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Google Adsense Cheat 2020: How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Are you struggling in getting your Google Adsense account approved?

This Google AdSense Cheat Approval Guide 2018 will help you out in getting your Google Adsense application approved very easily.

The actual time to get your application fully approved may vary from 24 hours to 7 days.

Google Adsense is the best and largest Ad network in the world. This is the only Ad network, through which you can monetize your blog/website content and/or YouTube videos, in a best and simple way.

Well, everything about Google Adsense is simple and easy, except the approval process. Yes, getting a Google Adsense account approved is not an easy task.

So here is the Google AdSense Cheat Approval Guide 2018 for you.


1. Prefer using a custom Top Level Domain :

Although I don’t have much idea whether it really impacts using a blogger blog for applying for an Adsense account, I really prefer using a custom TLD e.g. .com ,.in , .net etc. Never apply using domains like .tk , .pk or sub-domains ( etc.).

There are very less or no chances of approval using these domains. Please never use domain name, which looks like confusing, or domain spoofing.

2.vEnough Quality Content: Before applying for an Adsense account, make sure you have enough good quality blog posts.

Quality here means, the content should be genuine, unique, and should not be copied from anywhere.

It is advised to have minimum 7-10 blog posts, with length varying from 300-600 words each.

3. Contact, Privacy, About Pages :

Make sure your blog/site is having these pages, before applying for Adsense account.

Although having these pages doesn’t impact much, but it puts a good value to your blog/site, and eventually the chances of getting your account approved increases.

It is also advised to have a sitemap page for your site.

4. Theme/Template :

The theme/template used for your site/blogs plays a very important role in the process of getting your Adsense maccount approved. 

I advise you to use a very clean and smooth theme design for your site.

And take care of the navigation system of your site. Put appropriate navigation menu(s) on your site so that the user can visit any page of your site from any page.

Make sure, no part of your site/blog remains unreachable. I have seen many applications getting rejected with the reason “Difficult Site Navigation “.

5. Author Name :

If you are applying for an Adsense account using a blog, it is good practice to display your name as author to some posts/pages.

Displaying an Avtar will be an added value. These things may look small or silly, but make your site look legitimate.

6. No other Ads :

You can use other Ad inventories, along with Adsense for sure. But make sure there is no Ad placed on your site, from submitting the application, till your account is fully approved.

Some Myths About Adsense Application

1.  Using Hyphen(-) in domain name:

Some people advice, not to use a hyphen(-) in domain name because it may have a negative impact in getting the Adsense account approved.

Although this is really a good practice not to use a hyphen while choosing a domain name, there is no negative impact of the same for the Adsense application.

My Indian friend owns a blog URL consisting of hyphen and .in extension and was yet approved.

2. Don’t use .in Domains :

I have seen people people advising not to use .in domain for applying for Adsense account as it is very hard to get it approved. Well, there is no such restriction. Example? again consider the same example as above.

3. Re-Submit the application after a specific period :

Some people suggest that one Should not re-submit the Adsense application for some specific period of time, say 6 months etc. Well, there is nothing like that.

If the reason for rejection is very
critical, let say “Site does not comply with Google Policies “, then you should check your site carefully before applying again.

But what is the application was rejected because of “Difficult site navigation “? Well, you can make the appropriate changes, re-submit the application on the very next day, or even the next hour.

There will not be any negative impact of doing so.

With the following Google AdSense cheat approval guide I listed above, you can get your blog approved by AdSense. But there is no guarantee the tips will work for your blog.

If you are still facing issues in getting your account approved, feel free to contact me. I’ll try my best to help you out.

If you think this article is really helpful, please do share with others and help others. Any suggestions/corrections in the article are warmly welcomed

Happy blogging, and happy earning …

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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