What is Expertnaire and How To Start Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

There has been a lot of buzz and drama concerning Expertnaire and today we will take a look at this platform and find out the role it plays and what it’s all about.

Expertnaire is becoming popular in Nigeria as time goes by, and it’s important you learn about this platform and find out how you can benefit from it.

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing network or platform in Nigeria. 

Expertnaire provides services for two kinds of people on their platform;

  1. Vendors
  2. Affiliates

Vendors in Expertnaire

When you regsiter as a vendor in Expertnaire, you can publish your digital products.

Digital products include e-books, online courses, and audio or video material. They typically help people solve problems, or teach them how to do something.

When these vendors publish their products, they set commission an affiliate will earn when they promote their digital products.

Affiliates in Expertnaire

First, let’s see what Affiliate Marketing means;

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

That been said, when you register on Expertnaire as an Affiliate, you will see all the digital products published by different vendors and you can easily promote the one that appeals to you.

Expertnaire isn’t the first Affiliate Marketing Platform to exist, other similar programs includes Clickbank, ShareAsale, Commission Junction.

These platforms provides services for two kinds of people, the Vendors who lists their product and adds a commission that an affiliate will earn when they promote their product and the Affiliate who will earn a commission depending on the product they promote and eventually make a sale.

So, there are hundreds of similar platforms, and a fast rising one in Nigeria is Expertnaire and it’s becoming the talk of the internet.

When you join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, you get to see all the digital products available owned by different Vendors with their different commissions.

Your work is to choose a product and promote and you earn your commission.

This is basically how Expertnaire works, and that’s easy to understand.

How To Start Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to start expertnaire affiliate marketing and promote other people’s product for a commission and make money.

These commissions are as high as 50% – 80%.

When you promote a product of N40,000 that has 50% commission, this means for every sale, you will earn N20,000.

And if at the end of the month, you were able to get 45 sales, that will be N20,000 X 45 = N900,000

That’s how affiliates make money from Expertnaire affiliate marketing.

Joining Expertnaire requires a yearly fee of N10,000, and don’t think it’s much, this was made to sieve out serious from unserious people and if you register on the platform, even if you did really bad in sales, you will be cover the 10K fee the following year.

Does it Work?

Ofcourse, Expertnaire is a digital marketplace not a ponzi scheme or bring 3 and earn program. If you’re asking if it’s a scam and if it works is just out of the context.

People do affiliate marketing in their daily activities even without knowing, when you goto the market and someone meets you and asks what you want to buy, if he doesn’t have it, he will go to his neighbours and bring it, and if you buy it, the main owner of the goods will give him small commission.

That’s also affiliate marketing and you can’t tell me you haven’t seen or heard such scenario.

Anyways, here was a N40,000 sale I made and I got a commission of N20,000 at 50% commission.

How To Receive Payments On Expertnaire

Payments are sent out every week on Fridays and minimum balance before you can get paid is N5,000. This means even if you make 1 sale, you can still get paid because it will be above the N5,000 minimum balance.

When I got a commission of N20,000 from a sale of N40,000 I did, I was credited the following friday.

There is a N100 charge for any credit alert from Expertnaire, that’s why it’s N19,900 in the photo below.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing in Expertnaire

If you’re a complete newbie in Affiliate Marketing and would like a step-step working system that will teach you how to promote affiliate programs and start making serious money, then I recommend you get the 72IG Course, it’s an A-Z course that will help you start making over N750K Monthly from affiliate marketing as a beginner.

The benefit it comes with is that, when you purchase the course, you get the first year of expertnaire membership for free, this means you don’t have to pay N10,000 to register after getting the course, you get the first year for free.

The course will also show you trending products on expertnaire that has high predictability of selling, also known as hot products.

You can checkout the 72IG course here.

However, if you’re an expert and you know your way around promoting affiliate products and making sales, then you can register directly on Expertnaire as an Affiliate and start your affiliate marketing.

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