Free WordPress Blog Setup

If you’re just starting and you have no experience in WordPress on setting up a successful and beautiful blog, then you don’t have to worry.

We’ll setup your blog for free with free premium themes and essential plugins.

Ready to start a blog?

What’s Included In Our Free WordPress Blog Setup?


SEO Optimization

Super Security

Google Analytics Integration

Premium WordPress Theme

Essential Plugins

Rocket Speed

… and lot’s more!

You don’t pay us anything, you would normally pay $150+ for this service. Be sure to follow the rules to qualify.

How To Qualify For Our Free WordPress Blog Setup

There are just 3 steps to qualify for our free WordPress blog setup, and any mistake will result to disqualification.

  • SignUp with a web host
  • Submit a form below
  • We setup your WordPress blog

Step 1 : Signup With a Hosting Plan at


Every WordPress blog requires a web hosting and a web address ( domain name) to be online, just like every house requires a foundation and a house address. a reliable and affordable web hosting. And we’ve partnered with them to offer this great service for free, and hosting prices starts from N4,500/year.

SignUp for a Hosting Plan on

Click the link above to sign-up for a hosting plan at, after then you’ll forge ahead and complete the second and last step to start a blog.

Step 2 : Submit a form below


After you’ve successfully purchased  your hosting plan, will send you a receipt to your mail, fill the form below & click submit.

Please paste your receipt from the hosting provider. This will be the email that you will receive right after you successfully purchase the web hosting. We need to know the date of your signup and the domain you used for the signup.

Step 3 : Your Blog Is Ready!


In the next few hours, your WordPress blog will be ready and you’ll start blogging ASAP!

NOTE : Please, DO NOT use any external ink. If you use any external link that is not attached here, you won’t qualify for our free WordPress blog setup.

Click through the link in step 1 to purchase your hosting plan.

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