  3. Install AliDropship Plugin.
  4. Activate your AliDropship Plugin with Licence Key.
  5. Download & Install an Alidropship Theme.
  6. Customising your Alidropship Theme/Store.
  7. Link Your Alidropship Store with AliExpress.
  8. Adding Payment methods to your store.
  9. Summary.
  10. Conclusion.

So, feel free to jump to the Number 2 if you already got a WordPress Website.

How to Create a Dropshipping Store with WordPress (Step by Step)

To start dropshipping with WordPress or WordPress dropshipping, you will need some few things to get started such as:

  1. Domain name (the name of your store e.g theprofany.com).
  2. Web hosting (where your website lives in the internet).
  3. SSL (required for accepting payments-website security).
  4. A powerful WordPress dropshipping plugin (AliDropShip).
  5. Your undivided attention for 30 minutes. 🙂

Yes, it’s very easy and simple and within 30 minutes you should be done setting up your dropship store with WordPress from scratch. The next step would be to customise your store such as changing logo, adding default menus and other secondary needs which is really simple. 🙂

Setting up a WordPress website…

Technically, if you’re getting a domain name, web hosting and SSL certification differently, it will cost you a lot.

  1. Domain name starts from $14.99/yr.
  2. Web hosting plans starts from $7.99/month.
  3. SSL Certificate starts from $9/month.

Thankfully, if you haven’t gotten a WordPress website to kickstart your dropshipping business, BlueHost.com has offered theprofany readers a discount on hosting plans.

I mean, when you purchase a BlueHost Hosting Plan at our discounted link, you only pay $2.65/month, and you get both DOMAIN NAME and SSL CERTIFICATE for FREE!

Isn’t that incredible?

So, probably, you’re using one stone to kill alotta crazy birds.

So, let’s walk you through how to have access to the discount and exactly how to purchase hosting at blueHost.

Step 1: Go-to this BlueHost.com Discounted Link you’ll see the price is currently at $3.95/month*, ignore it and click on the get started button.

wordpress website or blog

Step 2: Click on the first package (basic plan) to continue. If you want more features for your plan such as unlimited diskspace and Unlimited domains and free $200 marketing offer. You can select the second plan (there will be a discount for you too).

wordpress website or blog

Step 3: Select a domain of your choice. It’s free, so you can select a new one.

wordpress website or blog

Step 4: As soon as you enter the 4th step, you’ll see a popup with a discount of the $2.65/month* we promised. Click on the “Claim Savings” and continue.

wordpress website or blog

Step 5: You’ll notice the price has been slashed down, not only that, but you’ve been offered a hosting plan for whooping 36 months, that a 3 years combo! 😮 😮

wordpress website or blog

Step 6: Still on the page, enter your personal details and scroll down.

wordpress website or blog

Step 7: In selecting page extras, deselect all the addons and leave just the “Domain Privacy Protection“.

wordpress website or blog

Step 8: Finally, for just a 3 years hosting combo, you’re just going to pay $107.28, not only that, you got a FREE DOMAIN & SSL Certificate. Enter your card details, tick the agreement box and submit.

wordpress website or blog

Step 9: After the checkout page, you’ll need to choose a password for your account.

aliexpress dropshipping

Step 10: The next page will notify you of the successful creation of your password. Click the login button to continue.

aliexpress dropshipping

Step 11: After you’ve login, Bluehost is going to show you some free WordPress theme you can choose from but Skip the page.

You don’t need any theme from there. You’re getting a custom dropship theme from our powerful dropshipping plugin, which we will introduce in a few moment.

aliexpress dropshipping

Step 12: On the next page, which is your WordPress dashboard, you going to see a welcome to WordPress with a question asking if you need any help.

Click the “I don’t need help“.

aliexpress dropshipping

Step 13: At this stage, there should be another tab on your browser for you to login to Bluehost cPanel. If there isn’t one, Bluehost must have sent you your login details into your email address.

What you need to do is login in other to set up your WordPress account.

Once you’ve logged in, on the left-hand side, select ‘my site’  and follow the simple procedure to set-up your WordPress site on your domain name.

aliexpress dropshipping

So, finally, you now have a functional WordPress website. Next step would be to install our magical wordpress dropshipping plugin to our website.

