How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping: Step by Step Guide

Congratulations! You’ve gotten an order on your woocommerce dropshipping store and you want to know the next step right?

After you have gotten an order, the next step is fulfilment and you maybe wondering if this step is going to be complicated or which product you’re going to send the customer.

Just a recap of how dropshipping works, in dropshipping, you don’t have or own the products or hold inventory.

Let’s use Aliexpress as an example: You visited Aliexpress and saw a product you think a certain audience will like, let’s call this product the “Pet Pumpkin Brush“, and you saw this product currently sells for $3 on the website.

How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping

Then with the help of a WordPress plugin called “Alidropship Plugin“, you imported the product to your wordpress website, and when importing this, everything about the product on Aliexpress will be duplicated to your own website/store including the images, descriptions and colours.

Then, you went ahead to edit the product on your website and changed the price from $3 to $19.99

How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping

Now, this is what dropshipping is all about, you’re dropshipping products from another website to your own (after increasing price) with the intent of making a profit.

When you listed the product on your website, you’re posing as the owner of the product, so customers will have to checkout directly from your website, complete all transactions on your website, that’s why it’s important to choose a payment gateway which you will implement on your store for customers to checkout efficiently.

However, let’s assume you’ve gotten some sales, how do you ship these products to it’s owners?

How to Fulfil Orders On WooCommerce Dropshipping

To fulfil orders on woocommerce dropshipping, you have to head over to the same product on Aliexpress which your customer has ordered and then reorder the product using the customer’s details.

Be sure to order exactly what the customer ordered on your website, including the sizes, colours (if any), and when you’ve done that, the supplier/aliexpress will ship the order to the customer.

To get started, head over to the product on Aliexpress, If you can’t find the specific product, there’s no problem, here’s what to do.

Make sure you’re logged in as an admin on your wordpress dashboard, then open the product page of that product (this feature comes with the Alidropship plugin).

How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping

Just at the top of the page, you will see “View On Aliexpress“, when you click on that, you would be able to see that exact product you imported to your store.

Step 1: Select the Variations

If the product the customer ordered has variations like colours and sizes and etc, make the same selection on the Aliexpress product including the quantity.

Step 2: Select the Shipping Method

Select the shipping method which the supplier will use to ship the items, it’s recommended to select the paid ones, so that the customer can receive it at least within 12-14 days and this shipping method should also have the tracking feature, so that the customer can be tracking their order without the need to send you subsequent mails.

How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping

Although most times, the shipping can be free, but make sure it’s USPS, Aliexpress Selection Standard, Aliexpress Selection Standard etc.

Step 3: Enter Customer’s Details

Enter the customer’s exact details that was used to order on your website, you will see where to enter customer’s details on the shipping page on Step 2 above, where they will ask you to select your address to get shipping rates.

How to Fulfil Orders on WooCommerce Dropshipping

Step 4: Add to Cart and Checkout

After confirming all details are correct, the next step to add to cart and complete the purchase. Aliexpress offer diverse payment methods including:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit Card
  • Buy now and pay later
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union

Choose your preferred method and checkout and when the payment is confirmed Aliexpress will ship the item to the customer’s details.

In summary, when you get an order, you go back to the product on Aliexpress and reorder it using the customers details.

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