wakanda nation income program review

Wakanda Nation Income Program Review : How to join & Make Money

Today, I’ll write a detailed analysis on wakanda nation income program review, another latest income program in Nigeria, a legitimate way to make money online without breaking rules.

Whatsapp 08174042748 if you want me to register you or mail jasmine@theprofany.com . Don’t whatsapp me to know more about wakanda.ng, I won’t reply you. Read it below!

Things turn out to get better in the online income world everyday. We get wow’ed with some income programs which offer us great stuffs in return to favor them.

It was nnu.ng and today, its wakanda.ng. Don’t get me wrong, Nnu.ng is still in existence and paying perfectly, but you’ll find wakanda.ng more interesting to resist.

In wakanda, you can make up to N20k weekly or more by doing simple activities.


Soon enough, I will compare, contrast and publish a wakanda.ng vs nnu.ng article. Although, the slightest difference is nnu.ng has a N1,600 registration fee and Wakanda.ng has a N1,300 registration fee.

I’ll proceed by breaking down the wakanda.ng review analysis into parts for better understanding.

When nnu.ng came along, which happen to have same similarities with wakanda.ng, I didn’t bother to drop a review because of my busy schedules.

I’ll gladly make a wakanda.ng nation income program review right away, I won’t repeat my same nasty attitude!

Wakanda Nation Income Program Review ; Who is Wakanda.ng?

This is a very pleasant question, and I’ll give you a pleasant answer.

Wakanda is the newest legitimate online business in Nigeria, and with this income program, you can make up to N20,000 weekly depending on your persistence and consistency on the wakanda.ng nation income program.

Just for the record, wakanda.ng is a registered trademark of Ladina Integrated Science, they also have a traceable office in Abuja. This alone, speaks value and erases any form of instability that you think may occur.

Wakanda is a news platform, rather call it news website. They hunger for publicity and they need your help. Thus, you earn via commenting, sharing of posts, reading daily news, writing posts, inviting people and much more.

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Isn’t that fabulous? Super right!

It doesn’t end there, no it didn’t!

Right here, right now, I’ll list the two (2) major ways to make lots of money from wakanda.ng nation income program within your short stay over there, perhaps, long stay!

How to Make Money on Wakanda.ng Nation Income Program

You really want to learn how to make money from wakanda.ng review income stream?

I’ll also walk you through the wakanda nation income program review of their dashboard and other interesting things to catch over there.

It’s fun, legggooo!

There are just two (2) options to make money from this wakanda.ng nation income program review and you’ll definitely fall in love with the second (2nd) option because it’s quite profitable.

1. WADS. (Wakanda Adverts-revenue Sharing program)

Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.
They have decided to give you part of the Money we make from advertisement if you participate actively in their forum

Thus, You Earn:
A. N50 for daily login to your active account.
B. N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.
C. N2 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.


2. WAP. (Wakanda Affiliate Program.)

Wakanda affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join wakanda Nation. When you join our affiliate program, you:

  • Earn N1,000 for each person you refer to wakanda Nation affiliate program.
  • To register for wakanda Nation affiliate program, please Login to your normal account and click on “Affiliate Area” inside your Dashboard.
  • WAP has a One-time Registration fee of N1,300 only.
  • You can Pay online with your ATM CARD or Bank/mobile Transfer or Offline Bank Deposit.

How to Join & Register on Wakanda.ng Nation Income Program in 5 minutes

To register on wakanda.ng, you’ll need to pay the N1,300 with your ATM card, and after successful payments, you can now start making money, your account will be automatically activated as soon as payment is successful. No waiting!

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If you don’t have any ATM card, or it’s not working, you can alternatively do a bank transfer or bank deposit to my bank details, while I register the account for you with my ATM card. And you’ll start using your account and start making money ASAP.

Whatsapp 08174042748 if you want me to register you or mail jasmine@theprofany.com . Don’t whatsapp me to know more about wakanda.ng. Read it on this post.

Follow my simple guide below to pay with your ATM Card, and within 5 minutes, you should be done with your registration, like really done!

