Racksterli Review: How to Register and Make Money

Racksterli review will be the best thing you’ve read this year because it’s going to increase your bank account balance drastically.

If you’ve ever wanted to make money online, here’s your opportunity.

For the past few years or months, many income programs has come and go.

And today, one of the latest Income programs is Racksterli. One of the reasons I like racksterly is, you don’t need to refer to make money.

You can join racksterli and fold your arms and still make cool money. Yeah, I’m not joking!

So, if you’re like me who don’t like shouting up and down on social media esp facebook, trying to compel or convince people to join a certain program, then this is for you.

It’s a earn as you sleep income program and you will love it.

Racksterli Review: How does it work?

This is a very pleasant question and I will give you a pleasant answer.

Let me not bore you around.

Racksterli is just a simple income program that allows you to earn daily using your Facebook account. You do not need any referrals in other to earn from Racksterli before you get paid, it’s optional.

You just need to join and start earning money daily and you can withdraw money every end of 30 days directly to your bank account.

You earn a specific money daily depending on the plan you registered with.

Racksterli Packages and Plans

Currently, there are four (7) plans to choose from while registering for racksterli account.

  • Standard package for N14,000
  • Premium package for N28,000
  • Platinum package for  N56,000
  • Gold Package for N112,000
  • Diamond package for N280,000
  • Ruby package for N560,000
  • Emerald package for N1,120,000

After 30 days end, you will need to choose a plan and pay again which will last for the next 30 days.

How to Make Money on Racksterli

Basically, you can see how easy it is to make money on racksterli without referrals, it’s just optional if you want to increase your money.

Each package has its own daily earnings, so which one would you go for?

  • Standard Package:  Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $1.9 for every advert you share to Facebook.
  • Premium Package: You earn $3.9 for every advert you share to Facebook.
  • Platinum Package: You earn $7.8 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Gold Package: You earn $15.6 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Diamond package: You earn $39 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Ruby package: You earn $74.42 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
  • Emerald package: You earn $148.25 daily for every advert you share to Facebook.

(Earnings after 30 days is in bracket):

▪️Standard: N14,000 (N21,660)
▪️Premium: N28,000 (N44,460)
▪️Platinum: N56,000 (N88,920)
▪️Gold:         N112,000 (N177,840)
▪️Diamond: N280,000 (N444,600)
▪️Ruby:        N560,000 (N848,388)
▪️Emerald: N1,120,000 (N1,690,000)

How to Join and Register on Racksterli Income Program

To register on racksterli, you need to buy a coupon code worth the package you want to join with from a racksterli coupon vendor.

After getting your coupon code, you can then complete your registration, which will take nothing less than a minute.

Coupon Code for Racksterli (Get Registered)

  1. Click Here to get registered (WhatsApp link), don’t be scared, the person will register you.
  2. Buy a coupon code worth the plan you want to register with from the vendor.
  3. The person will register you using the coupon code and that’s all.

Referring a Friend on Racksterli

In as much as referral is optional, but below are what you stand to gain if you refer someone to racksterli.

The package you will register on, has its own referral commission and bonuses, so think it through and know which package will work best for you.

  • Standard Plan: You get $3 referral commission.
  • Premium Plan: You get $8 referral commission.
  • Gold plan: You get $11.85 referral commission.
  • Diamond Plan: You get $13.16 referral commission.
  • Ruby Plan: You get $15.7 referral commission.
  • Emerald Plan: You get $18.4 referral commission.

Extra Bonuses and Incentives

When you refer;

  • 10 persons, you get an extra $25.
  • 25 persons, you get an extra $100.
  • 100 persons, you get an extra $400.
  • 200 persons, you get an extra $1000 (on the diamond package).

When you refer 50 persons within a month on premium plan and above, you will get a FREE premium subscription.

Which means, you don’t have to pay for any subscription after the current one expires.

When a subscriber has 100 referrals within a month on the Ruby package he would get extra $450 added to his activity earnings.

Also when a subscribes has 100 referrals within a month on the Emerald package, an extra $500 added to his activity earnings.

The above mentioned incentives won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses.

Please know that the bonuses are available only to people on the premium, platinum, gold and diamond package.

I will recommend you start with the second plan (premium plan) and above because it has more benefits.

If you have the money, it’s recommended, however you can start with any plan you want depending on your budget.

How to Register Your Prospects

To register your prospects or referrals yourself, do the following;

Can I Get Paid Without Referral?

Of course, yes!

