Websites or Servers Crash

Why Some Websites and Servers Crash (and how to avoid them)

Why do some websites and servers crash all of a sudden ?

This has been some questions people ask,especially those that want to set up their websites in the nearest future to avoid the mistakes.

I’m sure there are so many reasons,but I will quickly tell you the most important reasons websites and servers crash.

When someone tries to access a website and due to some certain reasons the site doesn’t get displayed,then we say it’s a websites and server crash.

The server is just a hardware with a lot of software program contains a list of codes necessary to make the website/data’s available to users.

When the server gets down,It prevents the users from accessing it due to a large queue.

Imagine bulk of people trying to get into the small doorway there by blocking others as well who is recently approaching the gate.

When somebody owns  a website and gradually the graph of his visitors keep on increasing,

The server crashes are common in that case,and it’s part of business.

If you find any of these issues,your website or server would be termed as down or crashed and will hinder visitors from penetrating.

Some of the possible causes are :

  • Hardware problems
  • Configuration error
  • System overload
  • Network problems

    Hardware Problems :

    Those who are new to business and own a website(s) for the first time think that it is the RAM, processors or hard disk that is causing the problems,but this is not so.

    If it was true,every website would be running absolutely fine. 

The more you provide the memory space,
It will always seem low there is no limit for the popularity and number of  individuals who try to access your site.

Only the disk drives are the culprits. These fail sometimes, that cause the problems.

Configuration Error :

Bugs are also found due to wrong techniques of configuration.

One must always have backups so as to avoid scenarios like permanent deleted due to manual mistakes.

The server needs to be configured again with the help of those who are experienced in handling bugs.

Author: Joy Okoro

Hey, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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