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7 Actionable Ways to Make a Blog Popular


On the other hand,you maybe worried your blog is not getting the attention it needs,and it’s really unbearable,as you have been working hard for it.

You may have thought of making your blog popular,and you’re confused on the way to follow and steps you should explore!

To Make a blog popular is every bloggers dream. Although it cannot be done overnight.

It’s not easy if you’re definitely new in the business but if you’re hard working and willing to learn,and adapt, I guarantee success!

These steps are so detailed & interesting,and if you’re about to read it, you’re few steps away from making a blog famous and known to Google.

1. Create Viral & Magnetic Contents :

I could remember a story of a US blogger who just started few months ago and after some time,he noticed a post of his was featured on Huffingtonpost & so did top blogs & websites.

He got lots & lots of traffic,to the extent bandwidth almost
accumulated and server misbehaving.

He wasn’t actually ready for

this,but voila! it happened.

Starting from that moment,his blog grew so much and received thousands of visitors ,increase in his blog’s subscribers with lots of earning!

This story wasn’t told to entertain you,but to inspire you and let you know stuffs do happen even unexpectedly.

A very sweet moment!

Channel you strength knowledge & time and write a very interesting and magnetic content,rather a masterpiece!

Don’t be in a hurry to publish everyday only to come up with non-valuable piece.

Channeling your strenght to write good piece atleast twice a week is super good.

Start creating viral magnetic contents today. It helps to make your blog popular.

2. Guest Posting :

Guest posting is a top notch way to make a blog popular and that’s an already established fact and can’t be underestimated.

Well,I don’t normally guest post because a guest post approval may last for for a long time,because the blog maybe receiving tons of guest post requests everyday.

But am not discouraging you,for the fact you’ll always write a top notch & a masterpiece content,It will always get accepted.

Guest posts are so important in making a blog popular,because it creates blog exposure in a professional way.

If you’re looking for top blogs to guest post,here are “50+ Quality Blogs That Accepts Guest Post

3. Blog Commenting :

Like I’ve always mentioned, blog commenting should not be done for SEO reasons as it does not work or add value.

Google only recognizes links from posts & pages.

However,blog commenting can be done for “Brand Awareness” theirby making your blog popular.

Always comment on blogs with related niches as you.

Leave a very reasonable comment,and you’ll see,some will be pushed to checkout you link (Hyperlinked with your name).

I once left a comment on a well known US blogger,and she had to checkout my blog & comment too,and thanked me for the comment I left on her blog.

4. Join Blogging Communities :

As I speak to you, I belong to numerous blogging communities & with boldness I speak.

It has really added to my blog’s growth with some few percents.

While you join blogging communities,you’ll learn a lot of new things and people will also learn from you,share new concepts & make friends.

Your blog can also become popular due to your help and frequent activities.

Start joining blogging communities today!

5. Advertisements :

If you’re serious about making your blog popular you should probably spend & invest on adverts.

Its a really great way to create exposure & readership.

You can get started with facebook ads & google ads etc ;those are top ad networks you can get started with.

While creating adverts,you can focus more on getting their email addresses ,so you can always reach them again when you want to.

6. SEO :

It will be really bad of me,if SEO was missing in this significant list!

SEO is one of the popular ways to make your blog popular.

You really lots of time if you’re relying on SEO,although it usually works out.

I will not start to discuss deep about it,but I’ll drop some valuable links that will greatly enrich your knowledge about SEO and how to get started.

I know their are lots of tutorials online,but its usually better to have them in one place.


7. Giveaways :

Who dosen’t love free things? I even became a visitor of a particular blog ,because free things are always given out.

Ranging from money to 1 year free hosting,tools,premium themes etc

I love free stuffs,don’t you? Don’t deny now!

A good way to gain readership & make your blog popular is to give free stuffs to the public.

It can be almost anything , an eBook, a premium WordPress theme, some popular tools.

Based on my experience,people love free things,especially when they are premium and valuable.

I hope you’ve found this article useful,now you can make a blog popular following the steps I mentioned.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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  1. Thank you a lot for this wonderful article. i really enjoy it. Thanks a lot. Am new in this blogging World but with your help and God help I believe i Achieve my dream. Long live #Theprofany Together we can achieve our dreams.

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