Referral is completely optional on racksterli, once your subscription expires, you can cashout all your daily earnings within 30 days directly to your bank account.

If you wish to keep earning, you can pay for another subscription plan and life goes on.

Withdrawal is processed in 12-48 hours of request.

Is Racksterli Legit and Trusted?

Racksterli is legit and trusted and operates based on coupon in terms of payment and registration, this means they handle all payments and registration themselves and no third party payment processor can get them out of business.

Thus, they have little chances of been a risk, and yes, they’re legit and trusted.

However, you should join and make money while the train is still moving.


In as much as this racksterli review post is long, but I did justice to cover every aspect of it and if you read to the end, you rock!

A recap on how to join racksterli;

Click the the link in the post (WhatsApp link) to reach the person that will register you on racksterli.

We’ve also created a new group for you to join and get updated.


Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

156 Replies to “Racksterli Review: How to Register and Make Money

        1. Please I saw an Advertisement on Facebook, Davido did it,so please is it truth that you pay in like 25,000 to get 50,000 in 45mins.

  1. Please i want to ask: will i be able to withdraw both the money i registered with as well as my accumulated earnings for the month from my activities or only my accumulated earnings.

    Why i want to know this is because you said after 30days i will have to upgrade to a higher plan

    1. Your money and accumulated earnings are already in the daily earnings when you share sponsored posts daily.

      At the end of 30 days, you will be able to withdraw it.

        1. If you got the details from racksterli coupon vendors page. It’s not scam.

          Although I can’t say this is scam because people would want you to pay them so they can get the coupon and register you using their affiliate link.

          If you’re unsure whether it’s scam or not, get any coupon vendors number at the website to be safe.

  2. I made payment to the WhatsApp number on this post for the Coupon code but I have not been given the code. The contact is also no longer replying my messages. Please some should be done. Thank you.

    1. The guy is a scam please don’t fall for this

      You can see the coupon code vendors on the racksterli.com website itself and they are mostly KUDA BANK.
      Please don’t fall for this that joy OKoro na scam please

      1. The guy has gotten his coupon code a long time ago and has been registered, he was uncomfortable with the delay which was caused by the volume of people making payments and contacting coupon vendors.

        Please be informed and don’t make unreal accusations as well as discouraging people.

        The platform at the time of this comment have over 80k members and there hasn’t been a trace of people getting scammed.

        The WhatsApp number on this post, is for people who wish to register, and no one have been scammed.

        Be guided.

      2. Please racksterli is not a scam, this is my 6th month with them and I have never had an issue with them

  3. Sorry everyone what joy Okoro said is true….the guy has been registered but the mistake he did was that he didn’t come back to tell us he has been registered.

    Racksterli to the world
    Jump in racksterli still pays
    100% real and paying
    To register or visit the site?


  4. Pls, what is racksterlis exchange rate for dollar to naira?
    Like the $3.9 daily for premium is how much in naira?

      1. I’ve mistakenly registered for both standard and premium, I’ve done it before I saw it vividly that double accounts are not permitted, what’s the solution to this please?

  5. Pls is if am to register for the Platinum plan i.e 56k my Total earns will be 234$.
    My question is will I be getting 234$ only or 234$+56k( my initial investment)….?

      1. I purchased the coupon code through my friend’s account number and sent the proof of payment before registration. I hope there is no any problem?

          1. Please if am able to share like 50 advert , am I going to be paid for all…. Or I have a limited number I will be paid for in a day?

      1. If you want to get your daily earnings, you have to share the posts daily.

        When it was based on referral, you guys complain.

        Now, it’s just to share posts, you guys still complain.


    1. By registering on which plan that suits you and yeah. You are on your way to being rich. Racksterli is the best. This is my 6th month with them.

  6. I paid almost 24hrs ago to this account
    Kindly make payment to 👇👇




    And i have sent confirmation yet i they claim it hasnt reflected…what do i do?

      1. Ahhhhhh Jesus…..same here pls Wat should I do?
        But I got the number from this site? 1017071728



    1. Ahhhhhh Jesus…..same here pls Wat should I do?
      But I got the number from this site? 1017071728



  7. Am still writing in respect of yesterdays complain the coupon agent has not been online throughout today after i have paid and sent proof of payment

    1. If you made this research first, you wouldn’t have been scammed. Contact the whatsapp number from this blog or go-to racksterli.com website and contact any of the coupon vendors for your coupon code.

  8. Sorry i meant if i was to cashout for standard package would i be paid my $57+the 14000 i registered with??
    And if i were to resuscribe would i pay another 14000
    Enlighten me pls..

