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42 Replies to “How to Open a Stripe Account in Nigeria (Stripe in Nigeria)

    1. thank you very much this is a really rewarding article it was pretty clear but I have two questions
      1- at the end at the level of your screenshot of payment I saw some 85 $ it is the money of what?
      2- I currently have an American address provided by shipito in addition to an American and euro number, is this sufficient to create a paypal account normally?

    2. Joy I must confess you a good writer. The way you spice up this blog post is something out of the box. It’s magical, coming from a female blogger. No offense, never seen or read a blog post from a female.. You good writer. I’ll post this blog.


  1. Hello everyone,

    You can use PayU. It is a global payment system with its h.q. in the Netherlands and it accepts card payments, they have an office in Nigeria, India and they are an alternative to Stripe.

    This is an amazing discovery because I have always wanted to find an alternative to PayPal.

    1. Hello, thanks for the information, but how did you signup for PayU, because I couldn’t find a signup button on their website

  2. I am following this example and have my LLC formed. However, IncAuthority now requires a social security number in order to provide me an EIN. I thought this article addresses the situation for those who do not reside in the US and are non-US citizens?

  3. Hello Joy Okoro,

    I tried to contact you via your contact area but contact form wasn’t showing up.
    I am interested in your “We will create a verified stripe account for you using our LLC and EIN/Federal Tax ID within 48hrs, cost is $95”

    Could you please let me know other means to communicate with you?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Joy,
    I want you to help me set up a Verified Stripe account, the 48 hours package. Please how can I reach you.
    Quick question once the Stripe account is set up and I can receive payments, how do I payout from Stripe and receive the funds in Nigeria.
    Can I transfer to a Nigerian bank domiciliary account or I have to open a BanK account in USA.

  5. Hi Joy.

    Thanks for the guide. Quick question: since I don’t have a name yet for my company, can I use my full name for now?
    What are the implications of this?
    Is it something I can change later?
    Thanks for your anticipated reply.

    1. Hello, you can’t change name after forming a company, so take your time and come up with any unique name for your new company.

      Changing the name means forming a new one.

  6. the download page for FREE 5 pages guide on setting up a stripe account using your LLC Business Name and EIN/Federal Tax ID is working can you get it up again.

      1. I just downloaded the Free Guide. The place that says Select your Country and Enter Your phone number, am i to enter Nigeria and Enter my local MTN GSM NUMBER or everything has to be my US details?
        Also for the Verification which number am I to use. Local or US Number?

  7. Dear Joy,

    The last stage in setting up a stripe account requires an id card. what ID card should I upload? can I use my Nigerian ID card?

  8. Dear Joy,

    The last stage in setting up a stripe account requires an id card. what ID card should I upload? can I use my Nigerian ID card?

  9. Hi Joy, so reading carefully I see that, they sent me a notification that business has been formed.
    Then they sent an application for the EIN.
    So on the application for the EIN, am I supposed to use my Nigerian details?
    Or the same US phone number and Address from before?
    What do you add in the line where they are asking for SSN or EIN of the principal officer?


    1. You were emailed for the steps.

      For public purposes, in the SSN box, enter FOREIGN, where they requested for address, enter the US address.

      Other steps will be familiar to you.

  10. Wow!!! A big applause for you ma. This is still a surprise to me that somebody like you still exist in our world. This precious information is what some people will make use of and task others to pay Huge amount of money for. I Really appreciate your good job and pray God will reward you bountifully.
    Please can I get the link for FREE 5 pages guide on setting up a stripe account.Thanks

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