FlyWheel Affiliate Program

FlyWheel Affiliate Program : Earn Upto $500 per Referral

Flywheel affiliate program, is one of the best Affiliate programs I have come across so far,that has great features & user interface suitable for novices to explore without been experts.

It’s quite amazing knowing you can earn up to $500 per referral in the flywheel Affiliate program.

In flywheel affiliate program,there are two ways to get started in making money ,all you have to do is pick the best strategy that works for you.

1. Referral : The gold standard in affiliate marketing. Use coupon,custom affiliate link to promote flywheel on your blog,your social media channels,your dating site profile and whenever you want it.

When customers come to flywheel and purchase a plan with them,your pile of cash starts growing.

2. Transfers : This is when you spin up a new demo site on getflywheel and transfer it to your client.

Your commission registers as soon as they activate a new plan with them.

Which will you choose? Referrals or transfers?

Personally, I use referrals on all my affiliate programs because it best works for me.

How Do You Get Paid?

Flywheel pays commissions on the 1st working days of calendar month after a brief holding period of 90 days for a monthly plan or 30 days for an annual plan.

All payments are made via paypal to the address provided at signup.

The interesting part of it is,If paypal is not available on your country,you can always email them at and they’ll suggest an alternative for you.

How Much Can You Make?

Flywheel pays out 300% of the first month’s payment on any plan,up to $500 per referral source.

If your customer uses a promotional code or coupon ,payouts are adjusted accordingly.

Who Can Participate?

This program is opened to anyone who’s really passionate about affiliate marketing and wants to earn some money.

Designers,developers and bloggers who use WordPress or any platform are all welcomed in the program.

As long you promise to follow the rules, they’ll give consideration to a wide variety of affiliate applications.

There is currently no minimum site visits required for the program.

The only exception is that unfortunately at this time,they cannot accept affiliate applications from users with a mailing address in the states of Taxes or Ohio.

Are there any Minimum or Maximums for Payments?

They pay out all payouts,there are no minimums in effect.

You can earn a maximum of $500 per referral source, but there is no program maximum
earning potential.

As long as you keep bringing people on board,they’ll keep the cash flowing!

Where Can I Promote Flywheel?

You can promote flywheel via your blog ,website ,social media channels,to your friends and co-workers,in hand written love letters or any other way you can.

The only thing they ask,is that you don’t promote flywheel via paid search and that you follow their brand guidelines in all promotions.

Benefits Of Flywheel Affiliate Program

No Minimums
Every approves referral gets paid. There are no minimum for payouts so you can even get paid for a single sale!

Sweet Promos
You’ll always be notified on their legendary black friday and flyjuly promotions,as well as other hot deals throughout the year. These enables you to make more sales!

Early Access
Flywheel constantly call on their affiliate partners for their feedback on new features and products. You can then write the review on your blog and guarantee more sales too.

Secondary Commissions
If you refer a friend and then buy several plans from flywheel ,you earn payouts on all of these referrals,up to $500 for that source.

Don’t waste more time, SignUp for an affiliate account and submit your application.

In my own case, It took me 7 days to receive an approval message.

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