How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria: 10 Easy Steps to N500K+ Monthly

In the next 20 years, mini importation business in Nigeria will still be as profitable as it is today, so why not start now?

Even if that sounds odd or counter-intuitive, I still stand by this statement.

Mini importation business is an overlooked way to make money online. It’s a growing trend that many people are starting to take notice of and even join in on.

Through mini-importation business, you can make a steady income of N500K+ monthly and I’m not saying this to impress you.

We’re currently into mini importation business in Nigeria and we make more than that in a month but as a beginner, making N300K – N500K+ in a month is very possible and one of the interesting things about mini importation business is, it’s the type of business you start today and you will start making money the following week and yes, I’m not exaggerating.

I’m just trying to tell you how simple the business model is, and ofcourse people have different ways of doing their mini importation business, but if you want to learn our own method and be able to earn a reasonable amount of income from mini importation business in Nigeria, then you have to continue reading.

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Today, we are going over the basics with a step by step guide, so you understand fully how the business works and if this were to be a business plan, you wouldn’t mind investing money in it RIGHT AWAY.

1. Find a HOT Product

To start selling, you need a product, and if you want to make crazy money, the kind of product to sell shouldn’t be type of product that are in the markets. It should be the kind of product that are only seen online.

And it should be the type of product that when someone sees it, there will be a “WOW” factor effect. That’s the type of product that are considered HOT.

Where and How to Find Hot Products to Sell?

This can be a daunting task especially for a beginner, you can source for products via Aliexpress, if you visit, you will be recommended some products, you can source for products in the beauty niche, health, fitness and workout, kitchen and lot’s more.

Although, we would be importing our products in, which is a parent company to Aliexpress but Alibaba only shows you products based on your recent searches, so you’re likely not to get any recommendations but only on what you’ve searched before.

So, that’s why Aliexpress is better for product sourcing because they recommend products and whatever you see in Aliexpress, you will see it in Alibaba because the difference between the two is, Aliexpress is for purchasing single orders while Alibaba is for purchasing bulk orders (where you will get good discounts).

Remember, source for products with a WOW factor.

2. Import Products from Alibaba (China)

To import products, we would be using Alibaba, although there are other websites to import form, but we will use Alibaba because it’s in English and it’s easy to Navigate, and as for someone starting for the first time or getting to know more about this business model, it’s advisable to import from Alibaba.

Despite my experience, I have always preferred Alibaba to import from.

How to Import Products From Alibaba

Step 1: Download the Alibaba app from Playstore or app store depending if you use Android or IPhone.

Step 2: Search for the product you want to purchase and click on the “Chat Now” button, don’t go ahead to make a purchase, you need to chat with the supplier and bargain on the prices and get more information about the product you’re buying.

how to start mini importation business in nigeria

Step 3: Click on the “Send button“, so the supplier/seller can know which product you’re inquiring. After that, tell the supplier the quantity you want to buy. The higher the quantity, the lower the price.

how to start mini importation business in nigeria

After discussing and reaching a price with the supplier, the supplier will ask you to send the shipping address, that’s when you’ll need a logistics company that have an office in China and in Lagos, Nigeria (You’ll learn this in the next step).

And you will also need to complete the payment for the goods before they ship to the logistics company address you gave.

In the Module 1 of our course (A-Z of Mini Importation Business), we revealed hot products you can sell, where to buy them, how to bargain prices with suppliers, getting an agent that ships your item from China to your location in Nigeria, how you can pay for your goods in Alibaba etc

how to start mini importation business in nigeria

3. Get a Logistics Company

The next step is to find a logistics company in Nigeria that have a warehouse in China. When you import from Alibaba (China), you will send the supplier/seller the address the logistics company have given you, that’s where the seller will ship it to.

And when the logistics company in China receives your package, they will send it down to Nigeria, Lagos and that’s when they will send you a text containing the weight of your item and how much you’re to pay for shipping.

(If you’re not in lagos, they will waybill waybill it to your location with an extra fee for waybill).

That’s why it’s important to calculate your shipping costs and estimate in other to know how much you’re likely to pay when the goods land in Nigeria.

How to Calculate & Estimate Shipping Costs

To do this, you have to know the KG of the item you want to buy, and you can easily get this information by asking the supplier.

how to start mini importation business in nigeria

Let’s assume the KG of the product you want to purchase is 0.30kg and you want 50 pieces of that item, to get the total KG of the 50 pieces, you will do 0.30 X 50 = 15KG.

This means the total KG is 15kg.

Depending on the logistics company you found, they will have their own shipping costs, but let’s assume the shipping cost of the one you found is as below:

  1. Shipping: $8 per kg
  2. Clearing: N500 per kg

We will use the above figure to calculate and estimate our shipping cost. Since our total kg is 15kg, to get the (No 1) shipping cost, we will do $8 X 15kg = $120. This means our shipping cost is $120.

For the clearing, we will do, N500 X 10kg = N5000.

In total: $120 is your shipping and N5000 is your clearing. Depending on what’s the latest dollar rate, they will convert the $120 and tell you how much to pay.

It’s very important to do this calculation before you import, so that you won’t go over your budget.

4. Packaging (Print Custom Nylons with Your Brand Name)

This is recommended, but NOT everyone acknowledges it, but it’s a business strategy and it’s one of the things we do. Whenever we import products, we goto the market and purchase plain nylons (white colour) and we give it to the printing man to embed our logo on it.

Here’s an example from the internet:

This is easy, buy a small sized nylon (depending on the size of what you sell), and design a logo using Canva (you can employ the services of someone or ask where you bought the nylon if anyone can design a simple logo for you, you can show them the one above as an example, it should include your social media pages and phone numbers).