AliDropship WordPress Plugin

AliDropship plugin is a magical dropshipping plugin which we’ve been mentioning.

It’s far most the most affordable way to start a dropshipping store or business with WordPress.

If you’re going with Shopify, you should be ready to cough out up-to $299/mo for their Advanced Plan. You’d be digging your own downfall financially especially when you spend a lot of monthly fees and didn’t achieve shit! 🙁

So, AliDropship plugin is our saviour when it comes to starting an affordable and professional dropshipping store 🙂

Using AliDropship plugin, we single handedly setup this dropship store Pinoracle.com and doesn’t it look awesome. The theme on the store is from AliDropship themes called “Rapheal“. And there are few professional themes to choose from as well.

AliDropship Plugin costs just $89, and it’s a ONE-TIME FEE. When you purchase it, you use it till the end of the world. No freaky monthly fees Yo!

Purchase AliDropShip Plugin for $89.

How to Setup AliDropship Plugin on your WordPress Site

Grab a popcorn, calm down your nerves. If you’re ready, also grab your computer/device and let’s do this together.

Step 1: Download Your AliDropship Plugin.

After purchasing your AliDropship plugin here, you’ll be given a license key (it’ll be sent to your mail too) and you’ll be taken to a page to download your plugins.

alidropship plugin

You’re given two free Plugins:

  1. Alidropship (WordPress).
  2. AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin.

Go ahead and download both, you paid for them.

Step 2: Install Your AliDropship Plugin

Grab a popcorn, calm down your nerves. If you’re ready, also grab your computer/device and let’s do this together.

Head over to your WordPress dashboard, and go-to “Plugins“.

aliexpress dropshipping

Click on “Add New“.

aliexpress dropshipping

Click on “Upload Plugin“.

aliexpress dropshipping

Choose the file from your device and click “Install Now“.

aliexpress dropshipping

After few seconds (depending on your network), you should get the message below, click on activate and the plugin will be live.

aliexpress dropshipping

For the plugins to work properly, you need the following:

  1. Your WordPress PHP Version should be atleast PHP 7.1 (See Instructions on How to)
  2. You need to have ionCube Loader on your Hosting Cpanel (See Instructions on How to)

Follow the above steps in case you get a popup on your WordPress Dashboard that you need either both or one of the above installed on your hosting cpanel. It’s easy and takes just a minute to do either of them.

Step 3: Activate your AliDropship Plugin with Licence Key.

Click on this AliDropship section at the top left.

aliexpress dropshipping

Click on “license key“.

dropshipping with wordpress

Enter your license key and click save.

dropshipping with wordpress

If it show’s the below green message, your AliDropship plugin is now activated.

dropshipping with wordpress

Step 4: Download & Install an Alidropship Theme.

Alidropship has offered beautiful and professional free themes for it’s users.

I will head over to alidropship.com/themes/ and download a theme of my choice for the alidropship version.

I decided to go with the theme called “Dali“, thus, I downloaded it.

dropshipping with wordpress


Head over to your dashboard, and click on “Appearance“.

dropshipping with wordpress

Click on “Add New“.

dropshipping with wordpress

Click on “Upload Theme“.

dropshipping with wordpress

Select the theme from your computer and click on “Install Now“.

dropshipping with wordpress

You will see a similar page below after few seconds, click on “Activate” and that’s all.

dropshipping with wordpress

So, that’s all. You’ve successfully installed your alidropship theme.

I viewed my alidropship store and below was the outcome.

wordpress dropshipping

Now, I’ll have to customise my theme to fit in with my store, such a changing the logo, adding menus and lot’s more.

Step 5: Customising your Alidropship Theme/Store.

We’re not going to go deep into customising your store.

I’m just going to show you the basics, such as changing your logoadding menus and editing your footer. That’s basically the few things to do to improve your store design.

Other ones are secondary and you can check them out when you’re free.

Adding Default Menus.

