How Does Fiverr Referral Work? (Fiverr Affiliate Program in 2022)

Does fiverr have an affiliate program? Yes, they do and fiverr affiliate program is hot right now, currently, you can earn up to $100 when you refer a friend or invite a friend to place an order on fiverr.

This isn’t the first time Fiverr is pulling this off, let’s not forget when fiverr introduced a similar affiliate program where they promised to give out free $5 for every friend you refer that places an order or becomes a customer.

Today, it’s not a $5 – $50 offer, but up to $100 offer, the system is so cool and easy and you can now make lots of money from fiverr affiliate program depending on your persistence and consistency.

If you ever wanted to make money online, here’s your opportunity to achieve your dreams and make money on fiverr with the help of their fiverr affiliate program, it’s easy and simple, introduce your friends to a simple way to get things done.

Fiverr Commission According to Categories

This article was updated, and recently fiverr introduced a new commission plan, which means there are certain amount of money you can earn as a commission depending on the category the purchase came from and I will be discussing that right away.

First, they have they called, Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid.

  • Fiverr CPA: For this option, they pay $15 – $150, a dynamic CPA depending on what service your first-time buyer purchases.

  • Fiverr Hybrid: In this option you earn $10 CPA + 10% revenue share of any money the customer spends on fiverr for 12 months.

fiverr affiliate program

Extra Programs/Products You Can Promote On Fiverr

  • Fiverr Business: You will earn $100 once the account you referred reaches $100 in total spend + 10% revenue share for 12 months.

  • Fiverr Affiliates: You will earn 10% of every referred affiliate’s earning for a LIFETIME. This means if you refer an affiliate, you will earn 10% of their earnings for a lifetime.

  • Fiverr Learn: You will earn 30% of every course that was sold.

Fiverr CPA Commissions

Fiverr offers commissions ($15 – $150) based on the category your buyer purchased from, and you will qualify for CPA commissions once your buyer purchases on Fiverr for the first time. Fiverr calls it FTB (First Time Buyers).

Fiverr Pro: You will earn $150 for all Fiverr Pro Services. If you open Fiverr, you will see fiverr pro sellers, and their pricing is always high, because fiverr have qualified them to be a pro. Now, if you manage to get a buyer to purchase their services, you will earn $150.

$150Fiverr Pro
All Fiverr Pro Services

You will earn $50 for all referrals under these categories ↓

Industrial & Product Design 
Graphics & Design​

Data Science 
Mobile Apps
Programming & Tech
E-Commerce Development
Programming & Tech

You will earn $40 under these categories ↓

Website Builders & CMS
Programming & Tech

Lyric & Music Videos 
Video & Animation
Web Programming
Programming & Tech
Data Processing 
Architecture & Interior Design
Graphics & Design
Game Development
Programming & Tech
Website Design
Graphics & Design

You will earn $30 under these categories ↓

E-Commerce Product Videos 
Video & Animation

3D Product Animation 
Video & Animation​
Logo Maker 
Logo Maker
Digital Marketing
T-Shirts & Merchandise 
Graphics & Design
Research & Summaries 
Writing & Translation
Business Consulting 
Proofreading & Editing
Writing & Translation
Financial Consulting 
Producers & Composers 
Music & Audio

You will earn $25 under these categories ↓

Graphics & Design

Articles & Blog Posts
Writing & Translation
Video Marketing 
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing 
Digital Marketing
Resume Writing 
Writing & Translation
Voice Over
Music & Audio
Short Video Ads
Video & Animation

All Other Categories ↓

$15All Other Categories

How to Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program

Step 1: Start Registration Here

Open the registration page and click on the “Start Earning Now” button.

fiverr affiliate program

Step 2: Enter your details as requested. There is no manual review, this means you’ll be accepted after entering your details, but make sure they’re all correct.

fiverr affiliate program

Step 3: Setup your withdrawal/payout details.

Click on the “Account Details“.

How Does Fiverr Referral Work

On the next page, click on “Payment Details“, then click on the “Edit” button and select the payment method you want to get paid with.


This is how the fiverr affiliate program works and you can start making money when you register on their platform.

Millions of people are looking for freelancers to help ease their work and you can recommend some services to these kind of people.


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