How to Speed Up Site Load Time by 265% Using Cloudflare

Have you been having hard time speeding up your site loading time? To speed up your site load time ain’t a big deal. In this guide, you will know exactly how to speed up site load time by 265% using cloudflare

Delay in a website load time discourages visitors from staying further. Normally, if a visitor spends more than 10 seconds on a site, it’s already discouraging.

Today, I want to discuss on how to speed up site load time by 265% using Cloudflare.

I used this method on this blog and the site load speed has been better, and below are the results.

Normal Site Load Speed

speed up site load time

Site Load Speed After Installing CloudFlare & W3 WP Cache

speed up site load time

The outcome was awesome and I will share same process with you.

What’s the secret? I used cloudflare, and you can also do same with your blog, but hey, it’s FREE and you don’t have to purchase any hosting plan neither do you have to switch to a hosting plan.

As a matter of fact, it works on top of your host, but you will replace your current nameservers with the one cloudflare will give you and it doesn’t or affect anything.

What Is CloudFlare?

Cloudflare, Inc. is a U.S company that provides content delivery network services, DDos mitigation, internet security and distributed domain name server services.

Cloudflare’s services sit between the visitor and the cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

Cloudflare does not only speed up your website but offers high capacity to mitigate the attack and protect your website from DDos attack.

Cloudflare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the cloudless community, it’s web traffic is routed through their intelligent global network. They automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and the best performance.

The Beginning…

Now, you have a little idea of what and how cloudflare works, and today, I will show you how to take advantage of this.

To do this, you must have a WordPress blog (self hosted). Because, we will be doing this directly from our WordPress hosting cpanel.

So, if you’re not yet on WordPress, or you want to migrate from blogger to WordPress and you need a help. Click here to contact us.

Now, if you’ve already got a WordPress blog, head over to your dashboard and stay at your cpanel and wait for me! wink!!

A lot of people has been awaiting for this post and here it is, at the end, you would be to reduce your website load time.

How To Speed Up Site Load Time – Step 1

1.Go-to Your Hosting cPanel

speed up site load time
2. Click on “Create Free Account”
3. Enter your “Email and Password” and Create Account.
speed up site load time
4. Enter Your Domain Name and “Add Site”.
speed up site load time
5. Just Click on “Next”
speed up site load time
6.  Select the “Free Plan” and “Confirm Plan”
speed up site load speed
7. Scroll to the bottom and “continue”.
speed up site load speed
8. Next, change the nameservers from your current to the the ones given by cloudflare. You will find where to change your nameservers in your domain registrar.
speed up site load speed


After few minutes, you can check your domain over at “” replace the red letters with your website name and you’ll see something like below :

speed up site load speed

And that’s it. Your site is currently hosted on Cloudflare.

To add more spice and speed up your website, install a WordPress plugin called “W3 WP Cache” and activate it.

Now wait for few hours, and checkout your website speed at and see if it was helpful to you.


If you want your visitors to fall in love with your site load speed, then I advice you go ahead and follow the steps I outlined in this enormous post.

After following the steps, test your website speed with the website I recommended above and see your website’s loading speed improvement, you’ll notice you’ve speed up site load speed by 265% using cloudflare and W3 Total Cache.

Don’t forget to share if it was helpful. 🙂

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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  1. never knew cloudflare could be useful in speeding up a site to this extent. this is an eye opener. was thinking jetpack is ok for speeding up site load. thanks for this article.

  2. i think i will try this cloudflare of a thing. seems lots of website is using it. hope to get better load speed from cloudflare. thanks for the tutorial.

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