Go-to your WordPress dashboard, at the bottom left, you’ll see a “Customization” bottom and click on it.

wordpress dropshipping

Click on “General“.

wordpress dropshipping

Click on “Create” to add default pages and menus.

wordpress dropshipping

You’ll notice some categories and default menus has been added.

wordpress dropshipping
wordpress dropshipping

Changing your logo.

Go-to your WordPress dashboard, at the bottom left, you’ll see a “Customization” bottom and click on it.

wordpress dropshipping

Click on “Header“.

wordpress dropshipping

Click on “Upload” and select your logo you just designed. (360 x 54px).

wordpress dropshipping

Modifying Your Contact Section.

wordpress dropshipping

Still on your customisation section, click on “Footer“.

Then scroll down to “Contact Details” and make your editions.

wordpress dropshipping

Now, we have to link our store to Aliexpress, so we can start importing products from there to our store in one-click.

To start importing products from Aliexpress to your dropship store in one click, you have to link your dropship store first.

To do that, you need to install the AliDropship chrome extension in your chrome browser. Install the AliDropship Chrome Extenstion here.

wordpress dropshipping

All you just have to do is, click install and it will install on your chrome, and show an icon at the top right of your chrome, like the one below.

wordpress dropshipping

Linking your store…

To link your store, make sure you’re logged in to your wordpress dashboard in another tab, and you’ve activated your Alidropship plugin with your license key.

Now, follow the steps below to get started.

Click on the Alidropship icon at the top of your chrome, and the below page will open. Enter your store link and click on “Add“.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress

Enter your website address in the box e.g https://theprofany.com/ and continue.

Click on “Login”.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress

A new page will load prompting you to authorise your store with alidropship chrome extension, go ahead and authorise.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress

You’ll get the popup that your alidropship Google Chrome extension is authorised.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress

Check back the Alidropship icon on your chrome browser, you will find out, the red dot has changed to green. Meaning it’s linked.

wordpress dropshipping

To check whether everything is working properly, we’re going to open Aliexpress and search on a product and see if we’ll be able to import to our new store.

Open Aliexpress.com and search on a product and click on the Alidropship icon on every product you want to import to your store.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress

I have successfully imported the Electric Ionic Hair Comb to my store.

I’ll check on my WordPress dashboard product page and see if I can find it.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress


It was successfully imported to my product list, all I have to do is click on the product and edit the product title, description and price etc.

After editing the product title, description and price, I published my store.

Let’s view my store and see how it looks now.

start a dropshipping business with wordpress
start a dropshipping business with wordpress

You can see the title is short and I have changed the price.

Remember the price of the product is $8.80, and the price in my store is $35. Meaning I’ll earn $26.2 in profit per sale.

Assuming I got 50 sales, I will be making $1,310 in profits.

Using this method, you can import as much products you want to your store.

Before importing to your store, be sure to decide the kind of products you want to start dropshipping to your store.

Personally, I will advice you don’t import hundreds of products to your store.

From 1- 50 is okay.

Besides, top drop-shippers use 5-10 hot products to make big money, as soon as they find a trending product, they import it to their store and make huge profits with it.

Step 7: Adding Payment methods to your store

To start accepting payments on your store, you have to activate PayPal and any debit/credit cardpayment gateway on your store. You can also activate just one.

To do that, click on the Alidropship Section at the top left ==> click on Settings and then Payments.

Link your PayPal Business Account with your Client ID and Secret Key.

You can choose your debit/credit card payment gateway from the drop-down, so you can allow customers pay with their credit card.

Recommended Gateway for Credit/debit is Stripe. Stripe is only available for US Citizens.

If you’re a NON-US Citizen, read our below guide on how to setup an account.

If you’re in Africa, you can use FlutterWave, read more about accepting payments with flutterwave here. (coming soon)


To break it all down:

  1. Purchase a WordPress Hosting via BlueHost (you get free domain and free SSL Certificate).
  2. Purchase AliDropship WordPress Plugin.
  3. Set it up using our guide on this post and that’s all.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of this detailed post.

So, you can now start a dropshipping business with wordpress and probably with a very low budget.

In this detailed post, we’ve covered not just how to start dropshipping with WordPress but how to starting dropshipping as soon as possible with Alidropship plugin.

Please drop your feedbacks & questions in the comment box section.

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