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117 Replies to “How to Open a Stripe Account in Nigeria (Stripe in Nigeria)

    1. thank you very much this is a really rewarding article it was pretty clear but I have two questions
      1- at the end at the level of your screenshot of payment I saw some 85 $ it is the money of what?
      2- I currently have an American address provided by shipito in addition to an American and euro number, is this sufficient to create a paypal account normally?

    2. Joy I must confess you a good writer. The way you spice up this blog post is something out of the box. It’s magical, coming from a female blogger. No offense, never seen or read a blog post from a female.. You good writer. I’ll post this blog.


  1. Hello everyone,

    You can use PayU. It is a global payment system with its h.q. in the Netherlands and it accepts card payments, they have an office in Nigeria, India and they are an alternative to Stripe.

    This is an amazing discovery because I have always wanted to find an alternative to PayPal.

    1. Hello, thanks for the information, but how did you signup for PayU, because I couldn’t find a signup button on their website

          1. They have a habit of not replying you if you happen to be a small business.

            You can refer to flutterwave NGN/USD payments, Paystack NGN (you can also request for USD payments on paystack if you have a GTB/Zenith USD domiciliary account).

  2. I am following this example and have my LLC formed. However, IncAuthority now requires a social security number in order to provide me an EIN. I thought this article addresses the situation for those who do not reside in the US and are non-US citizens?

  3. Hello Joy Okoro,

    I tried to contact you via your contact area but contact form wasn’t showing up.
    I am interested in your “We will create a verified stripe account for you using our LLC and EIN/Federal Tax ID within 48hrs, cost is $95”

    Could you please let me know other means to communicate with you?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Joy,
    I want you to help me set up a Verified Stripe account, the 48 hours package. Please how can I reach you.
    Quick question once the Stripe account is set up and I can receive payments, how do I payout from Stripe and receive the funds in Nigeria.
    Can I transfer to a Nigerian bank domiciliary account or I have to open a BanK account in USA.

  5. Hi Joy.

    Thanks for the guide. Quick question: since I don’t have a name yet for my company, can I use my full name for now?
    What are the implications of this?
    Is it something I can change later?
    Thanks for your anticipated reply.

    1. Hello, you can’t change name after forming a company, so take your time and come up with any unique name for your new company.

      Changing the name means forming a new one.

  6. the download page for FREE 5 pages guide on setting up a stripe account using your LLC Business Name and EIN/Federal Tax ID is working can you get it up again.

      1. I just downloaded the Free Guide. The place that says Select your Country and Enter Your phone number, am i to enter Nigeria and Enter my local MTN GSM NUMBER or everything has to be my US details?
        Also for the Verification which number am I to use. Local or US Number?

  7. Dear Joy,

    The last stage in setting up a stripe account requires an id card. what ID card should I upload? can I use my Nigerian ID card?

  8. Dear Joy,

    The last stage in setting up a stripe account requires an id card. what ID card should I upload? can I use my Nigerian ID card?

  9. Hi joy, thanks for your article. I have applied for the LLC and I just received an email from them. In the document I received, they are asking me to add my SSN or EIN, and I have not yet gotten any email from them with the EIN.. neither do I have an SSN?

    How do they send the EIN? which I paid for?

  10. Hi Joy, so reading carefully I see that, they sent me a notification that business has been formed.
    Then they sent an application for the EIN.
    So on the application for the EIN, am I supposed to use my Nigerian details?
    Or the same US phone number and Address from before?
    What do you add in the line where they are asking for SSN or EIN of the principal officer?


    1. You were emailed for the steps.

      For public purposes, in the SSN box, enter FOREIGN, where they requested for address, enter the US address.

      Other steps will be familiar to you.

