How to Start a Cheap WordPress Blog in 2020

Thinking of how to Start an affordable WordPress blog?

It’s a good idea, since you’re just starting out.

Many aspiring bloggers with little budget has somewhat lost interest in starting a WordPress blog because the host and fees are way out of the league.

It’s important for new bloggers to start Blogging whenever they developed an interest for it.

The Internet has made everything easier for everyone, even with your little budget, you can still start an affordable WordPress Blog without much gimmicks.

If you really want to start a blog, but your budget isn’t enough, this article is for you!

I believe there are tons of new bloggers seeking to start an affordable WordPress blog in 2020, get ready to launch your brand new blog.

Again, there are many affordable webhosts available in the Internet and we do not know which to go for and those we should be wary of, since typing “Web hosting” in Google will bring up thousands of results.

Of course, no one would want to be transferring its blog, from one host to another because a certain host failed.

Today, we’ll discuss on how to start an affordable WordPress Blog, that is reliable and can save you stress.

While discussing more about it, we will mention some the affordable and reliable hosts in 2020, which you can create your blog and start a blog.

Lists Of Reliable & Affordable WordPress Blogs In 2020

1. Garanntor :

Start an Affordable WordPress Blog

Garanntor webhost has existed for some time and they’ve been doing pretty good in their services.

They guarantee 99.9% uptime and their support is overwhelming.

It’s one of the affordable and reliable webhosts for designers, bloggers, Internet marketers, developers etc to host their Websites/blogs comfortably.

Prices starts from N125/month , but as a blogger, you should start from the LH-Small plan, which Costs from N500/month. 

It comes with free .COM.NG, free SSL certificate, free backups, free transfer and more features.

Signup On Garanntor

2. Trudigits :

Start an Affordable WordPress Blog

Trudigits has existed over the years and are quite cheap and has no single negative reviews online. Their prices are quite cheap and they’re very reliable.

Their prices starts from N3,500/year with a very good of bandwidth & diskspace.

They also offer free backups & transfers.

Signup On Trudigits

3. :

Start an Affordable WordPress Blog is another affordable & cheap hosting in the Internet.

They offer unlimited bandwidth &  diskspace for as low as $1/month or N450/month. 

You can use this coupon code “Unlimited50%Off” and purchase It at $0.5/month or N225/month.

What made them special is, they offer unlimited plans at $1.

It comes with free SSL certificates, Free daily backups and free transfer.

Signup On

4. LekkiHost :

Start an Affordable WordPress Blog in 2017

LekkiHost is another affordable web-hosting. They offer a good number of bandwidth & diskspace at an affordable price.

Their prices starts from N5,000/year, and the interesting part is they offer free  .COM,.NET etc together with the hosting plan.

Signup On LekkiHost


Now, you can go through the webhosts mentioned and launch your new blog with your little budget.

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