How To Increase Charging Speed On Android

Learn how to increase charging speed on android by following these simple methods today.

By experience, I know some of our android phones are always fond of charging slowly even for fact the light is in good condition and not low.

But it can never stop the madness.

You might have spent one hour charging your android phone, but it didn’t give you the best result. That’s very bad.

Below, will teach you some tips you can try and you’ll increase charging speed on your android phone instantly.

And they’re my experiences which worked best.

Increase Charging Speed On Android Phone

1) Shorten the length of your charger :

Shortening the length of your charger can increase charging speed on your android phone instantly.

Thus, you should try it out. I could remember vividly when the length of my charger was so long, so long to the extent I can plug my phone, stay on the bed and operate my android phone. Not only that, it has four good wires in it.

Well, the sad story, my android phone doesn’t charge faster. Was so worried, until one day, I used another charger which was short and charged my android phone.

The results I got marvelled me and guess what?  I didn’t spend a second time and I went straight and cut my charger. Was scared, but it worked.

2) Plug Your Charger On The Direct Socket :


Increase charging speed

Don’t you know?  Plugging your charger to the direct socket also increase charging speed on your android phone?

Yes!, most of us use the extension to plug our phones but you don’t know you’re missing out.

Next time, plug your charger on the direct socket and see the magic.

3) Switch off your data while charging your phone :

Increase charging speed

I know 60% of android users are fond of switching on their data while charging their phone, so they could receive notifications on their various social media or any other reason.

Well, don’t you know, you’re also reducing the charging speed on your android phone?.

Next time, switch off your data and charge your phone peacefully.

I think I’ll stop here, will update more if I encounter more! Start now and increase charging speed on your android phone.

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