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How to Successfully Start Dropshipping Business in 2018

Interested to start dropshipping business but not sure where to start or you’re hearing drop shipping business for the first time?

If you start dropshipping business in Nigeria, US, UK, Canada, India, Tanzania or from any country, then you’re really sure of accumulating up to 2,000% profit and above non-stop.

Drop shipping business is the coolest online business, and if you’re looking for an additional source of income online, drop ship business should be your next step to take, because you really do not OWN or PURCHASE any product to start.

You can start it without any experience at all.

You don’t need to risk your money and buy products before hand.

You can start with a basic simple website, and use free methods of marketing and promotion until you get your first profits.

You can manage your drop ship website or business from any point on the globe.

Basically, if you run any type of online business, you’re not limited with geographic boundaries. You can work wherever and whenever it is convenient for you as long as this place has stable internet connection.

In this article, I’m going to teach you all about drop shipping business, what it is, how to start and ways to succeed and make high record numbers as income.

I’ll go over a simple definition, list the benefits, show you how to find drop shipping wholesalers and lot’s more.

What is, How to Start DropShipping Business?

In it’s simplest definition and explanation, this is when you create a simple basic drop ship online store, you upload the products (the product’s photos, price and description) remember, you don’t have these products, don’t own them and didn’t purchase any, you only uploaded the photos and entered your prices and description of the product.

When a customer pays and orders any of the products, you’ll go directly to the supplier you’re dealing with (more on that) and place same order as your customer with the customer’s details and the product will be shipped to him/her.

How Drop shipping works : A simple Info-graph

start dropshipping business

How Do I Make Money & What’s My Profit?

After getting a supplier, if for example, one of the products is Iphone X and sold $999, you can upload the product photos and description, set the price at $1,050.

Which means your profit is $1,050 – $999 = $51. Your profit is $51.

A customer orders and pays for the product which is $1,050. You’ll go straight to the supplier and place an order of the same product with the customer’s details and the supplier delivers the product.

You made a total gain of $51. Assuming 50 people placed an order of same product, you’ll make a total gain of $2,550 and that’s incredible.

Your profit is the total difference between the price of the main product and the price of the same product displayed on your drop shipping website.

Benefits of Drop Shipping Business?

It’s the ideal type of business for beginners

It is really simple to set up, even if you  have no previous experience in eCommerce and internet marketing.

Drop shipping gives you a great start – you will have no trouble managing this business because the supplier does most of the job for you.

Inventory issues, stocking and shipping are not your concern.

You save huge sums of money

You don’t own these products yourself, so you don’t need to rent a warehouse. You also don’t need to buy items for your stock. You only spend money on a product after a customer has placed an order for it.

So you’ll never be in position of having bought stock you can’t sell.

You can reach a really wide audience

Dropshipping means that your store is based on an online platform, or ideally on your own website.

With dropshipping your business gets an international reach – you can connect with any person in any place in the world, no matter how far away they live or what language they speak.

Where & How to Find a Supplier for Your Dropshipping business

You’ll be using, we officially recommend you use Aliexpress to find suppliers for your dropshipping business.

It’s easy as ABC, when you visit Aliexpress, you skim through the list of awesome products over there and start choosing any products which you’ll be uploading on your online store.

You should always look out for a cheap product that you can make profit from, it should have up to 300+ orders and the reviews on the products/supplier products should be 4+ rating or higher.

To make things so easy for you, we’ll recommend a WordPress plugin which you’ll use to import products of your choice from Aliexpress in one click. All you have to do is change the price, edit the product name & description if you wish.

How to Build & Setup Your Drop Ship Online Store

This is actually what you need to get started, as a matter of fact, building & setting up your drop ship online store is the only stuff you’ll be spending on but on the down side.

To build a successful online store, we’ll be giving you just 2 (two) options:

Option 1 :
a. Order a Domain Name
b. AliDropship WordPress Plugin + Hosting

Option 2 :
a. Order a Custom TurnKey Dropship Store.

a. Order a Domain Name
To get started with building an online store, you’ll need a domain name. An example of a domain name is and the rest.

We recommend you purchase your Domain Name at for just $6.89 by clicking here.

Soon, we’ll show you how to link your domain name to your dropship online store.

b. AliDropship WordPress Plugin + Hosting

Without the AliDropship wordpress plugin, your journey is incomplete. They also offer a hosting option, which you must tick and add to your order. See below for example.

start dropping business

AliDropship WordPress Plugin costs just $89. And the hosting addon costs just $49/year which is a good choice and very affordable. So, you’ll be spending only a total of $137 + $6.89 (domain name) which is $143.89.

With just $150, you’re done setting up your drop ship online store.

With AliDropship plugin, you import products images from AliExpress and set your profit margins. Alidropship plugin will do for you more than 80% of all the work. I would recommend the plugin to anyone who wants to get started with dropshipping and to those who are already involved in this business and need tools that will allow growing quickly.

Click here to purchase the AliDropship WordPress Plugin + Hosting.

a. Order a Custom TurnKey DropShip Store
Alternatively, without purchasing domain and Alidropship wordpress plugin, you can order a custom turnkey dropship store offered by alidropship. But you’ll also need to add the hosting $48/year to your order.

Alidropship also offers to build a custom dropship online store for your business, they do the following for you;

  • Their team builds your webstore from A to Z
  • They help you select the most profitable niche
  • They create unique design specially for your store
  • Personal manager guides you all the way
  • No work is required from you, no experience needed
  • You get a full-fledge business ready to bring profit
  • …. and lot’s more.

The custom turnkey drop ship store starts from $299. Click here to order your custom drop ship store.


Now, you have just two (2) options to launch your dropship online store.

The only difference is, you won’t be able to enjoy some privileges in the custom store such as helping you with store design, choosing a profitable niche and lots more.

Please, reach us by contacting us on our contact page or mail and we’ll help you to get started totally in few days and make some decisions for you.

Thanks for reading & don’t forget to share!

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  1. Well explained.
    But, drop shipping has its downs too.
    Like, no trust for sales esp for new dropshippers.
    Falling in hands of bad suppliers (fake products) and so on…

    You have made an awesome guide, do keep up the good work.

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