    1. Your N14,000 is inside that $57.

      You will only be paid $57 (which contains your investment + earnings).

      Your subscription ends after 30 days.

      To continue earning, you renew or upgrade and start earning again.

  9. Are those people given voupon code tested and trusted. And also, will i need to pay before generating a coupon code

  10. Are those people given coupon code tested and trusted. And also, will i need to pay before generating a coupon code

  11. Please is it necessary I have friends on Facebook before sharing posts because I don’t have friends on Facebook, in short I don’t have a Facebook account yet

  12. Racksterli seems like it will be the first legit investment program to maintain the long term streak and not fold up anytime soon. thanks for the review, i will be investing in it soon…

  13. Does the exchange rate affects my earnings.. I mean if dollar rate should go down, does that mean my earnings goes down too?

  14. How can we be assure what you called racksterli can’t crash because seen a friend of mine using is school to do this stuff.

  15. Does the price for buying coupon code varies from vendors.

    Can you please stipulate the prices for buying the coupon code base on different packages..

    And more also which vendor is the most legit cos it seems some are scam.. thanks

    1. All the registration prices are same.

      Earnings after 30 days are in bracket.

      Standard: N14,000 (You earn N21,660)
      ▪️Premium: N28,000 (You earn N44,460)
      ▪️Platinum: N56,000 (You earn N88,920)
      ▪️Gold: N112,000 (You earn N177,840)
      ▪️Diamond: N280,000 ( you earn N444,600)
      ▪️Ruby: N560,000 (you earn N848,388)
      ▪️Emerald: N1,120,000 (you earn N1,690,000)

      Racksterli has added more packages, go-to their website for more info.

      Click this whatsapp link here to get registered. Any person you contact from this blog is LEGIT

        1. When its time for withdrawal (after 30 days) the cashout button will become active, click on it, enter the amount you’ve earned so far and enter your bank account details.

  16. What about the former website that carries the same name but a different speckling at the tail end of this? I mean Racksterly and now Racksterli. I’m asking because I still have unpaid dues on the last Racksterly account. Its so painful. So pleasez kindly clear my doubt before venturing into this. Thanks

  17. Hello Joy,
    I went through your blog and found that you have so many nice articles but have not been monetized.
    I’m Kingsley, the owner & admin of thelifetickets.com and would like us to discuss some things about your blog.

  18. I did a similar money making program last yrs with a different company name when they find out I have made a lot of money time to withdraw they gave me condition, which I was unable to meet, I bet you this is real scam don’t put in ur money it does not last.

    1. Nothing happens. Your earnings will still be there, but your contract/subscription has ended. You won’t earn anymore till you renew/upgrade by buying coupon code.

  19. Hi. Please can I know my coupon vendor in person so as to check a likely fraud through pretense of not seeing my package payment after it must have been sent tohis/her account?

  20. Honestly,am reading and hope I won’t regret investing on this platform .
    I saw an advert from through a friend’s WhatsApp status which Davido was praising and advertising about this platform been legit.

  21. Is it possible to be able to cash out today? my due date was yesterday tho but my phone was dead and when I managed to put it on, it had yet to turn green

  22. Since yesterday I can’t access my racksterli accounts all three if them can’t even share sponsored posts can anyone help me on this is the system having issues has it been resolved

  23. Please I registered on Saturday been 6th only to find out that my registration wasn’t complete even my email and password I can’t access them. Please what do I do no.

  24. Please help me out i can’t login to my account to share post since Sunday, please what can i do with it?

  25. Y do they always deduce earning from people account after the upgrade, two days earnings was deducted from my account I am currently loosing 12k from my account.

    1. They were upgrading the website. Sorry for the inconvenience. All earnings have been added to every one’s account.

  26. Thanks Joy for this,
    This content is pretty cool from a good friend……

    I believe with what she shared here in this content everyone can now understand how racksterli work and how to make money from the platform..


    To those that want to go deeper with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, i’ve actually drafted a detailed free PDF report that will show you how to make over N150k+ from money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria…..

    If your interested in getting a copy, just click here to download via https://promakingmoney.gr8.com

    It all free…..

  27. Joy, I express my gratitude to you for sharing this informative and fascinating content. It’s truly amazing to receive such valuable insights from a dear friend like you.

    With the knowledge you’ve imparted through this content, I firmly believe that anyone can now comprehend how Racksterli operates and how to generate income from this platform.

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