Withdraw Money From PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account

How to Withdraw Money From PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account in 2020

Have you been wondering how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria to your bank account?

This isn’t the matter of Payoneer, if you want to withdraw with Payoneer, you will need a US PayPal Account. Perhaps, it’s still risky to handle one.

However, no matter your PayPal country, you will know exactly how to withdraw money from PayPal to Nigeria bank account in 2019.

As a PayPal owner, it’s obvious you sell your funds when you receive them and you sell them at a decreased rate of N280 – N330/$.

And at the same time, there is risk involvement as regards to getting scammed, it’s happening and keeps happening.

What if I tell you, you can now actually withdraw to your bank account in Nigeria for the rate of N360/367 per dollar ($)?

withdraw money from paypal to nigeria bank account in 2019

Today, I want to bring to you the good news of withdrawing PayPal funds to local Nigerian bank account in few hours, fortunately at the CBN rate.

This is absolutely the truth!

However, you can also become an exchanger, purchase PayPal funds from people and withdraw to your bank account and make some cool profits.

Probably, you may be wondering how it works, before I go into the main guide, I will show you some screenshot, as well as video to confirm my claims.

Here’s a Video Of Me Withdrawing From My PayPal Account :

That’s the video up there!

Here’s some screenshots!

My PayPal Balance :

withdraw paypal money to nigeria bank account in 2019

Withdrawing my PayPal funds.

how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria 2018  withdraw money paypal nigeria 2019
withdraw money from paypal to nigeria bank account
how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria 2019

So, in few days 2-3 days, I withdrew from PayPal to my Nigerian Bank Account.

How Smashing!

You can do it too!

This information is a rare gem and the last bus stop. You never have to worry about waiting for days to sell your funds and exactly at a lower rate.

This is what you ever need to withdraw to your bank account in Nigeria.

There are no BREAK and Quench in this, it’s easy and straight forward!

Now, let’s hit the nail.

Withdraw Money From PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account in 2019

Introducing : PayPal CashVolt 2.0 (Withdraw to bank account) Course!

Bonus Course : How to Create a verified PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive (NO VPN).

The information in this course will forever work, it’s NOT a cheat!

The course is in a PDF format with total count above 2,000 words.

It’s detailed and enriched with pictures in every single step.

PS: Nothing like VPN. Nothing like that with this course.

It took me some time to round this up and it really worth my time anyways.

However, it’s easy, no complications and it’s not techy.

How can you access the course?

The PayPal CashVolt 2.0 Launch Price is N5,000 Only!

The main price is N10,000.

This means, right now, you can get the course at the launch price of N10,000. As soon as lot’s of people get to know about it, it will be set back to the main price.

Although, I know it worth more than that, it will be bad of me to place it at an expensive price and have little persons access it.

All fingers are not equal, perhaps, yours won’t be the shortest.

How to Pay.

1. Credit/Debit Card : If you want to Pay with Card, click through our PayStack payment link ==> https://paystack.com/pay/paypalcashvolt and make your payment. The course will be sent to you instantly.

2. To Pay via Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit : Below are my details:

Bank Name : UNION BANK
Account No : 0105390742
Acct Name : Joy Okoro

When you pay, send Screenshot OR Depositor’s name OR Transaction ID to Joy@theprofany.com. The course will be forwarded to the email you sent with.

I have also created a Facebook support group for the course.

Leave your questions and feedbacks below.

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