Rank Math Review + Installation Guide 2020 (Is Yoast Dead?)

Yoast SEO is not dead, it’s all a competition and we’re yet to see what Rank Math has to fully offer.

So, we shouldn’t be too fast to make assumptions.

We have to give them more time, and see which will be people’s favorite! 

Hey, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Rank Math 🙁

You might have heard of it, but you’re yet to know what the hype is all about and if it actually worth it.

NOTE: This is NOT a paid review. This review best describes my opinions and experiences of rank math and if you have any problems with it, please let me know.

Well, am as confused as you are, but we will sort it out right this moment by making an enormous and a simple Rank Math Review in 2019, the next big SEO Game of thrones II (just kidding 😋).

Now, a lot of people has started making interesting topics like Rank Math VS Yoast SEO. 😁

However, with the way things are going, I’m also interested in the topic. Will rank math Out-rank, Out-fame (OMG! I made that up! 😮) and Over Power Yoast SEO??

No fake love Yoast, I love you guys! 😍

In addition, I must say, I love the name “Rank Math“.

Sounds like some kind of “Techy Super Man“.


  • Rank = Action.
  • Math = Blog Ranking.

… and boom!

Action = Blog Ranking! 😁

Okay, enough!!

You’ve heard and read so much about Rank Math, let’s go straight to the point as you’re about to read my rank math review and my personal opinions!

  1. Rank Math review.
  2. Personal Rank Math Review.
  3. Will Rank Math change their minds?
  4. Features of Rank Math.
  5. Rank Math SEO Setup.
  6. Should I go for Rank Math?
  7. Conclusion

Rank Math Review 2019 – What’s the Hype all About?

The guys that made Rank Math is MyThemeShop

A round of applause, please! 👏 

If you live in the internet like me, you should know about MyThemeShop!

They stay right in front of you at Google Searches when you make some researches on WordPress Themes and Plugins (etc). 

So, they’re behind Rank Math!

Hey, listen up! 

It’s confirmed, they’re working on a premium version of the Rank Math SEO, and considering what they’ve so much offered for the Rank Math Free Version, which remains free for life.

I wonder, what will be included in the Premium Version, I guess, it will be a BANG!

Loud enough to … (nah, I won’t say).

People has claimed that Rank Math has helped their SEO Blog Rankings in one way or the other.

If you’re one of those bloggers searching and testing SEO Plugins to boost their site rankings, it’s time to try out Rank Math!

They knew alot of people would be migrating/leaving from Yoast SEO after discovering rank math, and they already made a clean import tool standby to import your Yoast SEO post meta, information etc to Rank Math.

This means, they’re ready to MURDER Yoast SEO and it was their target.

Nevertheless, Rank Math is a game changer! Go Rank Math!

In my opinion, if rank math is offering such stack full dripping features for free, then why waste your time and money on some premium plugins, while rank math performs so much better.

Do I recommend Rank Math? Is that even a question? 😀

You should try it out!

Personal Rank Math Review

I have installed and activated Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin on this blog and I will update this post if I see any slight changes or green light precisely. 😁

Updated: Few days after installing Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin, I noticed some negative changes on my SEO Analytics.

Rank Math is a new SEO plugin and we shouldn’t expect it to be perfect few weeks after launch before they’ll use some early users complaint to correct their errors.

I personally think the best time to test this plugin is when you’ve seen everything is normalized.

Meanwhile, few weeks after installing and activating this plugin on this blog, I noticed the following negative impacts to my blog which is as follows:

Alexa Search Analytics Dropped

My Alexa Search Analytics Dropped from 38% to 8%.

I’m to see if affected just the numbers or affected my site as well because I haven’t seen any search traffic drop down).

The SEO Settings Don’t Work Properly

When writing a new blog post, you will see some self SEO configurations which after enabling them will turn green.

An example is, when using Yoast SEO, and you’re writing a new post, you will see things like.

  • Add Keywords.
  • Add Slug (post URL)
  • The keyword doesn’t appear in Image Alt
  • The keyword doesn’t appear in H2 Heading.
  • The Keyword don’t appear at the post title.
  • The keyword appeared just 2 times, add more keywords
  • …and lots more

And as soon as you’re doing all these things, it will turn green respectively.

BUT IN RANK MATH, after doing all of the tasks, some bullet points will refuse to turn green, it will appear pale like you haven’t done them and that’s depressing.

I will add an image to backup my claims.

If the problem is from my side, rank math will let me know.

No Going Back After Migrating From Yoast SEO to Rank Math

Assuming after installing rank math and activated it by importing my Yoast SEO meta, post information, post titles etc to Rank Math.

And after testing it for few weeks, I noticed it has a negative impact on my blog and I said, I don’t like it, I want to Reverse to my Yoast SEO.

Sorry, you’re STUCKED!

You’ll have to deactivate and re-install Yoast SEO and start afresh.

You’ll need to manually update your previous posts after migration to Yoast SEO

They said, when importing all your Yoast SEO information to Rank Math, you are importing the post meta and SEO settings too, why then do I need to update my posts manually too?

You’ll see update post at every corner of your posts.

This means, you’ll need to re-update the post to edit and customize your SEO settings.

And if you have up-to 300+ posts on your blog, first of all, I would like to say SORRY and the best answer is “Leave it” or “Do it“.

Final Thoughts

I think Rank Math is good.

But they’re still in there testing interface.

Thereby making the early users undergo some few bugs and misconceptions.

If you’re installing Rank Math now, your Alexa stats will reduce, it doesn’t mean your SEO ranking will reduce.

