Garanntor Affiliate Program : Earn Upto 30% Commission

Lagos,Nigeria ;Rackcentre.

The company is the first in the industry to host all its infrastructure in Nigeria without ever hosting outside the country.

Nigerians now have access to affordable,fast,premium data hosting services.

The good news is, you can take advantage of all these wonderful services,and become an affiliate by joining Garanntor Affiliate program.

With Garanntor affiliate program,you can make a whole lot of money by referring customers to purchase their affordable and awesome services.

Everytime you refer Garanntor services to an acquaintance,a friend,a relative or to another business,you create a serious earning opportunity for yourself.

Garanntor Host,offers upto 30% commission in sales and that is awesome.

So,everytime you direct an acquaintance to purchase a service from Garanntor,you give yourself a chance to get a 30% commission from the

You will be paid through cheque or via paypal,within the 15th of a month,once your commission has been active for a month. 

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How To Get Started With Garanntor Affiliate Program

  • Goto Garanntor host and register.

  • Login to your account and within the client area of your account,you will find a tab called “Affiliate“.
  • Click the link and inside,click on the “Activate Affiliate Account“.
  • Voila! Your affiliate account is ready.

Now custom coupon codes and tracking links would be embedded on your website.

… and everytime you direct a visitor on your site or ask an acquaintance to use the link and Signup for Garanntor services,you are creating a chance for yourself to earn a heavy commission.

Get Upto 30% Commission On Garanntor

  • Step 1

Place Affiliate link on your website or blog

  • Step 2

Refer friends,family,business associates.

  • Step 3

Referrals buy services from Garanntor.

  • Step 4

You get upto 30% commission.

  • Step 5

You get paid on a timely manner. 

Each sale you refer will earn you a commission. It’s amount will vary as listed below:

  • Webhosting –  30%
  • Windows hosting – 30%
  • WordPress hosting – 30%
  • Website Builder – 30%
  • Virtual Servers – 30%
  • Cloud Servers – 30%
  • Domains – 0%
  • Garanntor Email – 10%
  • Hosted Exchange – 10% 

Become an affiliate today & Benefit from Garanntor Affiliate Program. 

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

3 Replies to “Garanntor Affiliate Program : Earn Upto 30% Commission

  1. Another way to make money online. Nice post but how can that eBook on Amazon be downloaded, I try but failed…HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING. thanks

    1. I just checked, you’re unable to download it because it’s not available in Nigeria due to Copyright restriction.

      But you can Signup and use UK as your country,It will download.

      You can check Out other ebooks on the grid, it can be downloaded from any where.

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