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10 Replies to “Stripe Atlas Alternatives in 2022

  1. Please what is the yearly payment for an LLC formed with Inc authority under the state of Kentucky? Plus tax too.. Thanks for your help

  2. Hi Joy,

    Apart from the annual $15 Kentucky fee, what other tax filing requirements are required? I mean the IRS federal income tax for LLC or so? Can you shed more light, or are non-resident exempted?

  3. Since it is LLC, will it be necessary to open Payoneer or stripe account with the business name or i can use my personal name?

  4. What I mean is, after I open my LLC. Do I need to open payoneer or stripe account with a business name.
    Or I can open an account in my name and use the account as a business account

  5. I’m setting up a US LLC and I find your guide really helpful; I’ve followed it religiously!. However, I have a little challenge in completing the EIN form. I have a ship-to address in California, so I wondering whether I’ll have to put California as the county and state where the primary business is located. I’m particularly bothered because California has a very high annual tax (800 USD) and I hope I won’t be liable to pay them.

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