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How to Withdraw from Stripe in Nigeria

Today, I want to answer the most asked question on how to withdraw from stripe in Nigeria.

Stripe is one of the best payment gateways for online stores and businesses for accepting online payments.

As regards to my previous post on opening a stripe for non us, few Nigerians are bothered with the procedure to withdraw from stripe.

However, this post is not only made for Nigerians.

Whichever country you’re from and you intend opening a stripe account, you should also know how to withdraw your earnings.

How to Withdraw From Stripe in Nigeria

This is an easy process, so I wouldn’t want to start making long lists of tutorial with dashboard screenshots.

1. Sign-up with Payoneer

Payoneer is more like a virtual online bank, you can get your own plastic ATM card shipped to you for FREE.

And can use it to withdraw at any ATM machines in your country.

You can alternatively, withdraw the funds to your local bank account directly from your Payoneer dashboard.

It’s recommended since the transaction fee is just 2% whereas ATM withdrawals is 3.5% if you’re withdrawing from an ATM that dispenses a currency other than the card currency.

Go-to Payoneer.com and sign-up for an account and it’s absolutely free.

Payoneer approvals are done Instantly. As soon as you’re approved, you can head over to your Global Payment Service on your dashboard, and copy out your USD Routing Number and Account Number.

Withdraw from stripe in Nigeria
Withdraw from stripe in Nigeria

When you’re signing up for a Stripe account, you can enter the details in the required box.

Payments will be sent to your Payoneer account, it will reflect within 1-3 days, sometimes after few hours.

You can then withdraw to your local bank account successfully and have fun!

Author: Joy Okoro

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5 Replies to “How to Withdraw from Stripe in Nigeria

  1. Hi theprofany, I want to set up a stripe account, I read your blog about obtaining an LLC which is amazing, but the page on how to set up the stripe account after obtaining the llc isn’t working. Can you tell me the process?
    You see, I’ve been rejected by stripe numerous times so I’m hoping to get accepted this time because of the llc. I don’t want to make any mistakes this time since stripe is getting smarter and can detect any mistakes. So please I need the remaining pages. Thank you!

  2. This was posted 2020, but we are in 2021 now so I’m reaching out to know if stripe still works the way you say it does at a time like this when there’s been a very tough regulation from CBN against foreign funds. Thanks

  3. Hi, thanks for this. I tried it but unfortunately, the funds didn’t go through. I got a message saying it’s because I’m using a personal account but my stripe account is a business account. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this?

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