Heroshe Review: How to Ship from USA to Nigeria

You can buy products from any of your trusted US online stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc using your US address provided by Heroshe, they will receive your order, you pay for shipping and have it shipped to Nigeria.

It’s just an easy process:

  1. Sign-up on Heroshe to get your US address.
  2. Shop from your favorite US online store and enter your US address as the shipping address.
  3. Heroshe receives your package at the warehouse.
  4. You pay for shipping.
  5. Heroshe delivers to Nigeria.

Well, as easy as that!

I really love shopping from Amazon, the reason being that, there are awesome items on Amazon, secondly, they’re of good quality and somewhat affordable.

There are some products in most US online stores that don’t get shipped to Nigeria and if they ship to Nigeria, you won’t be comfortable with the shipping costs.

Today, I will be doing a Heroshe review where I will talk about their shipping rates, shipping delivery time, and much more because I believe that’s one of the most important things to find out while choosing a third-party shipping company.

Heroshe Review: Ship from USA to Nigeria

Heroshe is committed to helping you ship your awesome items from your choice of US online store using your Heroshe address and they will be more than glad to have your item shipped to you in Nigeria after you must have paid for your shipping.

Let’s discuss on their shipping rates.

How much does it cost to ship with Heroshe?

Well, I would gladly say, Heroshe shipping rates is affordable.

They charge as low as $5 per pound (Ibs) and the naira equivalent been N2,250. This means, $5 = 1 pound (Ibs).

If you don’t ship heavy items, your total order might likely be between 1 pound to 3 pounds, or even less than that.

heroshe shipping

In addition, they have an online calculator, where you can check the shipping cost of the product you’re ordering from Amazon or your US online store by entering the product pound on the online calculator and see the estimate you are likely to pay.

This fee actually covers the following:

  1. Customs duties, taxes, VAT, and clearing charges.
  2. Free Cargo Insurance against loss, theft, and damage if reported within 72hrs after the package is delivered.
  3. You get a door to door delivery for packages over 20 pounds (9kg).
  4. Free pickup in Lagos or 3rd Party Courier Offices outside Lagos.

Heroshe Delivery Fees

When your package arrives in Nigeria, in their Lagos head office, you can go there and pick it up for free.

But if you want a home delivery or you’re not in Lagos, below are the extra costs for delivery either within Lagos or outside.

  1. If your order is between 1-20 pounds, you will pay a flat fee of $10 to have it delivered to your location in Nigeria. (within or outside Lagos).
  2. If your order is over 20+ pounds, it will be delivered for free to your location in Nigeria. (within or outside Lagos).

Please note, if you’re in Lagos, you can go to their head office and pick it up for free, otherwise, you should refer to the above delivery fees which are also affordable.

What else should I know about Heroshe Shipping?

  1. All shipping, delivery, and optional fees are paid online before they ship packages to Nigeria.
  2. Heroshe minimum weight is 1 pound (0.45kg) to ship from the US  to Nigeria.
  3. They send email notifications for all packages they receive at their warehouse.
  4. The shipping weight determined at their warehouse overrides the shipping weight from the US store.
  5. They inspect and reweigh all packages and round UP the weight to the nearest whole number. E.g. 1.4 pounds will be rounded up to 2 pounds.
  6. They send out shipping invoices within 24hrs after they receive packages. They ship packages after invoice payment is paid and received.
  7. Not all packages received at Heroshe warehouse will be shipped to Nigeria.  If a package is flagged, more info will be required from the customer in order to ship the package to Nigeria.

Heroshe Crating (Optional Cost)

heroshe review
Example if a crate shipping (sizes may differ depending on the total items bought)

First of all, optional cost means, what you can decide to pay for or not. It’s optional.

Heroshe charges an optional $100 flat-rate fee for crating fragile items such as TV, Large Screen Monitors, Glass Furnishings, Glass Items, Wine e.t.c.

Their crating fee covers free cargo insurance against theft, loss or damage. It also covers free refund or replacement of fragile items if damaged in transit.

Initial shipping and crating fee is non-refundable.

What does crating mean?

crate is a large shipping container, often made of wood, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items.

A crate is a wooden shell built to protect fragile items from damage during transit.

Heroshe will notify you if they receive a fragile item that needs crating.

Please note, it’s OPTIONAL.

Items Heroshe Don’t Ship

Laptop Battery e.g. standalone laptop replacement battery that is not inside a laptop.

Items containing Nicotine e.g. cigars, vape, tobacco, vaping accessories e.t.c.

Ammunition & Accessories e.g. guns, paintball guns, bullets e.t.c.

Heroshe “Buy For Me” Service

Your card wasn’t accepted, you were banned, it’s difficult to place your order or shop from your favourite online US store?

Heroshe offers the “buy for me” service, and this is what happens:

  1. They collect your request with all the details you want to buy and the US store you want to buy it from.
  2. They receive your order at their US warehouse, you pay for shipping and they ship it to Nigeria.
  3. You can decide to pick it up or have them deliver your package to you at a small fee of $10.

To get started, sign-up and login to your Heroshe dashboard.

heroshe review

Check on the menu and choose buy for me.

ship from usa to nigeria

Enter the URL of the product and the details of what you want to purchase.

heroshe buy for me

E.g Send them the URL, enter how many pieces you want of that item, the color, size, etc. If there are multiple URLs, also include everything on the box.

Choose your method of payment, either in Naira or USD and submit your request.

Heroshe ‘Buy for me’ Fees.

Heroshe charges a +20% service fee. Assuming they are going to help you order and your total order on the US store is $50, Heroshe will add an extra +20% which is $10. The total cost will become $60.

How long does it take to get my package delivered to Nigeria?

It will take approximately 8 – 14 days from the day the package ships out of their US warehouse if there is zero customs delay in Nigeria. The 8 -14 days doesn’t include the time it takes for the US store to deliver the package to their US warehouse. They ship packages every Thursday.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 related issues, shipping may be delayed. You can visit their website for latest delivery time.


Finally, you can start shopping from your favorite US stores using Heroshe US address and have it delivered to you in Nigeria.

If you have any questions or concerns that weren’t addressed in this post, be sure to let me know by contacting.

Author: Joy Okoro

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  1. I pray they’re better than shoptomydoor. Their fees seem affordable and there are no hidden charges.

    1. Left shoptomydoor after using them for over 7 years. The experiences got worse. Stumbled upon heroshe and have used them for a while now. They have a good service though.

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