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14 Replies to “How to Open a Stripe Account in Nigeria (Stripe in Nigeria)

  1. Hello everyone,

    You can use PayU. It is a global payment system with its h.q. in the Netherlands and it accepts card payments, they have an office in Nigeria, India and they are an alternative to Stripe.

    This is an amazing discovery because I have always wanted to find an alternative to PayPal.

  2. I am following this example and have my LLC formed. However, IncAuthority now requires a social security number in order to provide me an EIN. I thought this article addresses the situation for those who do not reside in the US and are non-US citizens?

  3. Hello Joy Okoro,

    I tried to contact you via your contact area but contact form wasn’t showing up.
    I am interested in your “We will create a verified stripe account for you using our LLC and EIN/Federal Tax ID within 48hrs, cost is $95”

    Could you please let me know other means to communicate with you?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Joy,
    I want you to help me set up a Verified Stripe account, the 48 hours package. Please how can I reach you.
    Quick question once the Stripe account is set up and I can receive payments, how do I payout from Stripe and receive the funds in Nigeria.
    Can I transfer to a Nigerian bank domiciliary account or I have to open a BanK account in USA.

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