  11. Wow!!! A big applause for you ma. This is still a surprise to me that somebody like you still exist in our world. This precious information is what some people will make use of and task others to pay Huge amount of money for. I Really appreciate your good job and pray God will reward you bountifully.
    Please can I get the link for FREE 5 pages guide on setting up a stripe account.Thanks

  12. Hi, Joy
    If my company own several brands, should I open a stripe account for each brand or just one will be fine to serve all my brands?
    Also, can I open multiple stripe accounts for my campany? I mean, use the same company info to open many stripe accounts.

    1. Payoneer is a US company that provides bank account for users, and you can use it to withdraw on stripe.

      If you’re skeptical, travel to USA and open a physical bank account.

  13. Good day Joy,

    Thanks for the process of opening an LLC. I received the document few weeks back but i don’t know where to get the EIN number.

    I would appreciate if you can be of help

    Best regards


      1. Pls are they issuing EIN now for foreigners, don’t know maybe if you have recently created a an LLC and done so, because I am yet to get mine

  14. Hi Joy, thank you for all your help, I hope you’re doing good?

    I have a very urgent issue that I need to resolve.

    I’ve sent you a couple of emails but I don’t think you’ve seen them yet?

    Please do check them out and send me a reply. Thank you very much for everything.

  15. Hello Joy,
    You did a very good thing providing that information.
    You are a great helper. But there was a mistake you made which I hope that you correct it ASAP.
    The location where you have personal information like phone number, it is better to blur that location or put an image on top of it.
    That would keep your privacy.
    That is advice from a good friend.

    1. The phone number no longer exist. I will re-upload the image blurring the phone number when next I edit the post, but I just put up the warning for the time being.

      Thanks for your concern.

  16. Hi Joy,
    I have following questions:
    i. I think the only time one will need SSN & DL for stripe account is when one register as individual not as an entity, am i right?
    ii. When using incauthority, i saw where they will help one create BOA account so why the need for payoneer account
    iii. I need your email address.

    1. 1. You don’t need an SSN. You just have to register as a US company and you will only use your EIN.

      If you register as an individual, an SSN will be required, that’s only for US citizens.

      2. Payoneer is simple to use, if you don’t have Payoneer, you can opt for the service.

      3. You can always send a mail to

      1. Thanks for your quick response.
        But BOA incauthority mentioned, is it free because i don’t see any fee stated. Pls i just want to know.

        1. You will find out from them. But I will advise you sign-up for a US bank account at (you will need your US company name, EIN and Company documents to sign-up).

          Your company formation will come with the documents.

        2. I think the Bank Of America account opening IncAuthority offered during the process also serves as a US bank. And it is free (as is shows in the registration process). So one doesn’t need to open any other one for this purpose.

          Also, I’m guessing the BOA account opening offer is a new update on IncAuthority’s part. As you can see it wasn’t in the writer’s screenshots all through the article (just like some other few updates I noticed when I went through the process myself). So maybe that’s why she suggested opening the US bank account with Payoneer..

          1. The BOA has always been around. If you’re signing up on incauthority, you can decide whether to opt in for that option or not.. besides it’s free, one can always select it.

            I suggested Payoneer because it’s easy to setup and convenient.

            However, you can use both.


  17. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for this precious write up.
    Some consultants claim to get LLC and EIN in 48hrs. Pls how is that possible? Although am not using them but just to know the truth.
    Anthony .

    1. You can’t get EIN in 48 hours.

      As a foreigner, your EIN application will be sent via FAX to IRS. IRS gives the EIN number and due to Covid-19, it usually takes up-to 2-4 weeks.

      Your LLC can be formed in 1-3 days depending on the state you’re forming it.

      1. An update concerning the EIN. Mine took 45-52 business days to arrive due to covid-19, so you have to be patient.

    1. There is a drop down, click on it and select your country code. Then you will have to enter your Personal ID card number.

      Enter the ID card number which you will be uploading when stripe requests it.

      1. Hi Joy. Please the drop down you are talking about, is it on Stripe or Inc Authority?…because I am still stucked on the EIN application. After filling the EIN application form, Inc sent me one other form called SS-4 to fill again… I am expected to download, fill and add my signature, then scan and upload. Is that the usual process please?