You can’t reverse bank to Yoast SEO or to which ever SEO plugin you came from.

You will need to manually update the posts to suit the new rank math (SEO settings)

If you have over 300+ posts, that’s alot of work.

In addition, even though you’ve done all the tasks in the post, like add a keyword to appear in contents, heading, post URL, add a h2 heading, add a keyword in image alt and lots more.

The tasks which you’ve completed still won’t turn green, indicating you’ve done them.

Just like what happens when using Yoast SEO.

Everything turns green when you’ve done all the tasks.

So, that’s a problem as well.

I think they’re still in their testing cycle.

It doesn’t mean they’re trash or anything.

My advice for you is to stay calm until everything is normalized.

Meanwhile, you can install and activate it and stay in the “let everything get better cycle“.

Will Rank Math Change Their Mind in future?

I came across their Q&A section and saw this below.

rank math seo suite

And it keeps me thinking.

If they finally release the premium version, will they make some of the free versions to be premium? 😮

But maybe, they’ll prove me wrong!

Features of Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin – What’s in for you?

Meanwhile, Rank Math, has a lot of SEO features which other SEO WordPress Plugins lacked including Yoast. 

These features are said to help you sky rocket your site rankings a bit, as well as :

  • Auto indexing your post in minutes.
  • Giving you a #0 Google Snippet for your post few hours after publishing (doesn’t mean ranking entirely). 

However, lets go ahead and see the features of the rank math free version and we will guide you on the setup process in case you want them on your blog.

The free Rank Math Version worth more than what Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, AIO offers, no doubt!

And to top it all up, it’s actually free.

Some people are already saying rank math free version should be premium. Yeah! But do you think it would have gotten so much vibes and fame it got (and still getting) if it were to be a premium product?

I really don’t think so.

Since, they mentioned to be working on the premium version, that’s a good news to people who can afford.

As for the freemium users, enjoy the free version.

With their years of knowledge making up themes, they distributed all of it into making Rank Math.

That’s really commendable!

There are many FREE features in this plugin that are paid premium features in other plugins.

They have another pending feature which says “Email Ranking Reporting” – they send you useful email alerts to see your ranking improvements, and my instincts tells me it’s going to be available on the Premium Version.

This plugin deserves attention, it seems to be better than the Yoast, AIO and it’s even free.

Rank Math Offers the following :

  • 404 Monitor
  • AMP
  • BBPress
  • Link Counter
  • Local SEO & Google Knowledge Graph
  • Redirections
  • Rich Snippet
  • Role Manager
  • Search Console
  • SEO Analysis
  • Sitemap
  • Woocommerce

And there is still lot more to explore!

Setup Rank Math SEO + Migrate from Yoast SEO

Setting up rank math on your blog doesn’t have to be hard.

Rank math practically configures itself. It has a step to step installation and configuration wizard, just like the simple configuration wizard you passed through while installing Yoast SEO (if you used it).

Step 1: Start the Wizard.

rank math review

Step 2: What’s your site about? You can save and continue since uploading ain’t necessary.

rank math review

Step 3: Authenticate your blog with Google Search Console.

rank math seo plugin

Step 4: It will look like below after authentication.

rank math plugin review

Step 5: Leave it as it is in the picture below and continue. (you can make adjustments).

rank math vs yoast seo

Step 6: Next is SEO Tweak. You can leave your settings as below and continue.

rank math reviews

Step 7: You’ll get to the final stage where it says, your site is ready.

rank math review

So, that’s basically the setup process and it’s super easy. You can go ahead to click the “Setup Advanced Options” to explore other settings.

Should you get the Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin?

Actually, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

This is your perfect best Yoast SEO alternative in the market right now and it’s absolutely free.

They even called it “Yoast SEO Alternative“.


We’ve come to the end of this rank math review and it was a nice one. I’ve personally upgraded to Rank Math and disabled my Yoast SEO for the moment.

And in those few days, I noticed some glitches, which are:

  1. Your Alexa statistics will reduce. (My search traffic statistics reduced from 38% to 8%). NOT Rankings.
  2. You’ll need to update all your posts (not necessary, but you’ll see update post at every corner of your posts).
  3. etc

Thanks for reading our rank math seo review and don’t forget to share!

Rank Math Free
  • Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin

Rank Math Review

There has been so much hype over Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin, which claims to help your post rankings, surprisingly, it’s all in the Free Version. And they indeed, came with a full load of interesting features!

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

6 Replies to “Rank Math Review + Installation Guide 2020 (Is Yoast Dead?)

  1. Hello, Joy.

    Can we now conclude that Rank Math is better than Yoast? Because most reviews I have read speak more positively of Rank Math.

    P.S. I love your new template.

  2. With a result driven case study taken, Rankmath has proven to be a less competitive plugin when compared to Yoast.

    Fr the time being, YOAST SEO plugin is the best wordpress plugin and while using, try to setup AMP for your website and you will have no need nor use for the rankmath SEO plugin.

    Although if you’re already using YOAST SEO plugin, it will automatically push your data to rankmath when you install rankmath to use but I strongly advice against rankmath.

    Its not worth the hype.

  3. Actually, YOAST SEO is the game changer.

    I’ve been studying YOAST SEO plugin via ebooks, online courses – (and even from their official site) for quite a while.

    I did all that before and after installing YOAST SEO and the change was visible.

    I have been hearing a lot about rankmath but never care to try it out.

    (the hyping was just much).

    Thanks for the clarification. Those looking out for the best SEO plugins will find this helpful.

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