1. Click here to start Registration On Wakanda.

Free accounts don’t earn you money. Ignore the option to “create a free account” and select the one with N1,300 to proceed.

Pay the N1,300 affiliate fee to enjoy full features of the program.

2. On the next page where you selected the option to join with N1,300 (which is recommended) enter your details like email address, account username (nick), and password. Then click on “Place order“.
wakanda income nation
3. On the next page, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. All you have to do is click on “Pay Now“.


4. Finally, there will be a new popup, all you have to do is enter your ATM/card details and make your payment of N1,300 and you’re now ready to start making lot’s of money online.

So, hey, within 5 minutes, you probably should be done with registration and perhaps, cleaning dusts from your buttocks.

Oh, I’m silly!

My Wakanda.ng Account is Ready, Now What?

I really want to show you some payment proofs by Wakanda.ng members below :

Proof 1 :

wakanda payment proof
Proof 2 :

wakanda proofProof 3 :

wakanda.ng payment proofProof 4 :

wakanda.ng Payment Proof 5 :

is wakanda.ng real?Free accounts won’t earn you what you’ve seen above. You need to register with the N1,300 to enjoy those benefits.

Now, I really want to congratulate you for becoming a full fledged member, ready to rock and roll with the bosses. This means you’re now ready to start taking parts in the income program and earn lot’s of money.

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Most importantly, you’ll now make a whooping N1,000 for every person you bring to join the wakanda.ng nation income program using your referral link or ID preferably.

Now, when you make it a mandate to bring 20 persons weekly, that’s N20,000 weekly for you, when you put more effort, you can be making N40,000+ weekly, just like a member did.

This is just an estimate of what you can make, I believe you can make above that and earn a high record number.

Waste no time,  Click here to register an account  to start the registration and pay with your ATM card, or contact us to register it for you.

I’m not a Nigerian, Am I eligible?

Definitely, probably and hopefully, big YES!

With the new method of paying with your ATM card, it makes it all better and easier. So, when you register an account, to withdraw your earnings, you’ll have to input your bitcoin address.

How am I paid on Wakanda.ng Nation Income Program?

You’re paid every sunday, yaay! Every week end!

Your money are paid directly to your local bank account, if you’re a non-nigerian, you can get paid via bitcoin, be sure to provide your bitcoin wallet ID in the bank account section of your account.

Minimum withdrawal amount is N4,000.

Click Here to register for an account on Wakanda.ng Nation Income Program.

Remember, free accounts won’t earn you money. You need to select the option to pay with N1,300 when registering with any of the links on this post or anywhere.

This wakanda nation income program review will surely improve your interest and guide you on how to go about it diligently. It’s your turn to start making money in Nigerian and Out-side Nigeria in 2018.

Have any questions, drop it in the comment section. I’m ready for ya! 🙂

About the Author: Joy okoro

Hi, I'm Joy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things. Reach me on Twitter and Facebook

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    1. Does it require using coupon code for registration and when does one account get approved… Also wheb exactly do you payout

  1. Wow!! I love this…

    Just like nnu. But, I wonder how they will keep payments up since they do weekly discharge.

    When the program’s sum up now,
    adjustments will com (extending payments days).

    Thanks for this detailed review.

    1. Lol, I think they won’t change plans when members become much.
      That feature alone, attracts lot’s of people to join. If they stop, I really do not know what happens next.

      Let’s watch anyways.

  2. It’s quite a rip off though.. I just joined and I kinnda feel like I lost..
    The only real way to earn is by referral..
    Else you’ll make 4k in probably 2months

    1. You didn’t loose, neither is it a rip off.
      You can’t good make money on wakanda doing nothing or folding your hands.
      Inviting people with your referral link to join the program is a faster way to earn money, if you wish to do nothing, then you’ll only be paid for login, sharing posts etc which is slow in earnings.

  3. honesly my eyes can’t read from begin of this post i don’t know why but i find it hard to read…but thanks i had to just go straight to registration step.