        If yes, am I filling FOREIGN again for the SSN field?

        Thanks. I really appreciate your guidance so far

        1. I recently received EIN so you have to sign online and send it back to them and within 2 weeks the same file will be sent back to you with the EIN number which will is empty now.

          1. Hi Bipan. Are you saying I don’t need to print out first and scan to upload. And I can just fill and sign online with Adobe sign or similar app?
            PS: Why I am asking is that there was this note in their email about IRS not allowing any typed or electronic signatures.

        2. The drop-down is for signing up on stripe.

          For the EIN application, you’re supposed to fill the SS-4 form because you’re foreigner.

          The first online form they sent you is for those with SSN, when they found out you don’t have one, they sent you the SS-4 to fill.

          In the SSN field, you will still need to enter FOREIGN.

          1. Alright then.
            Thanks a lot Joy…you’ve been of great help in this process. I do not take it for granted…I really appreciate.

  18. I cannot express the joy I feel for this amazing and helpful guide, and for your continuous support outside this guide, that has helped me to successfully register for an EIN and to also open a stripe account in Nigeria. Joy Okoro, you’re an angel to me and to all aspiring ecommerce newbies out here. I pray they find you. May God bless you immensely for your help and reward you in a million fold. Amen!

  19. Thank you so much Joy for the easy step-by-step guide. I just registered for the LLC and now excitedly waiting for updates :). Will connect with you if I were to encounter any wall and bumps. 😊hi all the way from South East Asia

  20. Hey Joy,

    So grateful for this. I just registered and even got a 20% off.

    I follow your instructions to the letter. Very straightforward.

    Thanks once again.

  21. Hi Joy. Very helpful piece you’ve got up here. Thanks for sharing. Inc Authority has incorporated my LLC but I’m being asked to fill out some EIN application form to get my EIN…how do I go about that? As I don’t have a social security number (a compulsory field in the form)

      1. Thanks Joy, just got that from the earlier comments. What to put in the county field though? The US address or its county?

        1. You can make a google search, lets say in your address, the state is California, you google “California county”.

          But if you don’t get a precise information, you can still enter the state in the county field.

          1. I think I got the county. Thanks a lot Joy

            The eBook download link for Stripe set up seem broken…please help check it out

    1. For the alternatives, you will need to register as a US company. After forming your LLC, you can signup for TransferWise US business bank account, Mercury, Brex.

  22. Nice article. thanks for sharing. I thought it was impossible before but thanks for this clear explanation. The total amount I will spend is $200 approximately.

  23. Hello Joy,
    Thank you for this piece. What if stripe requests for a document as proof of address (say, utility bill, etc)? Especially when they need proof tying the business address to your business.

      1. I am being asked to provide social security number for the processing of my EIN. When I called Inc Authority to complain, they told me the alternative (i.e getting EIN without social security number) would take 45 days.

    1. Instead of paying someone, why not follow the guide in this article and make one yourself? If you insist on paying someone, how well do you trust anyone to be so sincere and not disappoint you? Dollar fluctuate everyday and presently is around 550-570 naira. times the ein charges of 178$ without the 20% bonus presently that can stop any moment. Call me if you need help opening one. 08032336953. For more transparency. I am the owner of

  24. Thanks for sharing this. I will try and apply your guideline and create a stripe account for business.
    Hope I can contact you if I ever have any issues?

  25. I have Been trying to Follow the Guidelines and it working on till Payment Section to get LLC

    It Saying the transaction is been Declining by my Card…

    Can’t I use NIGERIA Card to make the Payment?

  26. Interesting read.

    I have a question: does it mean after setting up my LLC with IncAuth… I have to wait for 90 days to receive my EIN before I can actually sign up for Stripe?

    Please confirm.

    Thank you so much

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