Joy Okoro

A little about me

Hi,I’m Joy, and i’m a young writer and a self-taught blogger residing in Nigeria. I’m an Undergraduate.

  • I’m a business and internet marketing expert,writer + Coach.
  • I have the drive to achieve even greater heights,I’m fearless!

Well,I came to know about blogging at the age of 15,and it was fun.

and you know what?

Living in a country that is full of poor infrastructure can really weigh you down.

I was in that mess!  

I stated out by visiting a particular cyber cafe at my area to the extent some friends thought I work there as part-time!(Quite Funny).

Well,what can I do?

I go there to have fun and play with my newly found passion(Blogging!)

While doing that,I learnt a bunch and lots of interesting things you’d be amazed if I talked about it.

After 3 years,I decided to get so serious and I launched this blog on March 2017.

I learnt every single thing myself and that’s why I tag myself “a self-taught blogger” sounds good huh?

My Mission
I’m here to help you grow your business to something big with the help of internet marketing and drum up your interest in using every single skill you have to do exploits!
I criticize,share great tips,reviews and articles which will be very helpful.

I spend hours on research trying to bring out the best in every content I share on this blog. I always give my best shot.

Can I brag a little?

I’m one of the rare kind of bloggers in Nigeria,and almost everyone is always happy to make friends with me.

Everyone has always been left aback upon seeing my kind of person and actually a female that is so knowledgeable about the internet to an extent and mostly talks about Internet Marketing and Tech related.

In fact,My helpful replies and chats on blogging groups has always given the people the impression that i’m a guy,that’s because they think its only guys that can be much knowledgeable in those areas.

Whenever people around me get to know about my identity,they feel amazed and wish to make friends with me while some doubt and come up with the assertation that i’m a boy faking a female profile to get attention. Phew!

However,I laugh it off!

Just because i’m rare,I receive both interesting and funny messages like:

  • Are you sure you’re not a boy faking a female profile to get attention?
  • It’s very unusual
  • I can’t believe this,are you sure you’re a lady?
  • Are you really the owner of that blog? Don’t lie!
  • How can a lady be a tech savvy?Especially in Nigeria?
  • It’s my first time seeing a lady with such skills and mindset.
  • You’re very rare,you’re the type of bloggers we want to see here.

I could continue on and on.

Even when I offer blogging services to some persons,they always think i’m a guy and if they find out i’m a lady,they’ll divert the business to knowing more about this lady that is so Knowledgeable in these areas.

Then,I had to realize that majority of ladies are NOT in this insane business(Tech Savvy) but soon enough my fellow ladies will start to shine in tech!

I’m really proud and confident in my self and I have the drive to acquire even more greater heights not withstanding my
identity,personality and what people say about me!


I’m that Savvy blogging lady, an Internet marketing geek and a mentor for businesses.

I share top-notch ideas and offer services related to
blogging,SEO,social media marketing and of course writing.

Now,You’ve known much about me,can I know you?

Say hi and get in
touch at

Thank You