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How to Rank for a Keyword In Search Engine with Guest Posting

Today, we would be discussing on Guest Posting,and particularly on how to rank for a Keyword In Search engines with guest Posting. 

In my own terms, I would define, 

… “guest posting as the act of writing on other sites for the purpose of creating awareness or to showcase the existence of a brand.”

But some people now do guest Posting for other reasons,

One of them is to build links to their blog in other to boost their search engine presence. 

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to rank for a Keyword In Search engines with guest Posting. 

Ever written an article and you want it to be found in first page? 

Preparing Your Content For Ranking

1. Choose your choice of Keyword

You probably need to do a keyword research before kicking off! 

Keywords helps google to include you in search engines whenever something similar is typed or searched. 

Goto Google Keyword planner and enter your choice of Keyword,

… and to know the number of monthly searches it has. 

2. Write a magnetic content

If you really want to get started in ranking for a Keyword, then one of the post you’re trying to rank for must be “Hot Off The Presses“. 

It should be able to cover the topic in details,

Furthermore, should be super Interesting, and try to write up to 1,000 words and above. 

After choosing and manifesting with your choice of Keyword, enter it in Google,

…. and see other people that are already ranking for it, view the posts and see how far they went. 

After reading them, Write your own content and try to add what they’re too lady to add. 

Make sure yours is the best content on that topic period ! 

Getting Started With Guest Posting

If you you went for a competitive keyword keyword,

… and you wrote your content without getting quality links links to it,

… then you won’t be able to rank for it or out rank your competitors. 

Because, Google now rank blog posts according to the number of quality links pointing to it. 

If you went for a very competitive keyword,

… it doesn’t Only depend on how much effort you put on your article, but quality links pointing to it. 

Something has to convince Google, that this blog post is valuable and needs to be seen. 

Now, I will teach how to use guest posting to achieve that in a short time. 

1. Take Note Of Quality Sites That Accepts Guest Posting :

What I mean by quality are sites that are already ranking on Google non-stop and has a Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA). 

First thing to do is take down note of quality sites that accepts guest posting.

Remember,to go to quality sites that blog on the same topic as you or related.

2. Find Out If You Can Include An Outgoing Link While Writing :

Few sites won’t allow you to include an outgoing link to your blog post while writing your guest post,

… but will allow you to add a bio with your blog link and social media accounts.

And you can only include your blog’s homepage link and nothing more,you can’t include your blog posts in the bio box.

In other to rank for your keyword,you need to hyperlink a phrase or a word (which is your keyword)

… back to that post you want to rank for while writing your guest post.

It’s advisable to contact them,and ask them if that is

… because you’re trying to make a reference of your article which will be valuable to them.

If they give you a positive reply,you can go ahead,and don’t fotget to add the site in your to-do list.

3. Insert Your Keywords This Way :

Any site that gives you a go ahead order ,as regards to adding a Back link to your blog post as reference, 

… then when writing your Guest post, do it this way :

When writing your guest post, be sure to mention your keyword,

so that you can hyperlink it back to that blog post you’re trying to rank for.

For example :
Just like you’re reading a topic about guest posting, and then,

I’m writing a guest post for a site with the topic ” How Guest Posting Can Build Your Online Presence“..

In one of the sentences,I’ll say ..” Guest Posting is a very good way to boost your online presence if you ….”

What I’ll do is hyperlink the ‘Guest Posting‘ back to this very topic you’re reading … Got it?


You can write a guest post that is not related to the post you want to rank for,

but make sure while writing the guest post,you mention your keyword.

Conclusion :
It’s advisable to guest post at least 5 times or more for the blog post you want to rank for,so as to get back links for it.

And if you wrote another magnetic content and you want to rank for it,

you should probably repeat the same steps.

In the long run,this helps to increase your Page Authority (PA) and boost your online presence even when you don’t work for links.

By so doing,you can rank for any keyword of your choice and watch it bring in more visitors and revenue to your blog’s doorstep.

If you sometimes run out of ideas wen it comes to guest posting,

You can alternatively pay experienced writers to submit posts to you,then you can edit and use as your guest post.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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