Source of Goods Review: How to Dropship US Based Products

If you’re a dropshipper, you have an e-commerce store or you sell goods online on your website, you may consider trying out Source of Goods because they deliver US based products to your customers.

You don’t pay for the product untill you make a sale.

It’s not different from our normal dropshipping process, the one we do have to do with sourcing for products on Chinese websites e.g AliExpress.

And when customers place an order on your website, you fulfil the order by placing the same order on AliExpress.

Well, in Source of Goods, you will be selling US based products on your e-commerce website, and when you receive an order, sourceofgoods will fulfil the order on your behalf.

We have made a complete Source of Goods review to guide you on how the while process works.

How Source of Goods Works

Here’s a simple work through of how it works.

1. Your customer places an order on Amazon, eBay, or your website.

2. Source of Goods arranges delivery from their contracted vendors directly to your customers.

3. You collect the payment! It’s that simple.

They deliver millions of U.S based brand name
products directly to your customers. No bulk orders required, no storage fees, you don’t pay for an item until you sell it.

Source of Goods Review

Source of Goods have been in business for over 15 years and that’s incredible.

At Source of Goods, they handle the shipping and logistics for your customers’ orders.

You get access to millions of products to sell on Amazon, eBay or your own website, and you don’t pay for a product until you make a sale.

They currently have over 2,000,000+ products you can choose from to sell and apart from your own website, you can also sell in Amazon and eBay. 

How to Dropship US Products Using Source of Goods

1. Choose from the six (6) membership levels depending on the brands and choice of products you want to sell.

2. When you get an order, browse their products and put your chosen product(s) in the cart and checkout your items. No minimum order quantity and no per-item charges.

How much does it cost to use Source of Goods?

Source of goods review

Choose your membership level based on the number and types of products you would like to sell.

Choose the free Starter plan, or pay as little as $5 monthly for your membership – that’s it!.

For a limited time, get a FREE access to 1000 products, with a 3-month trial of the Entrepreneur membership level.

An overview of their plans;

1. Starter Plan (FREE) + sell 20 products of your choice.

2. Basic Plan ($5 Monthly) + sell 100 products of your choice.

3. Entrepreneur Plan ($9 Monthly) + sell 1,000 products of your choice.

4. Advanced Plan ($29 Monthly) + sell 10,000 products of your choice.

5. Premium Plan ($99 Monthly) + sell 100,000 products of your choice.

6. Enterprise Plan (Call for Price) + sell 2,184,000+ products of your choice.

Depending on what you want, you can go with the starter plan (free – 20 products) or basic plan ($5/mo – 100 products) for a start at source of goods.

How long does it take to ship?

Lead time for shipping is included in the product description.

Shipping time will be standardized at 1-7 days for the Continental US.

Can I set shipping costs?

Yes, you can choose to incorporate the fees in the price of the products for a “free shipping” option for your customers or alternatively set a flat shipping fee.


If you’re tired of the late shipping you offer especially if you dropship from China, then you may consider Source of Goods.

Also, if you’re tired of your customers complaining of the low quality products been delivered to them, again, you may consider checking our Source of Goods.

Source of Goods offers a standard 1-7 days shipping time and their products are US based products and are good quality.

Now, you know exactly how to dropship US products using Source of Goods.






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  1. I’ve read a couple of articles on dropshipping but I must say this is the most useful. I’m looking to try dropshipping this year, will definitely use this Source of Goods. Thanks for sharing, Joy.

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