5. Create Social Media Pages

I still have to include this as a step, you need to create a facebook business page and an instagram page where you will be listing or talking about what you sell. Your facebook pages are different from your facebook timeline and none of your friends will know you’re the owner.

The interesting part of this business is, no one needs to know you’re doing this kind of business, you can do it lowkey, you don’t need to post them on your facebook timeline or whatsapp stories because, trust me it’s better for strangers to buy from you than your friends.

Strangers who buys your product will make you rich and richer and we will be discussing that soon.

6. Create a Landing Page

This is where mini importation business get’s super interesting, this is where the BIG money is, people do mini importation from just No 1 to No 3, which I have listed on this post, from No 4 to where we will stop is where you start making the money, but as usual, you need to have the right information to make money from it.

You need a landing page, where your customers can enter and place an order for your products.

Normally, we call this Mini Importation Business Automation, you can be sleeping and wake up with orders.

This landing page will contain information and pictures about the product they’re buying and finally a form where they will fill in their name, phone number, state, city, delivery address and quantity of the product they want to buy.

mini importation business in Nigeria

To do this, you need to learn how to setup a website using wordpress.

This can be complicated for beginners that’s why in Module 2 of our course (A-Z of Mini Importation Business in Nigeria) we taught all the steps on how you can brand your products, design a logo, build a website & setup a landing page to sell your items, create an order form and lot’s more.

mini importation pdf guide

Every single thing you need to know towards starting a successful mini importation business is inside the course.

7. Get Delivery Agents (Dispatcher who offers Pay on Delivery)

To make money faster, you have to offer pay on delivery, that’s the easiest way to get people to order from you and when they do, the more you’re likely to sell.

Now, how can you do that?

You need to get dispatchers in each state across Nigeria, there are dispatchers who cover over 5 states, so it’s not necessary you get dispatchers in every single state.

What are the work of these dispatchers?

Whenever you get an order, and you call the customer to confirm the order, what you have to do is forward the customer’s details to the dispatcher in that state and they will deliver the item to the customer and collect money from the customer at point of delivery.

They will deduct their dispatch fee and remit the rest to you.

Dispatch fees can range from N2,000 to N4,500 depending on the location, It’s important to discuss or ask your dispatch of his fees before working with them.

The interesting thing is, you only pay for dispatch fees when the delivery is successful, this means you don’t have to pay for the delivery fee/dispatch fee upfront.

Here’s an example of a remittance(payment) by a dispatcher, sometimes we make N30,000 to N100K+ in a day, depending the amount of orders we got

How will your dispatcher get your products to deliver to your customers?

After packaging your goods in Step 4 as discussed, you have to send/waybill your goods out to your dispatchers in other states.

For example: You pack 20pcs and send to Lagos, 15pcs to Abuja, 25pcs to the north etc

You can cover more states depending on the quantity of the items you imported.

In the Module 4 of our course (A-Z of Mini Importation Business), we revealed how to get disatchers in all the 36 States, that will offer pay on delivery and deliver same day.

As well as Phone Call Templates you can use and confirm orders of customers and follow them up.

How profitable is mini importation in Nigeria?
How profitable is mini importation in Nigeria?

8. Run Facebook Sponsored Posts

How can you start making money from mini importation business? It’s the same as asking how you can start getting customers and buyers.

To accomplish this, you need to run facebook sponsored posts, you need to be able to run Facebook Conversion ads (conversion ads on facebook means your advert will show to people who are likely to purchase what you’re selling, in other words, people with PURCHASE INTENT).

When you run conversion ads, you end up selling over 60 pieces in a month and let’s assume you sell a product N15,000, if 60 persons makes a purchase, that’s N15,000 X 60 = N900K in a month.

That’s your total revenue.

So, you see where I mapped out the possibility of making N500K+/mo from mini importation?

There’s no way you’ll follow our guidelines in this post and you won’t start making money from mini importation business.

Even if you don’t want to run ads, you can only see these much money if you’re an influencer with thousands of followers, but if you’re NOT, then it’s better and recommended to run Facebook Sponsored Posts.

Even your followers won’t guarantee you a steady 40-60+ purchases per month but with sponsored ads, you’re guaranteed more than that.

If you’re doing mini importation business, we don’t recommend to sell to your friends, it’s better to run sponsored ads in other to get targeted audience interested in what you’re selling, because those friends or followers might not be the target audience for what you’re selling.

In the Module 3 of our course (A-Z of Mini Importation Business), we revealed how to run Facebook Sponsored Ads and also how to link it to your website/landing page to start getting orders and lot’s more.

9. Relax and Start Making Money

All we’ve discussed here is the complete guide to making money from mini importation business in nigeria, before we started writing this post, we had to check on google to see if anyone has done justice to this topic, but every post we open didn’t go deeper into mini importation business.

And we’re happy to have revealed exactly how the PROS in the industry make their money from mini importation business, including how we made ours.

To understand how the process works, we advice to go through the post again and understand the concept but if you’ve already done that, then congratulations.

To improve and add more to what you’ve learnt in this post today, we have an offer for you in the step 10.

10. Purchase the LVC Mini Importation Course

The LVC mini importation course contains the A-Z Of Mini Importation Business, if you read this post till this very moment, you should already know how important the course is.

If you really want to get started right away, this is the best course in the internet on how you can devour and take the mini importation industry by storm.

The course comes with a 90 Days Money Back Guarantee which states “If at the end of 90 days, you followed the steps in the course and didn’t start making money, you will get your full money back”.

LVC Mini Importation Course in Nigeria

The LVC Mini Importation Course is the pathway we’ve set that will help you start making money from Mini Importation Business from the comfort of your home.

In this course, we’ve unravelled the whole strategies we took to make over N6M in 4 Months from Mini Importation.


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