How to Grow Your Email Lists with Rapidology Free WordPress Plugin

Just for the record,Rapidology is the only 100% free WordPress plugin that lets you quickly create beautiful email optin forms,popups and widgets.

….. and you know what?

You definitely do not have to worry about the designs or coding skills.

It’s all pretty and there are varieties of beautiful templates
to choose from !

Rapidology,has an inbuilt conversion stats & Analysis,you can easily find out how all of your optin forms are performing, right inside your
rapidology dashboard.

You can also run split texts to increase your conversion rates,split testing is the fastest way to boost your conversion rates and discover what resonates with your audience.

Rapidology is free,and it’s forever!

Again,If you’re constantly searching for a WordPress email marketing service,your hunt is over!

I’m amazed to see a free WordPress plugin that offers such amazing features for which we usually end up paying anything between $30-$100.

I tested this Rapidology on this blog,and it was beautiful and cool.

Let’s take a review on Rapidology WordPress plugin.

Then you can know a bunch about this free email marketing plugin by leadpages.

Rapidology Review – Grow Your Email Lists

Rapidology is a free WordPress plugin & you can download it by registering here.

After free registration,you’ll get an email containing plugin download & activation code.

This activation code,is the first thing you’ll add after installing
the plugin on your WordPress blog.

Once the plugin is activated,you can start using this plugin right
away with creating your first optin forms.

You can select from currently available six optin form type :

  • Popup
  • Below post
  • Inline
  • Locked content
  • Widget
  • Flyin

All of these popular opt in types are proven methods to grow your email lists.

… and you should use 2-3 of above to place your email signups box at smart positions.

You will be particularly blown away by the locked content feature.

The best way to use is,you can put your premium content, or high traffic content locked behind the email optin form and wait for your email list to grow automatically.

After selecting your kind of optin form,next step is to give  a meaningful name to the optin form & integrate it with your email marketing tool.

The customizing part of the form is easy,and you can always preview your customization on the same page.

Once you have configured the plugin its live for a while,you can click on analytics to see which how your email optin form is performing.

Also,you cannot remove the credits neither do they have an option for that.

Their credit box takes a much space and is prominent.

Well, what can yo do? It’s actually a free tool!

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