    I wan to register na hope they still paying

  4. Please, I just paid via paystack and I got message that The payment was successful. What else am I to and where can I give my account details for payment?

  5. On your dashboard/while logged in, click on the “affiliate area” and fill in your name and bank details.

    If you have up to 4000 naira and want to withdraw, goto your profile =» withdraw and enter your bank details again.

    The form becomes available every friday to fill and you’re paid on sunday/sundays.

  6. where can i find the sponsored posts, and also, can i withdraw as a free member if my balance is up to #4000, or is it only as an affiliate that you can withdraw your earnings

  7. There is no Facebook icon on my Wakanda sponsored post to share posts except twitter, +g, whatsapp, and others. How do I share on Facebook Pls help

  8. if I pay for the affiliate program, will people I invited pay the same amount of #1300 before I start earning or all they need to do Is just to open the account then I start earning #1000

  9. What is happening? Wakanda site no longer found. I just registered on Tuesday and since then I don’t really understand. No sponsored post to share, displaying error. I hope this is not scam?

  10. My friend introduced me to wakanda because I love news updates a lot. I paid for my subscription. But I have to be honest, wakanda page takes time to open ever since I was introduce to wakanda. But to my surprise, for two days now, been finding it difficult to login. I do get current news from wakanda to my mail box but when I click it takes time to load, even after loading I’ve to sign in over and over, it keep showing me error page. Please what’s going on? Kindly view attached munched page to see error messages I get. With all this my experience, how do I get my friends to join me? It’s not encouraging. I’ve munched pages of error. Indeed this is really sad.

  11. I registered wakanda ealier last month, but the issue there is each time click on my profile it will reply oops Error 404, i have call the customer care, they all promised to do something but up to now nothing has been done, and my 1300 is no a wast to me

  12. I registered wakanda ealier last month, but the issue there is each time click on my profile it will reply oops Error 404, i have call the customer care, they all promised to do something but up to now nothing has been done, and my 1300 is now a wast to me

  13. Pls,how do i know if my acc has been upgraded after paying?
    Also,i have been writing cimment but my earnings arent reading

    1. Login to your dashboard and click on “affiliate area”. And fill the form, if you have already filled it, then you’ve upgraded.

  14. Pls does commenting give one 2 naira?..because from what i have been seeing here ..people are complaining that its not increasing their earnings..

  15. Pls can someone help me and tell me y my account for wakanda is very very slow, I have been trying to log in since when I open d account but it’s very very very slow..

  16. I have read several reviews on different websites about wakanda nation and none was able to give me the detailed explanation that you just offered here Joy.

    I must say you really motivated me to ask people to join.

    Thanks for such a brilliant write-up

    I look forward to seeing such Breathtaking articles up front.

  17. pls the #4000 how is it calculated, is it adding both ur normal earning with your sponsored post earning or just ur normal earning?? Cos if u add my normal and sponsored post earning it’s up to #4000 but no form to fill ooo

  18. Pls! Dear, the issue of referin others is so disturbing. What i want to knw is that, will i still get payment without refering anyone?

  19. Dear Ms. Joy Okoro, I took time to read your article and i must say it’s quite interesting but with way people are complaining about the website running slow, some couldn’t view withdrawal forms and all of that… How sure are you that this WAKANDA NG is not going to disappoint people in the nearest future with people’s money hanging inside it just like MMM?

  20. wakanda is easy 2 make money.bt with easy jobtime u have another opportunity 2 making online..remember HARD WORK WILL NOT MAKE U RICH BT SMART WORK.. ONLINE BUSINESS HAVE EXPLOSE IN THE WAY THAT THE MASSES WOULDN’T SEE IT ON TELEVISIONH.CLICK HERE TO JOIN WIT FREE REGISTRATION http://easyjobtime.com/?userid=17843.. i wish u all success 6F B f

  21. Can I withdraw my money on Wakanda without having a referral?
    That’s my prblm with NNU, u must have at least 2 referrals for each withdrawal I’m pissed up

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