Top 3 Profitable Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria

Top 3 Profitable Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria

Do you know there are still loads of profitable untapped blogging niches in Nigeria?

Yes,there are a lot of interesting blogging niches that haven’t been saturated in Nigeria.
Yet there are thousands of readers searching for it &
waiting for some few persons to at least start it and be more detailed.

Today,I’ll mention the top 3 profitable untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.

My reasons for listing this,is to give you the impression,you can still make it before someone else.

Sometimes,its frustrating competing with the big guys when a particular niche is very competitive & saturated.

What are Niche blogs?
Niche blogs are blogs which focus on a particular and well-defined areas of human endeavour.

Now,let’s outline the profitable untouched blogging niches in Nigeria.

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Profitable Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria.


1. Photography :

You’ll agree with me,that photography blogs has a low competition in Nigeria. You can also call it a photo blog.

If you’re the type that loves taking photos in occasion,at homes etc.

You should probably start a photo blog.

Photography is a service,and a personal one at that. If you’re a real photographer,some of your readers might turn to clients & hire you.

Starting a photography blog is an opportunity to show who you are & what value you can provide.

You can run a photo contest on your blog. Provide them with tutorials & styles while taking photos.

Even companies might decide to hire you because your blog is just a proof & your greatest and latest work of your capabilities.

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Are you impressed? Start it now,it’s one of the Profitable Unsaturated Blogging Niches in Nigeria.

2.Baby Development :

This world has enough babies already.
If you haven’t thought of this
niche before or dug deep into it.

Today is your lucky day!

This niche is not only untapped in Nigeria,but it worth millions of dollars out there.

There are millions of parents all around the world looking for the best for their child & also investing on a regular basis.

What if you suggested a baby product & it was so awesome, don’t you think most parents will demand it?

If you haven’t realized it yet,the baby development niche is the super profitable niche.

You can turn your blog to baby blog and give suggestions, advice etc and can affiliate with companies and market baby products like :

  • Food
  • Apparel
  • Foot wear
  • Toys
  • Health & Personal care etc.

These things I’ve alone,parents do invest on them heavily. And come to think of it,there are millions of babies today.

3. Real Estate :

With the huge popularity of blogging,you should also venture into real estate blogging as its also one of the profitable niches with low competitive in Nigeria.

Many real estate professionals shy away from blogging because they believe they do not have time.

Don’t a start a blog unless you’re ready to spend the time necessary to post often.

You really can position yourself as the local real estate expert by posting often about the transaction process and local market trends.

It’s an additional way real estate agents can provide additional information to their clients.

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You can turn your blog to a source of income when you stage properties and attract buyers from your blog.

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