Did Payoneer Stop Shipping Cards? (Solved)

Recently,there has been so much hype and confusion about the shipping of payoneer cards.

Thus,it has prompted and resulted to the question “Did payoneer stop shipping cards?”

Any new customer signing up will be asked to input its bank account details, and the part that confuses and keeps people wondering is,they’re not presented with the option for card shipping.

The truth is “Payoneer did not stop shipping payoneer cards“.

However,their policy changed recently and the new policy is ‘If you need a payoneer MasterCard shipped to you,you MUST have made up to $30 from the account’.

Immediately you reach that threshold, the option for requesting a Payoneer MasterCard will automatically become available.

I support this new policy as regards to their card. I believe it’s a good move to curtail unserious people from misusing their payoneer mastercard.

Some go as far selling it on forums,they don’t have anything tangible to do with it.

I know there are thousands of payoneer cards and account that has been deactivated and can be reactivated upon their next login.

When tangible things become free,that’s what happens,the privilege is misused.

Meanwhile,payoneer has taken a step further to adjust this mess and also will have the impression that those requesting for the card are those serious in business.

If you sign up for a new account today, you’ll have the option to withdraw to your bank in your country.

But if you need to withdraw from your payoneer card,you must have made up to $30 then you can peacefully ship your card.

They are being liberal to make it $30,if it were me,the threshold for requesting your payoneer card would have been $500.

Sign-up for your payoneer account here,and you’ll receive $25 for free!

If you think you may encounter problems or delays shipping your payoneer card to your destination,you can contact us.

Payoneer has been saving lives since 2005,and a blessing to those having problems accepting payments online!

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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  2. I noticed that Payooner no longer ship cards when I directed one of friends into registering for their offers…hmmm only serious people will go for it

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