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eBooks vs eCourses : Why You Should Start Selling Online Courses

Selling online courses is an outstanding business opportunity.
eBook sales is also a good business, but its wise to note that it can’t be compared to selling online courses.

Online courses can also be called eCourses.

It’s no secret that selling online courses can catapult your online sales to record high numbers.

Generally, a few number of people including bloggers and internet marketers are upgrading to online courses, the market for online courses is big and gets bigger everyday.


A copywriter called Len Smith living in England shared his story.

He wrote a certain eBook and it was constantly fetching him up to $100,000 a year.

At a time, Udemy contacted him.

They requested that he turn his eBook “How to be a CopyWriter and Earn Money From Home” into an Online Course.

He created the online course and started earning an extra $2,000 -$3,000 every month.

Smith started adding a little more work to promotion and his course jumped to $6,500 a month.

He later created another online course “Copywriting Secrets : How to Write Copy that Sells” and it earned him $3,000 in just two (2) days.

Now, if you can grab the gist, he wasn’t making so much from his eBook until Udemy contacted him, he converted and started selling online courses, that was when he went from $2k-$4k/month, $6,500/month to $3,000 in just two (2) days.


Melyssa Griffin, founder and CEO of

She teaches online business and marketing to heart-centered entrepreneurs.

She once shared an interesting story of her making $100,000 in 14 days from her online course launch. On some occasions, she makes up to $300,000 monthly from selling online courses, especially with her pinterest online course.


She created a blog MakingSenseOfCents in 2011 when she was still in grad school.

It took her six months to make her first $100 from the blog. Currently, she earns about $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing.

She created an affiliate marketing online course at MakingSenseOfAffiliateMarketing, where she taught people how to make money online.

This online course earns her between $40,000 -$50,000 a month.

The list is endless, I could continue going on, the real truth is, you can make lot’s of money selling online courses in a very short time.

Now, you may already be wondering what’s so special about selling online courses and NOT eBooks.

I’m going to show you reasons with statistics why you should start selling eCourses and let go of eBooks forever – not really, haha!

Why You Should Start Selling Online Courses Today

The reasons are unending and inevitable, and you’ll definitely find out what you’ve been missing. I’ve been comparing online courses to eBooks, I’ll justify it, by listing the core advantages in sticking to selling online courses and the benefits in online courses which you’ll be privileged to obtain.

If you’re encouraged, you can read further.

1. Sell at Higher Prices

You’ll agree with me that you’ve never sold an eBook in your life for $499. But in online courses it’s damn possible, and you can sell above that price itself.

eBooks are NOT the best or the easiest way of making money on your blog. eBooks are usually between the $5 – $50 price range and it has to be insanely valuable to get some good sale.

Whereas online courses are normally in the $97 – $10,999 price range.

Online courses can be sold 10x or more, for what eBooks are sold for. It’s an established fact.

Even if you’re not good at calculation, I’m sure you can see the profitable one.

You can checkout, between “Online Courses” and “eBooks”, which sounds more professional? Online courses guess!

People are ready to buy your online courses at a high price, than buying an eBook at the same price.

If you want to earn massively from information marketing, you should consider selling eCourses. In my subsequent posts, I’ll discussing on the possible ways to convert your eBook to an Online course.

At the end of this lists, I will be dropping the best way and method to creating a memorable online course.

2. Increase in Sales

If you had some reasonable amount of email subscribers or blog visitors, just few sales of your online course can skyrocket your earnings rather than that of an ebook.

Majority of buyers are able and readily interested to purchase an online course rather than an eBook.

I’ve seen a lot of people condemning eBooks, some of the few ones are :

“People now write jargon and nonsense to make money from innocent people”
“I can’t buy an eBook, they rub people off their money by selling
what’s already online”
“I bought an eBook, and found out what’s in the eBook is different from
what the seller described”

E-Books has somewhat depreciated in value. Personally, I don’t buy eBooks, unless I see a reason to, talk more of buying an eBook that is over-priced.

E-Book sales is now underrated. I’ve seen a lot of people go extra miles to rename their eBooks to Online Courses on their product page even though they’re selling an eBook and not an online course.

Sometime ago, I wanted to package one of my paid information, I thought of the easy way, which is through eBook, write and package it in a PDF file and save!

But then, I realized, I can’t sell the eBook up to $699, it can be an object of mockery.

Nevertheless, selling online courses can guarantee an increase in sales, it’s dependable and trusted by millions. The word it itself depicts Quality and Respect!

Getting Started With Selling Online Courses

The easy way to get started with selling online courses, is to sign-up for a platform that will host your online courses, and enable you to create and sell your courses.

Just like a normal blogger will get a WordPress Hosting Account, and start posting  contents and doing great stuffs blogging, that’s how some platforms will host your online courses with them and allow you to create online courses and a lot more features.

Selling online courses, is usually like teaching online, let’s say an online school, but in this case, it’s automated.

You create the online course using the features provided by the platform and setup your payment methods in the platform.

People visit your online school, pay and enroll for the course.

You can choose to capture their mails too and grow your email subscribers.

You can split the online course to be sent to the student/customer for 7 days or more.

That’s when you see sellers say something like, “Enroll in our 7-day Fitness Program” and “Enroll in our 14-day Weight Loss Program” and much more.



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Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

2 Replies to “eBooks vs eCourses : Why You Should Start Selling Online Courses

  1. eCourses have become more profitable than eBooks recently. Who wants to stare at the screen reading lengthy PDFs these days?!

    Far more better to setup a step-by-step video or audio course as they are even more explanatory and beneficial to the consumers.

    Nice article You’ve composed!

    – Prosperity

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