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How Facebook Freemode is Limiting an Advertisers Reach

Facebook freemode allows users to browse Facebook for free without data.

The only difference is, you’re not allowed to see photos and videos in freemode.

You can easily switch to datamode on the purple background at the top whenever you have data.

I must say, Facebook active users has increased tremendously using this awesome feature.

Since Facebook freemode allows one to chat and communicate with loved ones without restrictions, then what’s so special than that?

Since that’s one of the most important things we goto Facebook to do.

Perhaps, let’s not get too excited, our advertisers are loosing and they’re really not getting what they want and I know many are yet to realize this factor.

The truth is, Facebook freemode is limiting an advertisers reach and I’ll discuss that briefly.

One of the advertising options on Facebook, which happens to be ”Website traffic”, “Generate leads” – sending traffic from Facebook to another site is what we’ll look at this moment.

Let’s face it …

On a situation an advertiser has launched a Facebook ad and his motive is to send traffic to another site outside Facebook …

How can a freemode user click-through the link or visit the link?

Can you see how Facebook freemode is gradually killing advertisers and limiting the reach?

Yes Of course, not every Facebook user click on every link, but on a situation someone starts to comment things like, How do I get started?, Send me the whole info, How?, How does it work? When the link to the website is there already is way out of the league.

A Facebook freemode user may get interested in your ad, but spirit is crushed because he/she can’t access the link without data.

However, Facebook freemode is limiting an advertisers reach in certain Facebook advertising options …

… and I’ll suggest Facebook launches an algorithm that restricts certain ad options like website traffic , lead generations from showing to Facebook freemode users.

Author: Joy Okoro

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