Why You Should Start Blogging Today

Start Blogging Today

Wondering why you should start blogging today? You may be surprised when I mentioned you should start blogging today.

Actually, blogging has taught me a lot of things, and if I didn’t become a blogger, I wouldn’t have known all of that even till now. Blogging has existed over the years and it has really created a very huge impact in their respective lives.

You may be wondering what blogging is all about and at the same time wants to get started, but before that, I’ll write down why you should start blogging today or never.


1) It Makes You A Good Writer :

Blogging will always make you a good writer. It does not only make you a good writer but it improves your writing skills every single day. Now let’s face it.

Writing also improves your spoken English, if you often make mistakes while writing, writing often will heal your wounds and make it good once more.

Blogging does all of that for you. You might need to grab a little book, where you will write down your blog posts, analyze it, then transfer it to your blog.

2) You Tend To Meet A lot Of People :

Since I started blogging, I’ve met a lot of people and probably those that are in the same field i’m. Hence, if you start blogging today, you’ll also meet a lot of people. Those that are better than you and those that you’re better than.

I’ve met a lot of people asking me to teach them how to blog or they ask one question or the other relating to blogging and I’ll happily attend to them.

Getting to meet a lot of people blogging will expose you positively. Create more exposure and awareness for your blog or brand and you’ll really have fun.

3) It Makes You Famous :

Of course, blogging will probably make you famous when the right time comes. You’ll be loved and appreciated because of your blog and what you blog about.

If finally, you get famous blogging, then that’s a good news. It’s a very good thing, because that will be your happiest moment. Getting a lot of people to notice you is not easy, it’s actually a big deal and believe me it takes a lot of time.

Moreover, getting famous blogging means upcoming blogging will want to be like you because you inspired them.

4) It Yields Good Income :

This is also one of the amazing features you’ll get too if you start blogging today. The monetary gain are much because there are ways to monetize your blog and you could be making good income from your blog monthly or weekly.

You can make money via content marketing,traditional ads, AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling e-books and all the rest of them.

When you start blogging today, you’ll get to know all of these instantly.

5) It Makes You A Competitor :

Yes, it make you a competitor because you’re not the only wannabe blogger. There are over 50k blogs that will probably blog on your same niche and that makes you a real time competitor.

There are thousands of blogs out there that wants to rank higher than each other and many wants to take the crown, so am I.

So, all you have to do is start blogging today and enjoy all the features + out smart your competitors.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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